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  1. dukja

    Martin Logan LX 16 Bookshelf speaker, piano black (a pair), $359, SOLD!!!

    Please note that this is for a pair of LX-16.  The current Amazon price is $239 each or ($478 a pair).    Martin Logan LX 16 is basically the same as the current Motion 15 ($800 a pair) with different cabinet.  Its tweeter has been praised as the sweetest one ever and received a lot of good...
  2. dukja

    Pioneer SX-950. Nice vintage reciever totally recapped, 85W/ch

    I have this great nice looking Pioneer receiver rated 85W per channel for my HE-6.  I have totally re-capped this beauty with quality cap recommended at forums to ensure another 15 years of life and to restore the sound to its fully glory.  I have also used high quality DeoxIT D5, Fader, adn G5...
  3. dukja

    SOLD !! Balanced srm-1 mk2 PP (modded by Spritzer) + SR-407, SOLD!

    SOLD!!   This is a rare Spritzer modded balanced srm-1 mk2 PP. It has input switch that can take either single-ended or balanced DAC output. I have completed re-cap and replaced the critical resistors, thanks to lots of help from Spritzer.  This amp has been well taken cared of.  It has a more...
  4. dukja

    WTB: Cared and good working Gumby

    If anyone is thinking about upgrading to Yggy and would like to find a good home for your well cared Gumby, I would like to take the responsibility for you. ;) I will take care of it and enjoy it to its every last worth...
  5. dukja

    Stax SRM-323S

    ==== It is sold to a good Stax Mafia!  =====   I purchased this amp via Joynet directly from Japan in 2011.  It has been my office setup for a long time.  I didn't convert the input voltage and power it up via a 110-to-100 step down transformer.  This is a system that has satisfied me for a...
  6. dukja

    Stax SR-407 & balanced srm-1 mk2 PP (modded by Spritzer), SOLD!!!

    SOLD!!   I purchased this Stax via Joynet directly from Japan in 2011.  It has been my office setup for a long time.  I have been very gentle to my gears (please see my past review) and only used this setup in my study and office.  However, for some reason the 407 plastic head band has develop...
  7. dukja

    Hifiman HE-500 with balanced cable and Velour & Pleather Pads

    I got this almost new HE-500 with low hours from a headfier.  I didn't used it much due to the pad being kind of small for my ears.  It is roughly in 50 hours range in pristine condition and I would like to find a great new owner to take care of this baby.  It has wonderful sound and is not...
  8. dukja

    New Brainwavz HM5 Velor pad

    I got this HM5 pad new from Amazon.  This is a brand new one.  I changed my mind after ordering it but cannot cancel the order.  So here is the chance to get a new one with discount price.  :)   $15 including the Paypal and shipping to US buyers.
  9. dukja

    Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm + balanced and SE ZXAC cable

    Up for sale is my faithful DT880.  I got it new from the Beyerdynamic USA directly.  It has been recabled by Zombie-X at ZXAC cable.  The end of cable has mini-XLR adapter that can connect to either 4-pin XLR or single-ended 1/4" TRS (stereo jack) plug.  This phone has been in my home desktop...
  10. dukja

    PS Audio Digital Link III (SOLD)

    Up for sale is my good old PS Audio DL3.  I got it from a vendor and has been my office DAC for a long time.  I have paired with most of my Amps and phones and it works wonderfully.  The sound was sweet with nice clarity.  I have always use the SPDIF input.     Some review and thread here...
  11. dukja

    Gustard DAC-X12 SPDIF lost lock

    I have this DAC for sometimes and it sounds great via my old Audio-GD Digital Interface feeding SPDIF through coax.  However, I noticed that it would lose lock on SPDIF at 44.1 kHz from time to time.  I cannot duplicate the issue at will but it comes and goes.  I have two DIs, one at home and...
  12. dukja

    SOLD: Beyer T1 with Moon Audio Black Dragon (4-pin XLR or SE or both)

    I have decided to find a new home for my T1.  It is in cosmetically and sonically pristine condition.  I got it with Moon Audio Black Dragon cable and 1/4" connector.  Later, I reterminated it to 4-pin XLR for my Phoenix amp.  I have also made a two-feet XLR->TSR converter cable with Mogami wire...
  13. dukja

    SOLD: Audio-GD Ref-1 (V5 DSP chip ): Great match for high-end phones!!

    Now my Ref-7 has reached the SQ that I cannot distinguish it from my Ref-1 so I would like to let Ref-1 go for a new home.  As PCM1704 is running out, this is a great opportunity to get PCM1704-based DAC (and I have two ).  And I have tried them with T1, HE-6, and Stax sr-407.  All the strengths...
  14. dukja

    Decware CSP2+ (SOLD!!!)

    This amp is SOLD to a nice headfier.  Congratulations!!         This is the highly regarded O.T.L. S.E.T. tube headphone/pre- amp rarely seen here.  The original version ranked at 5th place in Skylab's famous amp ranking review. The one I had is the newer (plus) version from Decware...
  15. dukja

    Audio-GD Ref-1 with V5 DSP

    Now my Ref-7 has reached the SQ that I cannot distinguish it from my Ref-1 so I would like to let Ref-1 go for a new home.  I was holding off this sale and plan to use it for my balanced Stax gear.  Unfortunately, I was forced to recourse and get a SE stax amp due to some bad experience and...
  16. dukja

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT880 / 600 ohm

    SEdit: Thanks for all the interests (There are quite a few), but it has been sold to a lucky Phoenix owners.   It is a perfect match and I am happy for the new owner.     This is a wonderful sounding DT880 recabled with Mogami wire.  Comparing to the stock cable, they sounds extra smooth...
  17. dukja

    SOLD: Teralink-X USB/SPFID converter

    Teralink-X USB/SPFID converter takes your USB input from computer and then provide a better SPDIF (coax in RCA and BNC and optical) and I2S signal.  This device is very handy for providing wide range of output signals for a DAC.  It can even supply multiple DACS simultaneously for DAC...
  18. dukja

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT880, 250 ohm

    SOLD!   I got this DT880 from Amazon and have not been able to use it much.  It is in excellent condition both sonic- and cosmetic-wise.  It has the original stock cable with 1/4" TSR connector.  I will ship it with original leather storage case and box.    I would like to ask for $160...
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    SQ of Pirates of the Carribbean Soundtrack

    Just recently got the whole set of Pirates of the Caribbean DVD (I know it is old) and instantly love the soundtrack.  And hence I go get individual soundtrack CDs and found out that the recording of The Curse of The Black Pearl (the 1st one) sounds not so good: the sound level is too high and...
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    Sold my HP100 to this gentleman.  Pleasant communication and excellent transaction! 
  23. dukja

    Stello DA100 (SOLD now)

    This was my first capable DAC that I appreciate a lot.  And it got its deserved praise from any headfiers here.  It has analogue-like solid sound with sweet smooth texture and excellent resolution.  I have many hours comparing it with PSA DLIII and DA100 stand on its own place very well.  As my...
  24. dukja

    Stello HP100 headphone amp & pre-amp (SOLD)

    This is a nice compact amp that has solid SQ and excellent built feel.  The sound is smooth and yet clear with great dynamic and impact. The soundstage is deep with good focus.  It has ample gain and was great match to my DT880/600. There is a tonal filter at the back to change the sound to be...
  25. dukja

    Looking for 2nd DAC @ Audio-gd Ref-1/7 level

    I have been greatly blessed by my Ref-1 and appreciate it more the longer I own it. Even with RCA to my CSP2+, it sound just amazing and so nice.  But it makes more sense to use it with Phoenix with balanced ACSS.  So now I am looking for a DAC with similar SQ strength (highly accurate and...