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  1. Sennheiser hd800 with SE & Balanced Cable

    sennheiser HD800 headphones. Very Good Condition S/N 20777 Purchased around five years ago and lovingly looked after. Come with leather pads (They are showing signs of wear but fine to use) Also is a new spare pair (Never used) Comes with a 16 core copper balanced cable 4.4mm pentaconn SE...
  2. jujuju

    Sony CD3000 Thread

    Thanks for the reply and help..There was an imbalance as it was a bit quieter that side..I had a DAP that had an Eq setting to make the right side louder..I used it and it seemed great but it has probably finished it off..I will have a look inside though..
  3. Sony MDR CD3000

    Anybody out there with a beat up pair of Sony MDR CD3000 for sale am primarily looking for a right side driver to replace mine that has sadly passed away..
  4. jujuju

    Feedback by 'jujuju' on listing 'Focal Utopia'

    Top class seller..All perfect!!
  5. jujuju

    Feedback by 'jujuju' on listing 'Hifiman HE-500'

    Top class seller - Very helpful and quick responses and very quick shipping - Buy and sell with absolute confidence to arielext !!! Thanks again..
  6. jujuju

    Comment by 'jujuju' on listing 'Price Drop-Icon Audio HP8 Mk2 with various tubes'

    Thank you very much...Yes have used with loads of different headphones it has a beautiful sound..
  7. Audio Technica IM 04 with balanced cable

    Audio Technica ATH IM04 Very little use With balanced cable and 4.4mm converter if needed Will also include original cable but please note it does not work but possible fix.
  8. jujuju

    Sony MDR-CD3000 headphone ' The Legendary Prince ' aka Baby MDR-R10

    Yes they are rewired for balance..Definitely improved the performance..Even sound amazing just through a balanced DAP..
  9. jujuju

    Sony MDR-CD3000 headphone ' The Legendary Prince ' aka Baby MDR-R10

    Hey there - Wish i had the time to do a review and do these justice!!!! To cut to the chase though - I have heard these and the MDR R10 (Bass light) side by side - and you do certainly get a good tatse of the R10 in these.. The CD3000 are unbelievable for a closed back especially in soundstage...
  10. jujuju

    Sony MDR-CD3000 headphone ' The Legendary Prince ' aka Baby MDR-R10

    Hi all, Just to let know if anybody is interested I have a pair of MDR CD 3000 for sale..Thanks..
  11. jujuju

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    Hi   Sorry to interrupt here !! Can somebody give me an insight if possible ?   If i connected a Fiio X5 to a Chord Mojo into an Audio GD Master 6 amp would this give me an improvement in sound compared to just using the Fiio X5 Line out into the Audio GD??
  12. jujuju

    Sony MDR-R10 Owner's Club

    Hi All   Apologies for my rambling but just wanted to let people know my thoughts!!   I am trying to buy some Sony MDR R10's (Bass Heavy) and been scouring the net and also posted a wanted ad on here - In my attempts during the last month there has been three Scam attempts on me, so i just...
  13. jujuju

    Anyone found their headphone nirvana yet?

    LCD 2 (rev 2) theses have seen off many other headphones - to my ears they have the X Factor !!!
  14. jujuju

    The best headphone for portraying the human voice ever !!

    Apologies if this is is old ground or there are similar threads but i would like recommendations for this - I currently own the LCD 2 (Rev 2) and have heard  other headphones such as  (Hifiman 500,AD2000,HD650 and HD800) but to my ears the LCD's sounded the most magical and eerie ! - Are there...
  15. jujuju

    Is there a headphone that can match the HD650 for mids and vocals?

    Have heard HD650, HE500, AD2000 and LCD 2 (rev 2) - to my ears nothing came close to LCD 2s except the HD650 - They really are a special headphone and i reckon possibly the best for price/performence ratio !!!
  16. jujuju

    Mini-Review: Audeze LCD-3 (vs LCD-2 r2, SR-007, et al)

    A great read and very insightful !!! - I to am wondering about going from LCD 2 (Rev 2) to LCD 3 but i feel that i may now stick with what i have - The gut feeling i get is that i could be disappointed !! - I absolutely love the way voices/vocals come across on the LCD 2 and maybe the LCD 3 will...
  17. jujuju

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    I agree this work is just out of this world - A great reference for everybody who frequents Head Fi, for insights into headphones and their strengths and weaknesses..Fantastic !!!
  18. jujuju

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi I can so recommend Audeze LCD 2 Rev 2 -  These are magical and not a bad price if you was to consider second hand... I tried many of the so called top headphones and these had the X Factor !!!
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