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  1. JohnYang

    Luxury & Precision LP5 32bit DSD Portable Lossless Music Player with AKM AK4414; Wooden backplate; Silver / Gold version

            About The Company:   The company is led by the head designer who previously worked at Colorfly and designed C4, CK4 and C3.   Official Website: LP5 Product Page: (The website is Chinese only...
  2. JohnYang

    New and Improved* Luxury & Precision L5 PRO 32bit DSD DAP with AKM AK4490, touch screen, rosewood blackplate

            Coming from the designer who previously created C4, CK4, LP5, and L5,  L5 Pro is a new upgraded version from the previous L5. Many aspects of L5 has been greatly improved, including sound quality, build quality, touch screen, UI, and many more. Stay tuned for details below.  ...