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  1. mien

    TA-326 ELECTREC VIntage headphone Brah

  2. mien

    Ultrasone Pro 900

    These should go, had enough of them. They were not cheap at all and fail to sound like normal music or natural sounding. They belong to that same array of JBL, beats, 300 dollar sennheisers that sit on JB HiFi's demo stand which kinda suck since tats exactly what I try to avoid.    Small...
  3. mien

    Sony Discman D-50 Functioning, Used Condition

    Cash stripped, I don't want them off my house but I need to keep tactical.    Notes Connecting to AC adapter might do some slight adjustments to connect properly. Headphone jack gives static as you turn the volume slider. I never opened or touched the internals.    Condition: Dust...
  4. mien

    DBV#3 Fostex T20RP MK2 Stax Model

    Bought them for 200 on Gumtree last month.   Original:   My post on their impression threads:   "I got a preowned one Stax model, ear pads are very fiddly, not sure how they were supposed to stay on. Enhanced...
  5. mien

    Can you stick in 2x 128gb MicroSDs into a Micro SD TF Pro Duo?

    My PCM D50 will arrive soon, can someone confirm this?
  6. mien

    Ultrasone Pro 900

    Located in australia, free domestic shipping. 1/2 paid for shipping to US. Auxillary cable replaced with aux 1.5m unbranded cable. 1/4 jack + case + original box + extra ear pads.    
  7. mien

    Koss Realistic PRO IIA

    Koss.   Used, edging on edges
  8. mien

    (WTS) SIC Sonic 101 Faulty Jack, Used

    Its a SIC Sonic 101, the lever thing for the sliders are absent. The 6.3 jack is also angled and has some connectivity issues which requires some fiddling to connect properly, not portable at all because it keeps disconnecting the left can when the jack is moved around. Doesn't have static...
  9. mien

    Musiland Monitor 06 MX

    I ask for a basic impression when the 06 or 04 (uses some same components) is compared to any other source in playback content. Headphones: Amp: File specification: The device was discussed on the baidu chinese forums but they haven't made decisive worth it or not deal. So I'm keen on looking...
  10. mien

    Hyper- Accoustic Calcium Carbonate Cups For Fostex T20RP Sound Defective Enhancement Concepts™

    Ultra light weight and all rounder in zero environments. My design focuses on mimicking all ranges of frequency at the exact micro differential environmental precision that things were recorded in. This superstitious concept, using the egg's content to maximise for intense playback dynamics. It...
  11. mien

    Chonmagekun In-Ear Headphones

    New earphones for listening to loli girls and hentai on your phone! 50 bucks   The phone is scheming for monitoring voices. Surround sound vocals, describing it as to recognize voices, and insulation from outside sounds - noise canceling. Because the way its tuned for vocals, its un-uniformed...
  12. mien

    Headphones to get for my daddy?

    Hey guys, it's a simple question. My dad listens to only a few songs occasionally but that doesn't matter. I wanna see what he thinks when I get him on the audio experience :D He's got hearing loss, about fifty years old, right brain dominant father but very egotistical in conversations...
  13. mien

    Mandela Effect

    Head fidelity, what is exposure and media?   I used to be oblivious to the internet, it is a very abnormal area of accumulated knowledge.
  14. mien

    Hello Head people, found this item for a good cheap starter pack
  15. mien

    Koss Realistic PRO IIA

    These are probably the coolest headphones I came across bellow high end, built with heavy stiff materials and snugs your head really nicely!  Padding is unique, they don't have material inside but contains air that flats out on your skull (It was pretty tight) meaning you feel like helmet is on...
  16. mien

    The Angelic looking Sonic Sic 101 is delivered!

    Stereo. Does  justice for synth, funk, 80s 90s genre for modern hipsters alike, weighty bass. Sound reproduction is not fledged, don't intend to buy these for any ideal headphone quality. You should hook up with different equipment to change the quality, doesn't deliver highs and gets muddy in...
  17. mien

    Superstitious space reptiles capture earth, using sheer music to save humanity from despair and bring light of hope to the world.

    What is musical experience. Extremist attitudes in today's very audio-ly cooled people under the sun of a possibly trillion years aged solar system. WHAT IS THE SETUP YOU GONNA GET! GET! TO SPACE WHEN ALL YOU HEAR THE CHEMICALS AND AIR THAT ALLOW YOU TO LIVE??    What headbanded hollow shaped...
  18. mien

    What in the world is this Discman? - Venturer Discman WDM9905-45 -

    Even the internet has it's limits, can anyone tell me what this portable cd player is? For my last 10 hours of searching for a cd player(couldn't find any good aus located portable cd player for good money). I found...