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  1. NeilPeart

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (8/18/2022: iFi GO Blu Review Added)

    My HD800 came with just a single-ended cable and I made my own 4-pin XLR cable from that. I even made an 4-pin to single-ended adapter using the removed 1/4" section and a female 4pin. The parts cost was reasonable and the work took less than a couple of hours. Of course it would be...
  2. NeilPeart

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    I agree that the DT250-250 sounds fine from most sources, I find that they can be a bit bass-light with insufficient amplification. Sure, they have enough volume, but plugged into my Schiit Magni Heresy or THX-887 (especially that one) the bass is tight, articulate and the whole sound is more...
  3. NeilPeart

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    Still love this headphone, especially the 250ohm variant. Beats out the AKG K240/K271, ATH-M50x/M70x, DT770-80-250-600/1770/177x, Senn HD280/380, Shure SRH840/940, Sony MDR-V6/7506/7520. Only the Shure SRH1540 is better to me for sealed headphone under $500, and the DT250-250 can win in some...
  4. NeilPeart

    FS: AKG K1000 & FirstWatt F1

    Apologies for posting in the wrong forum section - moderators, please remove as I have posted in the proper section now.
  5. NeilPeart

    FS: AKG K1000 & FirstWatt F1

    Sorry for the delay - I finally had an opportunity to capture some photos.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm asking $4000 for the headphones and amp combined and I would prefer to sell the package to a single individual.  However, since I'm not really sure of the...
  6. NeilPeart

    What's wrong with Musical Fidelity?

    I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the MX-HPA.  I have heard several of the past Musical Fidelity headphone amplifiers and have never been impressed - I was honestly expecting to be underwhelmed by this amp and the opposite occurred.  I currently own the following amps: Schiit...
  7. NeilPeart

    Philips Golden Ears challenge

    I started this journey long ago.  I completed the Bronze and Silver sections during a lunch break; there were some tough spots but nothing too frustrating.  The rig I used was pretty bare bones:   Foobar>M-Audio Transit at 24/44.1kHz>PIMETA w/OPA627 op-amps>ATH-M50   When I got to the Gold...
  8. NeilPeart

    A Concise View of Why The ATH-M50 is No Longer King

    I think the M50s are a good deal for <$100 - they are better than the SRH440, HD280 and MDR-7506/V6 and the stock T50RP, IMO.  I prefer the DT250-250 and K271S to the ATH-M50 but those cans are in a different price bracket (and scale better with hardware, IMO).  I use my M50s at the office with...
  9. NeilPeart

    Top 5 wide sound stage headphones

    1. K1000 (the widest and perhaps the most natural, but they ARE speakers, after all) - still lovin' my pair 2. HE90 (the best VERTICAL soundstage, in my experience, bettering the K1000 in this regard; still my over-all favorite cans to this day) 3. HE60 (not nearly as amazing as the HE90...
  10. NeilPeart

    Melos SHA-1/Grado HP-2 mini-review/impressions (pictures)

    For me the HP-2 never sounds better than when it's driven by the Maestrobated Melos SHA-Gold (and I'm not even a big fan of the HP-1000 series). Yes the EAR HP4 does wonderful things with the Joe Grados as do the SDS-XLR, Zana Deux and Wheatfield HA-2, but the synergy between the Melos and...
  11. NeilPeart

    The Stax thread (New)

    Yeah I also bid on that SRD-7 Pro but it seems my maximum wasn't high enough! Perhaps this will force me away from my Lambda Pro/HE60 lusting and my K1000 will remain a monogamous choice...
  12. NeilPeart

    The Stax thread (New)

    I realize you have much more experience with electrostatic headphones in general and a great knowledge of Stax 'phones on top of that overall knowledge. However, even with the maxxed out Blue Hawaii (which IMO is the best amp mate for the OII – other than possibly the fabled SRM-T2, which I’ve...
  13. NeilPeart

    Another Moth Has Landed: The 300B Paradigm Is Here!

    So when's the gang dropping by with our FirstWatt F1, Aleph 30 and Signature 30 amps? Oh and I bought a ticket for the national meet (girlfriend's family event be damned)!
  14. NeilPeart

    The Stax thread (New)

    Has anyone built their own DIY SRD-7 clone? Are there any general schematics? The concept doesn't sound too complicated and parts costs couldn't be that extreme...
  15. NeilPeart

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 impressions & pics

    I too love the AD2000 and prefer it to most AT cans, but I still prefer the W11JPN and the L3000 is my favorite Audio-Technica headphone ever. Maybe I'll own the AD2000 again one day, but then my K1000 might become envious and leave me again...Those FIM Super Sounds discs sound intriguing -...
  16. NeilPeart

    Can't find KSC35, KSC75 ok?

    While there are some sonic and comfort differences between the KSC35 and KSC75 in my opinion the disparities are subtle - both Koss cans sound amazing (especially considering the price) and scale amazingly well. The KSC75 is slight more comfortable to me, easier to find and cheaper - it is a...
  17. NeilPeart

    K1000 vs balanced HD650

    I've heard many different K1000 systems and many different HD650 systems. The K1000 certainly does excel in many areas, especially with some of the Pass Labs designs, some 300B amps or some nice (MBL ) mono-blocks - the unique design of the K1000 allows for a very different presentation, and...
  18. NeilPeart

    The Stax thread (New)

    I'm very curious regarding these SRDs - I would like to drive an SR-Lambda Signature (one just sold on eBay for $400, BTW) but which SRD to buy? Does the SRD-7 (standard) lack the Pro output?
  19. NeilPeart

    FYI: HE90 (w/Pics!) (Large Images)

    Do you now have THREE HE90s in the same location? That's not even cool anymore - it's just sad...
  20. NeilPeart

    "Price no factor" amp for K-1000

    ...and it sounded damn good too! Those MBLs are sweet, but I really enjoyed the F1 as well. I've only heard the K1000/V20 combo on 2 occasions and it was very smooth and buttery (for a K1000, that is). My K1000 is enjoying his new Pass Aleph 30... Quote: Originally Posted by...
  21. NeilPeart

    Party at Neil's Orpheus/K1000 Meet Impressions

    ...bit of hebrew humor there... Pass Aleph 30 is here...
  22. NeilPeart

    Party at Neil's Orpheus/K1000 Meet Impressions

    Guess who just bought an Aleph 30... Loved the F1 and its unbelievable control over the AKGs and the Sig 30 evoked a warmer, more tube-like sound from the K1000, somewhat reminiscent of the EAR V20, if my memory serves me well (which it probably doesn’t). Brownies+10 sec microwave...
  23. NeilPeart

    Happy Birthday NeilPeart!

    Thanks all for the kind wishes and remarks regarding my smooooth ways with the ladies while enjoying the headphone-love. I have neglected this Head-Fi world but it was nice to see this thread greet me today - yesterday was indeed an interesting day (ahh the debauchery).
  24. NeilPeart

    What to drive the K501?

    My (3rd pair now) K501 sounds amazing with my M-cubed, so much so that I regret not owning an amp of this caliber when I owned the first 2 pairs! They really love warm solid-state IME (I also remember really enjoying them with the Emmeline HR-2, HeadRoom Max and Corda HA-2 MkII SE). They really...
  25. NeilPeart

    AKG K501 love...

    This will be my fourth pair of K 501s - with my improved equipment and refined tastes I may actually keep them this time! However, I have the K 701 and K 1000 living here as well so it will be an interesting experience.