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  1. cleg

    The Campfire Audio Orbit Is Available Now At Audio46

    This thread looks like the only one dedicated to Orbits, so here is my video about this model
  2. cleg

    Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000

    My subjective impressions of Astell&Kern new flagship A&ultima SP3000
  3. cleg

    TempoTec Owners Thread

    I'm late for the show, but here are my impressions about V6. Good sound quality, stylish design, and great value for the price
  4. cleg

    Introducing Shanling M3 Ultra - New Generation of Compact Android Portable Player

    My video about M3 Ultra. In short, an excellent player, especially as an upgrade for M3X owners or for the fans of Shanling's signature sound in general
  5. cleg

    HiBy RS2: dual card slots, Darwin R2R, FIR, NOS, MQA 8x--news and impressions thread

    Of course, I'm too late with this review, as everyone already did their reviews. But nevertheless, I'm really excited about this DAP, so here is my video
  6. cleg

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    My video about FoKus H-ANC IMO a really good model, sound is better than Falcon ANC, but price is almost the same
  7. cleg

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    I've burned them in for 48 hours, and there were some changes during the first 10-12 hours. Not sure if 100+ hours will give anything (usually it doesn't), but I'm actively using them now, so if there will be some changes after 100 hours, I'll write an update here. So far, they have about 60...
  8. cleg

    FiiO K7 Desktop DAC&Headphone AMP Discussion | XLR Balance | Dual THX AAA | Xmos | ...

    My video about K7. In short — superb price to quality ratio! Thanks to FiiO for keeping price that affordable
  9. cleg

    IMR Audio : Sonic Adventures & Impressions

    Assuming that better late than never, here is my video about EDP Ace
  10. cleg

    [FiiO Q7] Portable Desktop-Class DAC and Headphone Amplifier,3000mW output power | Fully balanced THX AAA 788+ amplifier | Dual portable/desktop power supply modes

    I suspect that modern Bluetooth is power efficient, and actual DAC/amp part consumes way more energy, so savings won't be big
  11. cleg

    New FiiO M11S Player with dual ES9038Q2M DACs, 670mW output power and 14 hours of battery life

    I didn't test DX170 (not sure when it'll be available in Ukraine, but I'll try to do my best to get it asap), but compared to DX160 M11S is more technical both in terms of non-sonic features and in terms of sound (a bit more refined and natural, with better-developed treble). But in this case...
  12. cleg

    New FiiO M11S Player with dual ES9038Q2M DACs, 670mW output power and 14 hours of battery life

    Here is my video about M11S I'm really happy to see that despite it being the most affordable offer in the lineup, it ticks all the boxes: fast chipset and all modern features, signature design, and, of course, a good sound P.S. please keep in mind that sales will start later (end of...
  13. cleg

    Astrotec Impressions and Discussion Thread

    My video about Astrotec AM850 MK2 earphones
  14. cleg

    iFi audio NEO iDSD - The Performance Edition is here! (INFO: Post 837, Page 56)

    My video about NEO iDSD and bonus accessories that came in the bundle
  15. cleg

    iFi audio ZEN One Signature - be at One with your sound!

    My video about ZEN One Signature. Good sound and exceptional design
  16. cleg

    New Shanling Streamers - EM5 & EA5

    Sorry, my experience with speakers is super-limited. I've found on the net that these speakers have recommended amplifier power of 25-200 Watts, so EA5 fits into minimum requirements but is far from the top of recommended power. My assumption is that they'll need more power to show the full...
  17. cleg

    HiBy R5 Gen 2 - Class A headamp, Dual ES9219C, 35h playtime, MQA 16x, open Android

    Sorry, I rarely visit Head-Fi now, so I missed your question. In short, Dark Matter sounds nice with R5 Gen 2, even in economy mode. But they have a potential for scaling even higher with more high-end source
  18. cleg

    S-Audio Focus DAC/amp with binaural DSP

    My video about the 4th revision Even during the war, great products are still developing