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  1. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    Actually a buddy of mine whos a wiz with android OS stuff. Told me if you go into apps & notifications > google > disable. then re-start the device. it should be gone and the "default" system search will be displayed. and tbh its way nicer and less distracting :)
  2. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    is there a way to remove the google search bar from the home screen of the 507 ? its super annoying
  3. Tsukuyomi

    Astell&Kern Launches KANN ALPHA Digital Audio Player

    I dont run IEMs, so that wont be an issue. i think my "portable" drivers are the B&O H6(Gen2) and Sony 7506. which the A&K SR15 was able to drive at around 60-70 volume. I'm assuming the Alpha Kann can easily drive them at a much lower volume? maybe 30-40 ?
  4. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    is the ZX507 powerful enough through BE to drive the Sony Z7m2? im a bit worried that it wont be, despite the images shown on the website of the z7m2 being plugged into it.
  5. Tsukuyomi

    Astell&Kern Launches KANN ALPHA Digital Audio Player

    This is true, but its for portability isnt it? if i do require to drive super hungry cans at home, id just use the desktop setup no? :P
  6. Tsukuyomi

    Astell&Kern Launches KANN ALPHA Digital Audio Player

    I'm deciding on either the A&K KANN Alpha or the Sony ZX-507. they're more similarly priced and both have 4.4 Which would you rec? does anyone also own the sony? im currently on my A&K SR15 i kinda want to upgrade because i was disappointed by the SR15 after the first year of ownership. battery...
  7. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    Does anyone have the BeyerDynamic DT1990 Pro(250ohm) and if so, have they tried it with the ZX-507? wondering how power scaling goes for it in SE ?
  8. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    Which guide are you refering too? also im glad to meet another person who made the choice im going to make. I didnt mind at first the SR15, but then... sometimes it wont turn on, and i have to try multiple times for it to turn on. pointy edges micro-usb (terrble) not enough power for normal...
  9. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    Thanks very much, this is very useful information. im wondering if i can order from Bay Bloor Radio (their inToronto, and im in Montreal) if anything happens if they would have it repaired or otherwise. hmm what kind of headphones are AFC RT ?
  10. Tsukuyomi

    SONY NW-ZX500

    heya everyone, potential owner of the zx507 here. ive got a question, im wanting to pull the trigger on one but im a bit hesitant and maybe you guys can clear some air. 1. i own an a&k sr15 for a few years now and i enjoy it but its time to move on and upgrade. do the sonys have a better battery...
  11. Tsukuyomi

    B&O H9 Discussion and Impressions thread

    800$ USD is quite steep for a B&O can, id rather get the Focal Elegia at that point. i do love my H6gen2 but wished they brought another H6gen3 with the 95s look. would be awesome. i use a Dap regardless for my music and never use my mobile. so wired for me would be ok, however wireless also...
  12. Tsukuyomi

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    What would be the best Orthodynamic for 600-800$ CND? (400-600$ USD)
  13. Tsukuyomi

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    Wait the pads for the z7m2 are removable and replaceable???? I thought they were glued on??
  14. Tsukuyomi

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    Has anyone found a case that fits for the Sony Z7m2 ? i dont think i can keep using the sony box anymore :( its getting damaged from storage.
  15. Tsukuyomi

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    So, i spent the last year deciding between the Audeze LCD-X and Hifiman Arya... in the end i bought the Sony Z7m2 and i dont regret it. they're fantastic! I know many people here and on audio discord discussion threads will say the sonys are rubbish but honestly, they're really not.I really do...
  16. Tsukuyomi

    Looking for successor for HD600/HD6XX – Auditioned LCD -X vs. HD800 vs. Arya vs. Ananda vs. SR L300 vs. SR L500

    honestly i think you should split your budget for a better amp/source + new headphones. instead of investing the entire lot on a pair of headphones only. That being said, it sounds like maybe a Focal Clear would be better suited for your taste.
  17. Tsukuyomi

    1 week review of Sony NW-ZX507 (NW-ZX500 Series)

    Question, I am considering the ZX-507, having the SR15 has been an interesting journey but i find that all astell and kern DAPs are more focused on an IEM front. Reading that you were able to run the DT1990 Pro.. gave me hope as thoes are currently my most power hungry headphones. I'm...
  18. Tsukuyomi


    Hey guys, how does the wm1a stack up with the newer zx507? Im thinking of selling my a&k sr15 and joining the sony camp(again). :p
  19. Tsukuyomi

    Headphones for female vocals?

    I actually liked female vocals on the sony z7m2, dt1990 pro and on my b&oh6(gen2). I tried female vocals on a hifiman arya and they were pretty good too.
  20. Tsukuyomi

    Ears getting hot with every headphone; On ear suggestions?

    ??? well we have but the k371 arent for outside use. its legit made for indoor use at a desk or something. i took them outside once, and they have like 0 isolation for a closed back. terrible.
  21. Tsukuyomi

    FiiO M11Pro | Dual AK4497 | THX AAA 78 Headpone Amp | 5.15" 18:9 720P | Exynos 7872 | 3G Ram+64G Rom |

    Hello everyone, quick question. I'm currently using an A&K SR15 DAP. i left the fiio camp due to unreliable software issues with my previous FiiO X5Gen3 DAP. I'm considering selling my SR15 DAP to attain the M11 Pro. ive read reviews where people have expressed concerns with the software yet...
  22. Tsukuyomi

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    they both dont have amazing sound isolation. the Z1R from memory(demo'd in a store) is more... "semi-open" its not a closed back by any means. it has a very very laid back sound, warm, smooth, thick. but its quite expensive. the Z7m2 has better closed back design but also, feels semi-open due...
  23. Tsukuyomi

    Astell&Kern SA700 - Past meets Present

    How does the SA700 compare to the SR15? Should i hit the upgrade or not worth it? :(
  24. Tsukuyomi

    Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

    Heya guys, im a fan of A&K and their daps, love the sound. Now i have a small question, i currently use and own the SR15 and was wondering how it compares to the newer SA700? In terms of sound/build/battery life/real world usage. Is it worth the upgrade? Are the differences that vast between the...
  25. Tsukuyomi

    Cans under 2000

    Fostex Th-909, Hifiman Arya, Sony Z7m2, used Sony Z1R.