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  1. jaqueh

    [REVIEW] Sennheiser CX300-II vs. Philips SHE3590 (so far)

    do NOT even think about getting the Klipsch S4!   I also think that the SHE3590 are superior to the CX300.
  2. jaqueh

    Review: Philips SHE-3590

    Yeah I just put it on treble cut and the sibilance gets tamed
  3. jaqueh

    $6 Panasonic RP-HJE120. Surprisingly usable

    Pretty cheap on amazon
  4. jaqueh

    Creative GigaWorks T20 VS Cyber Acoustics CA3602a

    Sorry, can't. Don't have enough money to own anything other than the T20
  5. jaqueh

    Is anyone else having problems with poor sound quality output for headphones from the new Macbook Pro Retina?

    I just put in my trip fi's for the first time into my brand new rMBP and noticed how crispy the treble was. It sounds unnatural.
  6. jaqueh

    Comparison: Klipsch Reference S4i vs Sennheiser CX800i

    interesting. I hated the s4 when I had them so I don't anticipate the reference to be any different but it seems improved if you didn't get impressions of harsh treble.
  7. jaqueh

    Really disappointed with the gigaworks T20

    Quote: thanks for the suggestions but I am currently in an apartment in college so none of those will work.    Has anyone on head-fi ever heard the JBL Duet III to make a recommendation or not?
  8. jaqueh

    Really disappointed with the gigaworks T20

    I have no EQ on my iTunes and I even have the bass turned to 9 o'clock. Well i don't find them to be very suitable for metal or more acoustic stuff because the bass sounds unrealistic
  9. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    Quote:   if you've ever heard a concert on some AM station youll know what i mean
  10. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    i remember the a151 sounded like am radios, how does the a161 compare?
  11. jaqueh

    UE 10?

    i got replacement triple fi's and i have noticed the treble seems to be not as a crispy. I might be imagining it though
  12. jaqueh

    Sony XBA-1 reviews?

      Quote:   i would get the a151s if u are really into am radios
  13. jaqueh

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    just got my replacement tf10s after using cx200s for about a month, and the midrange is way more recessed than i remembered
  14. jaqueh

    Are wireless headphones the future?

    Quote: cool idea and you are very well composed and calculated, you were the shark in that tank
  15. jaqueh

    Multiple Budget IEMs Reviewed - [22] Total - (Samsung Stock EHS44 Added)

    dude really cool thread, i too have heard a lot of budget headphones and definitely agree with most of your observations, the cx200 i think are such a great buy for $15. When you do get more headphones reviews i think you should sort the reviews by date.
  16. jaqueh

    soundstage from an IEM ?? seriously??

    When you look at freq curves of both iems and larger over the ear headphones, you notice that there are dips, valleys and peaks in the curve in headphones that are considered to be "flat" whereas they actually are basically flat for where the speaker is rated, like if its a sub its flat from...
  17. jaqueh

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Quote: no better than some fracking toasters.          that was a BSG reference, i don't know if u intended urs to be  
  18. jaqueh

    S4 v. Apple in Ears

    someone call zombie control   but i would go with the ADDiem over the S4, i have owned both
  19. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    Quote: oh, i was using the ear rapers because i had lost the mediums so the resonance could very well attributed to the extension in the nozzle, but i am not studying engineering at all and barely know anything about waves, other than what ive learned in a couple of diff. eq. classes, to...
  20. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    i think i would choose the a151 over the cc51 because i like the over the ear design, and the sound, though slightly harsh in the midrange, is decent and the build seemed to be much better than the cc51 for the month that i had it...before i lost it
  21. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    Quote: oh yeah when u first get them the midrange is incredibly sibilant  
  22. jaqueh

    IEM's under 35$

    anything sub 40 by soundmagic is worth getting
  23. jaqueh

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    Quote: cc51 + upfront vocals? huh?????  
  24. jaqueh

    IEMs for ROCK <$50 better than CX 475?

    easy, soundmagic pl30, pl50, tdkba100 there's a deal on them right now, or brainwavz m2   if you are stretching your budget to 70 then consider getting etymotic's HF series, usually they are around 70, but only used