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  1. pragu

    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    If anyone is interested, Here is a dropbox link of my current models for the diy fazor. It's just the inner part for now, as I haven't yet made measurements for the external fazors yet.   One question in addition to my previous request, do Fazor'ed LCD-2's have the rectangular dampening...
  2. pragu

    Audeze LCD-2 earpad ring support mod

    I like the idea of putting ferrous rods and not having to use glue, but I'd rather not use two pieces on the fazors- I don't know much about acoustic engineering, but my gut tells me that if we had even a little glue beading / inconsistent angling / gap in the wave guides it would negate any...
  3. pragu

    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    I think there are some changes that your average user wouldn't want to do - I think the Fazors are bolted / screwed in to the driver's front and rear housing (but some pictures would go a long way towards confirmation!). You may be able to use epoxy or something though. I was planning on using...
  4. pragu

    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    Could anyone with a LCD-2F be so kind as to take pictures of the fazor assemblies on the inside (with the pads removed) and outside (with grille removed)? I want to recreate Audeze's fazors for a 3d printing project, but there's not many good pictures out there. Tyll's information is useful, but...
  5. pragu

    Audeze LCD-2 earpad ring support mod

    This looks great! I am also thinking about making some kind of ring support for my LCD-2's pads, but I was thinking of hot gluing the lip support onto the headphones and allowing the pads to be twisted / pulled on.   I am also thinking about 3d printing fazors for this assembly. From what Tyll...
  6. pragu

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    Hmm it seems that something has gone wrong with my USB setup. I can still use the remote to change the volume and turn off my HA-1, but it can no longer play/pause Foobar on windows 8. I can tell that it's reading a signal because when I hit pause I get a little blue circle next to my cursor...
  7. pragu

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    Oh yeah, I have it set up as a multi-output through the mac's Midi settings, so that I can A/B test the HA-1 and my WA7. Every application seems to work except for Google Chrome (and Chrome Canary).
  8. pragu

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    Is anyone else having trouble getting output from chrome on a mac? I'm not sure if it's a chrome bug or something wrong with the driver, but they won't play together :( 
  9. pragu

    Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

    What are you comparing that setup to? I haven't heard it, but as Jack often pairs the WA7 with the Alpha Dogs at trade shows I would think the synergy is pretty good! Could it be that the bass ports aren't tuned to your preference?
  10. pragu

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    I would love to know what DACs people use with their WA7s. I read somewhere that the internal DAC is on par with the Dragonfly, but I find that hard to believe. I imagine that the Gungnir would be a pretty attractive choice, especially with a pair of silver wa7 + wa7tp sitting on top.
  11. pragu

    Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

    Now I'm confused - is the power symbol above the button, or in the center of the button?     That is so brutal. I guess the upside is that it didn't destroy your WA7?
  12. pragu


    Do we know any more about the internals than this? Is the wood cup solid, or filled with damping material? 
  13. pragu

    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    I need some clarification on something - I have an extra stock HiFiMan silver cable, but after selling my HE-500's I have no use for it. I upgraded to LCD-2's, with their comparatively awful stock cable.    My question is: can I just hack off the HiFiMan terminators can replace them with mini...
  14. pragu

    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    What rig do you have, if you don't mind me asking? What tweaking can be done?
  15. pragu

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-011 - OFF THE DEEP END!!

    What tubes / tube amps have you had good results with?
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