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  1. Mr.PD

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    I thought I would post one. I like the lighting on this one.
  2. Mr.PD

    What's the last song you had on repeat?

    Big Log by Robert Plant.
  3. Mr.PD

    How old are you?

    Forty Nine here. Later this year I will hit the big five oh!
  4. Mr.PD

    Are you affected by dusk?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mofonyx Hi there, I'm just curious to whether they are other people out there affected by dusk. Usually it only happens when I'm alone, or not out of the house watching the world bustling by. It is when dusk that I feel most alone, much like there's no...
  5. Mr.PD

    Happy Birthday LTUCCI1924 !!!

  6. Mr.PD

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    I think I just bought a house! My offer was accepted. Here is a picture of it from the realtor's web listing.
  7. Mr.PD

    What kind of TV do you own?

    Samsung 42" plasma HD, and a Samsung 27" LCD HD in the bedroom.
  8. Mr.PD

    Post your Photography Here!

    Here is an old picture taken with a Canon point and shoot digital. I took this the other day. I kinda like it.
  9. Mr.PD

    HDCD list

    Just picked up Roxette - A Collection of Roxette Hits, Their 20 greatest songs! On Capitol EMI. It lights up the HDCD light on my Arcam. There is no mention of HDCD on anywhere.
  10. Mr.PD

    Post your desktop! Part deux!

    This is what I have on my laptop.
  11. Mr.PD

    The Canon Thread

    I also need opnions on graduated nuetral density filters. I have one, a Cokin P series G2. I wonder if it is too gradual. And, I wonder if there are others out there that are a better quality material.
  12. Mr.PD

    The Canon Thread

    20D owner here. I got mine with the 17-85 IS kit lens. I like that lens okay. Then I got a Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 IS lens which has never taken a sharp photo. Then I got the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens. That one is a great lens. Good color and very sharp. The only AF problems I have are when...
  13. Mr.PD

    Post your Photography Here!

    I thought I had already posted this picture here. I see that I didn't, so here it is. I took this last year, it's one of my favorites.
  14. Mr.PD

    How the heck do you begin a divorce?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.PD I would say move out in the morning, get a lawyer in the afternoon. If there are no kids, make her move. Especially if he had the house before the wife. Maybe take out a loan on the house, sell off the last of his stuff, borrow money from...
  15. Mr.PD

    Fastest and Slowest delivery time

    My fastest delivery was a couple years ago when I ordered a Nikon 8800 from OneCall in Spokane WA. I placed the order online just after 5 PM. The package was delivered to my house at 1 PM the next day. My slowest was a couple CDs direct from Sony USA. It took over two months to get them. I...
  16. Mr.PD

    Photo-Fi: Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?

    I shoot in both. My Canon 20D has the option of both. Every photo is taken in both RAW and jpeg. I get six photos each time I press the shutter release. Three different exposure levels in both RAW and jpeg. In preview on my computer jpeg loads faster so I can go through all my photos...
  17. Mr.PD

    Match and Normalize functions.

    I use mpTrim. It doesn't seem to degrade my mp3s. I have the free version and my only complaint is that it won't work on longer songs (I think 6 minutes is the max length). I will have to purchase the program to do longer songs and batch processing.
  18. Mr.PD

    "Drive-Fi" What are you driving?

    I drive an '03 Ford Focus ZX3. I bought it already modified. It's a blast, for a little buzz bomb. I have an '07 Mercury Milan Premeire for road trips from home. I like it real well. It handles okay, goes okay, and is very comfortable. My daily go to work and grocery getter is a 1977 Dodge...
  19. Mr.PD

    Internet Dating?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pm@c .................... Anyways.. Ill bet half of these internet marriages end up in divorce in less than 10 years. 2/3 of my marriages ended up in divorce in less than 10 years. I have never done any online dating. I've been considering doing...
  20. Mr.PD

    How do You Feel in Your Heart? Irish, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Russian, ...?

    My ancestral background is too complicated to feel one way or another. While I do take pride in my Irish heritage, I got so many other blood lines mixed in that I can't really feel Irish. I guess I just feel American.
  21. Mr.PD

    Chicken: breasts or legs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rb67 I voted for breast over leg, but I prefer thigh over both same here
  22. Mr.PD

    What do you do for a living/money?

    Proffesional hobo. I ride freight trains,..................... they call me the conductor.
  23. Mr.PD

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Eminem - Curtain Call Motorhead - Deaf Forever (dual disc) Rollins Band - Nice Time Life - Guitar Rock Hard and Heavy Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits Three Dog Night - The Complete Hit Singles
  24. Mr.PD

    MOST RECENT movie/DVD purchase?

    Snakes on a Plane The Fifth Element Hell Raiser Duel 3000 Miles to Graceland