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    Graduate studies in CANADA or USA?

    I see you guys are talking about Farenheit 9/11. Don't you mean Bowling for Columbine? That was about "gun culture", while the former was about Bush and the Iraq war.
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    Useless Endeavors-Tootsie Roll pops

    The folks over at do this stuff all the time. How much is inside a can of Dust Off? How much is inside Planters Mixed Nuts?
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    I cant stand mp3!

    In the summer, because I was bored and curious, I performed tons of blind AB tests on high end equipment regarding lossy vs. lossless, mp3 vs. aac, 320kbps vs. 256kbps, vbr vs. cbr, cd's burned at 4x vs. 1x, etc, and came up with interesting results. It's important to note that before I...
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    Is there any point to minidisc?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Latexxx Actually, Hi-MD thingies support pcm audio (~ 90 min per disc). Thanks. I didn't know this. All of my information on MD is from 2 years ago when I used to use them. Quote: Originally Posted by skitzo wow. ???
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    Is there any point to minidisc?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JeffS Actually it's only compressed ONCE, depending on where you're getting your music from. If you're recording directly to the the device (analog or optical) inputs, the device does the D/A conversion and compression. If you go via the computer, it's done in...
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    Is there any point to minidisc?

    I've been an MD user and I'm currently an iPod user. These are pretty much the only advantages to MD: - Most recorders/players have excellent battery life - Great for recording meetings and live shows Now here's the disadvantages: - ATRAC3 Compression. Even if you use their highest...
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    Will there Karma 2 ever?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edvard_Grieg I seriously doubt that dude, pony up with the linkage. The only 'picture' that I ever saw was a direct "photochop" (it was merely stretched vertically) that was proved to be false countless times here and at riovolution, rioworld etc etc...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by mariowar I just bought a pair of Sony MDR EX71 Quote: Originally Posted by mariowar these ones blow the ER6i out of the water... Everything was crisp and clear with the eq OFF !!!!... The bass was excellent... the highs were also there...
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    Student discount on 4G Ipod?

    Has anyone here took advantage of the student discount (while they were not a student) and either got away with it or were caught?
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    I've done something stupid....

    Quote: Originally Posted by terrymx ughnnnnn Agreed.
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    opinion on nirvana?

    Nirvana was overhyped trash. The only reason why people are gushing over the band today is simply nostalgia.
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    4G iPod screen contrast

    The contrast on the iPod is directly related to the type of screen and the temperature of the unit. When the iPod becomes hot from extensive disk use or warm climates, the contrast will appear darker than normal (and vice versa). So in an air conditioned room, 60% contrast might look great, but...
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    bitrate and battery life

    Yeah... I don't get that either. I'm pretty sure it just depends on file size. Although I know that certain formats require more processing power than others. i.e., on the iPod, Apple Lossless takes more power than AAC.
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    New 4G Ipod Missing the Checkmark?

    Many people griped about the checkmark issue with the 3G's because you could not operate it in the dock if it was connected to a PC. The only thing you could do was unplug it from your computer. So Apple responded and removed the "Ok To Disconnect" screen from the 4G iPod.
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    a test I'd be interrested in seeing...

    This isn't a fair test. Obviously the lossless files would be superior. You want to compare apples and oranges, rather than two different apples.
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    Very Quick Question for iPod Owners..

    Haha. I feel for you steel102. I guess people have a hard time reading posts.
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    iPod still undisputed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by philodox would you normally put your earbuds in the same pocket as the ipod or in your other pocket? I would place them in my other pocket and put the remote in there as well I usually put my earbuds in the same pocket as my iPod. It's convenient...
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    iPod still undisputed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by philodox I dont want to get caught up in this M3 discussion, but why would you ever have the remote in your pocket? these remotes are designed to clip to your shirt or messanger bag or coat or whatever... if you put it in your pocket it ceases to be a...
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    iPod still undisputed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Krishna A remote doesn't add bulk and it is actually quite useful. How you can possibly argue this is beyond me. Of course a remote adds bulk! It is one more thing I must carry in my pocket to use the player. Bulk is VOLUME. A large remote such as the...
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    iPod still undisputed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Alick Is thickness the only dimension that matters? Height and width are unimportant? My post that was being referred to specifically mentioned thickness. Height and width are not unimportant for fitting in a pocket, but are certainly secondary to...
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    iPod still undisputed?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Supsup You're joking, right? The thickness difference between the iPod, the iRiver, the Zen Touch, and the Karma are only millimeters. Quote: Originally Posted by Krishna What about the M3 which is even smaller than the Ipod. Oh and the new...
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    where's the hype about the Karma2?

    I saw pics of the new Chroma somewhere. It had a color screen and a different colored housing. I don't remember where I got the pics though.
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    Ipod 4g or 3g refurb?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lagavulin Also, can the 3g handle Apple's Lossless? Yes.
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    4th Generation Ipod audio quality???

    Specs really don't tell you much about audio quality. I haven't heard anyone complaining about the sound quality of the 4G and I doubt Apple changed any of the hardware directly relating to the sound. However, if you want to know for sure, you should either listen to both the 3G and 4G yourself...
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    stunning new picture of the 4th gen ipod...

    The 4G 20GB is 1mm thinner than the 3G 20GB. And the 4G 40GB is 1mm thinner than the 4G 40GB. I have seen some photos on the web recently that have a 4G 20GB and a 3G 40GB side by side showing the thickness. Then they state that the new iPod is so much thinner! I would just like to point out...