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  1. daydesiang

    Comment by 'daydesiang' in item 'Sennheiser HD 560S'

    A revival of an old name HD560 Ovatation, which is one of the legendary headphone from Sennheiser! Meaning that this will continue that legend?
  2. daydesiang

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    WOW!   Just when im about to buy a HD800...
  3. daydesiang

    SONY XBA-A1AP Review

      again IMO A2 is the not-my-choice of the bunch.   u have ur suggestion and attack mine for ur own opinion..
  4. daydesiang

    SONY XBA-A1AP Review

      All have speed problem, among all A2 just.. oh well     some time i really have problem when some ppl just  
  5. daydesiang

    SONY XBA-A1AP Review

    Among all A series, I think A2 is the loose one. H-series...worst than A-series(?).   IMO Z5 is nice, but will consider A1AP the best price/performance ratio and as like i said before if use with phones and walkaround IEM A1AP will be my only choice.
  6. daydesiang

    Fulla (by) Schiit - News, photos, thoughts, impressions, etc.

    I'm one click away from buying it... until i decide to read more from forum.. and no schiit coming
  7. daydesiang

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    I own a HD650(reload tune + copper cable), LCD2 and a couple of old Sennheisers, previously owned DT880, HD580 etc. Source PC ---> Black bliss DAC ---> Cherry Amp.   LCD 2 is better in some point, but THAT Sennheiser sweet veil, with the right combination and separation, micro details really...
  8. daydesiang

    Review by 'daydesiang' on item 'Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones'

    Source:   Burson Audio AB160 Burson Audio HA160 Black Bliss DAC Sony NW-HD5 line out   Initial impression:   Good! Further update soon!
  9. daydesiang

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    I own one MH1~ and i would hv to agree that it sounds GREAT! For USD30 its superb... Personally I like this alot more than flagship XBA4, as i personal think that XBA4 treble abit too plastic? fake?   I prefer it over   1. X10 (brother's unit) 2. BA200 (still like it thou) 3. IE8 ori...
  10. daydesiang

    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    N i jus bought an IE80?! Arrr... Anyone wan ie80? :p
  11. daydesiang

    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    Jus got myself one IE80... I love how it sounds and looks... But it doesnt perform well when im using it ouside of my room! The right side doesnt seal well at all! As a result the right side sounds softer than the left side... N im very annoyed with it... Anyone face the fit problem as well?
  12. daydesiang

    Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation II Review

    Quote: As a fellow who listen to the HD560(too bad not my unit), HD560 2 and HD540~ I agree with all the thing pkshan wrote~ Hd560 tonal balance, and accuracy is great! The instruments sounds as real! The vocal is clear and with emotions~ its wayy better than HD600 and HD650. HD560 Ovation...
  13. daydesiang


    Just got the inner foam for my hd250... For some reason it sounds better without foam :)
  14. daydesiang

    Sennheiser from the past - HD250 Linear 1, coming soon HD540 HD560 Ovation2, HD450, HD480 II, HD480 Classic and Surrounder

    Too bad the shipping fee to Malaysia is very expensive~ but i think i have to order one asap since the HD250 tuning is great as a 'whole'   i once recable it and it turn to the worst~ even with pure silver or pure copper, it will sounds either very bassy or very treble hot~
  15. daydesiang

    Sennheiser from the past - HD250 Linear 1, coming soon HD540 HD560 Ovation2, HD450, HD480 II, HD480 Classic and Surrounder

    I had bought a few older model Sennheiser, at first I just thinking of collect some headphone just for the fun of it... until I came across a few model~    Well since I dont have any proper setup, so I cant do a proper review on each of them~ today I'll start with HD250 Linear MK1   =...
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    Made In Germany!
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    HD250 Linear 1 Side
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    HD250 Linear 1