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  1. azncookiecutter

    Kicking off 2016 with a Toronto / GTA meet on Saturday January 30th

    Only have the Meier Concerto right now, was planning on getting the EC Black Widow as my modest end-game rig when it was re-released, but since that's been cancelled, on the lookout again.
  2. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Winter 2014 Meet

    Totally missed this until now, I'll be in.
  3. azncookiecutter

    Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

    Anyone get any responses from Matthew lately? Sent an email a while back with no responses.
  4. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Winter Meet

    I'd definitely be in if it's going to be the last 2 Saturdays of March.
  5. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Winter Meet

    I'm down. Concero, Concerto, and HD600s will make the trip.
  6. azncookiecutter

    Razer Surround (7.1 virtualization software)   Anyone give this a try yet? Seems like an all-software virtualization solution that can work with all sources, ideal for USB DACs that usually don't have any surround sound virtualization options for headphones.
  7. azncookiecutter

    IC: Upcoming Toronto Meet

    Looks like I can make it. Gear as specified in sig.
  8. azncookiecutter

    IC: Upcoming Toronto Meet

    Back in school, so my participation is all really depending on the date on the meet.
  9. azncookiecutter

    EarPods..! - Its what apple calls its next gen Earbuds.. Fancy anyone?

    I grabbed a pair over the weekend, and from limited listening, I can say I've spent much more on much less useful audio equipment. Not a lot of isolation, a good amount of bass without sounding overly excessive, bright-ish sounding. A little peaky highs, but manageable. Going to use them as work...
  10. azncookiecutter

    EarPods..! - Its what apple calls its next gen Earbuds.. Fancy anyone?

    Looks like it's taking the concept of IEMs without any tips to deal with. Isolation might suffer as a result though, can't really customize it to your ears.
  11. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Meet : August 12th

    Buddy of mine is coming along too, so make me a +1. I'm going to be travelling light, so won't be bringing much, most likely just the portable rig and the HD600s.
  12. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Meet : August 12th

    I can do the 26th for sure, although the 12th is possible too. Won't bring a lot if it's the 12th though.
  13. azncookiecutter

    Monster RMA service is pretty good tho.

    I've had about the same experience like you had with Monster Canada, the initial wait after you send the first request takes a while, but after that, it goes pretty smoothly.
  14. azncookiecutter

    Just read a brutal Amazon review of the V-moda M80's What do you think?

    None other the king of love-it-one-minute,hate-it-the-next, bcasey. I wouldn't take much stock in his reviews.
  15. azncookiecutter

    Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

    Can't make it out this time, got an exam the day after. Have fun though!
  16. azncookiecutter

    god i hate battlefield 3

    Don't understand all the hate for this game, I find this game thoroughly entertaining. Especially with a full squad with friends with chat going, it's extremely fun when a strategy is executed to perfection. And the maps are good on PC, although I usually play 48-64 conquest. If anything, some...
  17. azncookiecutter

    Has anyone done any real reviews of beats sudio?

    A good rundown by Tyll:
  18. azncookiecutter

    Explain your avatar

  19. azncookiecutter

    Battlefield 3

    Mouse issues are solved as of the last patch, makes the game infinitely feel much better. Need a nerf on the tac lights and we're golden.
  20. azncookiecutter

    I'm getting an iphone 4s 16gb. Do any of you who have an iphone know what i should expect?

    Get the Tapatalk app, it'll just load mostly text, should save on bandwidth by quite a bit.
  21. azncookiecutter

    Kitchener - Waterloo Audiophiles

    Yup, current UW undergrad here, although I'm in Toronto for co-op right now.
  22. azncookiecutter

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    This bit's interesting:     Quote:   Any existing players using this specific chip?
  23. azncookiecutter

    Edit my paper

    Quote: Post counts are overrated.