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  1. Oddball

    Females On Headfi

    Quote: Originally Posted by smeggy It's a well known fact that women hate music. And they really hate headphones. And they're allergic to the internets. Except when clothes shopping, myspacing, and im is involved.
  2. Oddball

    which portable cd player have the best line out ??

    The Optimus CD3400 has also been a contender for "the best." (I have the DCP150 but I've never listened to the CD3400). You're not talking about currently available pcdps, are you? Because that's a whole different ballpark.
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    What Woman are You Thinking of Right Now?

    Me! (I don't think anyone's said that yet...)
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    Girlfriend-Fi: <$75 closed cans; <$60 IEMs?

    I think you're in the right direction with looking into the Eggo line. I have a pair of the older mdr-66sl and I've gotten positive responses from my girlfriends. I don't know anything about the successor Eggo, but I can say the following about the ones I have. People on audiocubes who've owned...
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    Pet advice: Small animal with most personality

    I had mice, gerbils, and hamsters growing up, and I enjoyed them, but they don't live very long on average, especially mice. If you want a pet with personality for a small child, I'm not sure you want a hamster. They spend most of their daytime sleeping and aren't incredibly social animals...
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    Who should pick up the tab on a date?

    Just to pipe in from a different perspective, I think that the tab should be split in an ideal world. I prefer that the guy offer to pay, but I'll always interject and offer to split. If he lets me, I'll pay my half. If he's adamant, I'll let him pay. The gesture of the man offering to pay is...
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    Love equipment more than music?

    I can listen to my favorite songs on stock headphones, but I can't listen to songs I dislike on top equipment. While I have a thing for all the shiny things, it was music that led me there.
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    Official NYC Fall Regional Meet Sat Nov 10th.

    I will try my very best to come to my first Head-Fi meet and be the/a token female. I might be asking some stupid/n00b questions about meets as Nov 10th draws closer.
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    Backpacks around $40?

    I like North Face backpacks. All (or most?) have a pouch that's usually used for a hydration bag that can be used for a laptop. They also have awesome straps and are the most comfortable backpacks I've ever used. I have the Borealis.
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    What are the Best IEM's for small ear canals?

    I have pretty small ears and ear canals (Grados are circumaural for me), and I found the Shure e2 with small clear sleeves to be too big, but the Westone um2 with short complys are really working well for me. Never tried the Etys though.
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    do you think this is a clone of the CD3400 ?

    I'm wondering what makes you think it might be a clone. I know that Akai cloned the Optimus, but I'm not seeing anything that hints at this pcdp being a clone. It has the 8 times oversampling, but I don't see anything about the 1 bit dac the CD3400 has. I'm going to hazard a negative response...
  12. Oddball

    Quick Denon DCP-150 question

    That's what I thought. Thanks!
  13. Oddball

    Quick Denon DCP-150 question

    Is the digital out on the DCP-150 optical or coaxial? I've seen it referred to as both on Head-Fi.
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    Official NYC Meet Sat Nov 4th

    My gear and I would love to go, but since I'm barely capable of riding the NYC subway, I don't think I'd be able to figure out the Manhattan train, and since I now rely solely on public transportation....
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    The post your picture thread

    jpburton5150: yay for threadless! I'm actually wearing one of their shirts right now.
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    Refurbished Sony SCD-CE595 SACD/CD changer for $90.00 shipped

    Bumpage to an old thread yes, but the price is now $89.99 with free shipping ending on Thursday. Apparently, Sonystyle is doing a weird promo that features free shipping every Tuesday-Thursday through June.
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    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    Quote: Originally Posted by rincewind I hope ur room mate is a head-fier! problem solved Haha...but not happening. They won't let me room with a guy. So basically I should rip everything in flac to a huge cheap hard drive (and hopefully not bring my cds), get a dac, don't...
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    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    grandenigma1 - That's a really impressive use of space you have there! Quote: Originally Posted by Rockofeller There are sure to be pictures of your future dorm room (well, one in the same building) and you can get an idea of how much space you will get. Also, congratulations on...
  19. Oddball

    anyone talking about Rio Karma???

    It might be vaporware, but I certainly hope not. Sigmatel must've bought out Rio's mp3 technology for a reason, right? If they're just going to sit on this, I'll be one disappointed head-fier.
  20. Oddball

    Your Favorite Pad for Grados

    I usually go with whatever's stock on the Grado, which are stock bowls for the HF-1 and MS2i and flats for the SR200. I like to switch it up once in a while, but I find that I always go back to the original configurations.
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    anyone talking about Rio Karma???

    Quote: Originally Posted by LaBreaHead There is less discussion of the Karma now that Rio is no longer in business. And a lot of us are waiting for the new Rio-tech Sigmatel-branded players to come out. There's a lot of promise in those players from what I've heard, but oh-so...
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    How many pairs of Koss KSC-75's did you buy from RATshack??

    I just made my local Circuit City go out of stock of the KSC-75s (3 pairs). One to keep, two to gift.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by mtan002 According to the Zhaolu web site, the D2 measures 240mm (width), 300mm (depth) and 55mm (height). Thanks! According to my handy-dandy metric to US converter, that translates into 9.46 in x 11.82 in x 2.17 in for all of my fellow inch-thinkers...
  24. Oddball

    Heads UP - KSC75's for $9.99

    Quote: Originally Posted by bubsdaddy I did a price match at CC to get a KSC75 without the volume control. They called a local store to check the price and availablity. I didn't get the extra 10% difference though. Ditto here. Since CC's selling them for $20, I think the...
  25. Oddball

    Custom IEM owners - how's your seal?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BRBJackson I never got this kind of noise attenuation with any universal/any tip, even foamies. Do you mind telling what other earphones you've used (just for comparison)?