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  1. vii_haven

    [Review] Future Sonics MG6PRO Ear Monitors: Dynamic Driver Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors

    The HX has that plastic vent sticking out of the shell at the concha area. Does that cause any discomfort/pain during use? Also,with the repositioning of the vent, does the bass quantity and the ‘air’ of the bass feel any less than if the vent was on the faceplate?
  2. vii_haven

    Effect Audio cables thread

    I should win it because i would actually like a nicer cable for my Roxanne! Thanks!
  3. vii_haven

    [REVIEW] j-phonic K2 SP - Custom In Disguise

    How does this compare to the Futuresonics Atrio with the MG7 drivers?
  4. vii_haven

    To add or not to add a driver - for custom reshell.

    I'm planning to reshell my triple.fis and am wondering whether its worth shelling out the extra cash to add a driver to make it a quad driver per side CIEM.   Anyone that has added drivers would care to share the sonic differences before and after the addition of the driver?
  5. vii_haven

    Future Sonics Atrio vs Custom

    David is an awesome guy. He helped me with my FS customs and I met the man at NAMM too! With the 30day money back guarantee you don't have much to lose except a couple of bucks on shipping. I came from using armatures and will stay away from armatures now because it just cannot reproduce bass...
  6. vii_haven

    Beyerdynamic DT150 vs Denon D2000

    i'm been reading about and tried these two headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT150 and the Denon D2000 and have been thoroughly impressed. Any one has fresh impressions recommendations between the two? Looking to get one or the other. Thanks!
  7. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    Just got a reply from Catherine saying to send my monitors back so they can rectify the problem and get it back to me ASAP. Cross my fingers.
  8. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    Maybe that Jaben forum member missed out the specs on the Fidelity site. "DRIVERS: Triple balanced armatures (Tweeter/Mid/Woofer) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-18KHz SENSITIVITY (at 1kHz): ~118 dB/mW IMPEDANCE: 31ohms ISOLATION: 25-28 dB (depending on accuracy of impressions) MAX INPUT...
  9. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    Well i don't own a P to S adaptor, and I sure don't want to permanently use a P to S on stage and with my iPod when it should be sounding decent in the first place? The Livewires didn't need a P to S to function well and i'm pretty sure the Triples wasn't designed to be permanently used with a P...
  10. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    Does anyone have a Fidelity Triple that sounds similar or different from what i've described? Could you put some impressions here as well?
  11. vii_haven

    Fidelity/Livewires Triple Driver IEM Reviews?

    Apologies. Wanted to give it some listening time first before I actually write my impressions of it. Had to send it back due to some minor fit issues on the left side. Communication has been great so far. Am waiting for the left side to get back to me.
  12. vii_haven

    Fidelity/Livewires Triple Driver IEM Reviews?

    They basically looks the same as any other Livewires you see on the internet including the ones in my previous review. Nothing out of this world really.
  13. vii_haven

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    Just so you know, my Fidelity Triples have just arrived and in short, its Livewires on STERIODS! Give me a week or two before I write a review about them. My old Livewires review can be found here
  14. vii_haven

    Fidelity/Livewires Triple Driver IEM Reviews?

    Just so you know, my Fidelity Triples have just arrived and the sound is Livewires on STERIODS! Give me a week or two before I write a review about them. My old Livewires review can be found here
  15. vii_haven

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    I would, but i lack the financial ability at the moment. Would probably get the custom Futuresonics when I start working or something. And the Livewires hasn't disappointed. Its accurate, great sounding highs and deeps lows. So i'm expecting the Fidelity Triples to ride on the same accurate...
  16. vii_haven

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    Quote: Originally Posted by PeterDLai Yes, nice! It keeps crossing my mind to give them a try for my first custom IEM but I'm glad now that someone else will be the guinea pig. What other IEMs have you listened to before besides the ones in your profile (Sennheiser IE8, LiveWires...
  17. vii_haven

    Sennheiser IE7 for classical? Jazz? Am I crazy?! Other suggestions?

    The IE8s are awesome for jazz becuase of the huge soundstage. I love Diana Krall both through my Atrios and IE8s.
  18. vii_haven

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    Did you get the Fidelity triple or dual? Can you give us a review of the SQ while monitoring drums? Quote: Originally Posted by Victa Just packed up the livewires and sent them back for a refit. the left is sealing periodically and the right not at all...what a disappointment...
  19. vii_haven

    Which customs? Can't decide...

    I have the livewires and my dream custom is the Futuresonics Ears. It gives you bass at such quality and impact that you can't get with armature drivers. At least with my experience with all the top of the line BA iems. Livewires (similar to the fidelity I belive) is really good for acoustic...
  20. vii_haven

    IE8's My somewhat Perplexed First Impressions

    Give it 100-200 more hours of pink noise and you should start hearing the details you're missing. Had a love affair with the atrios for a long while till the ie8s came along and wowed me with the huge, almost headphone like soundstage and of course awesome sound. I have almost given up on BA...
  21. vii_haven

    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    I just received my IE8s from NCIXUS at an awesome price before they took it off the site, and man, these things are amazing even out of the box! Can only get better with burn in.
  22. vii_haven

    speaker cable to studio monitors

    The blue jeans cables look pretty decent. Any ideas from anyone else? Some experience with the cables you recommend would be ideal as well.