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  1. eMpAtHy

    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    Debating between a Fulla vs Modi2/Magni2 combo to pair up with the X2s. The price different is quite significant. With tax, the difference in price is about $150. With that said, how big of a difference is it between the Fulla vs Modi2/Magni2? I'm leaning towards the Fulla due to the price.
  2. eMpAtHy

    newest dell firmware

    what is the newest version of the dell dj's firmware? is it 1.20.03? if it is, then i guess i have the newest version, but i was just wondering if there was a newer version of the firmware. thanks.
  3. eMpAtHy

    fix for shure E2(c)

    kind of off topic, but nice estella warren avatar
  4. eMpAtHy

    What amp for deep bass ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jerry1130 Try PPA with bass boost i second that
  5. eMpAtHy


    price to sound ratio's..i think cheapest headphones out there will win. they all create sound. If you had to pay a dollar or less for them..they would win hands down. It is better to have cans than to have no cans at all. With each upgrade it is a little better..but also a lot outa ur pocket
  6. eMpAtHy

    AP Tests

    Quote: Originally Posted by veritas i took ap bio, ap us history and ap calc BC this year... took ap phys and ap calc last year. gonna take ap english, ap gov, ap econ, ap chem and maybe another ap next year. hahaha i'm so glad they're over do you happen to go to lowell high...
  7. eMpAtHy

    a900's + bluetak + cotton = ??

    hehe i have finals in exactily a week, i dont think i'm going to be driving anywhere anytime soon. I gotta get my other pack of blue tak for me to actually be able to listen to them..kinda hard when i have to mute one side and listen to the other. ill list my results tomarrow. I'll see if i can...
  8. eMpAtHy

    a900's + bluetak + cotton = ??

    bump, anyone know how to remove the earcups?
  9. eMpAtHy

    ATH A900 pics [major 56k warning] and impressions to come

    i got the same phones! i agree they're nice.
  10. eMpAtHy

    pimpin' my ride

    save the money for a new car. no matter what u do to it..unless u completely rework the whole car, it will be considered a "bucket"
  11. eMpAtHy

    a900's + bluetak + cotton = ??

    does the bluetak and cotton work with the a900's? if so, how would i open the cups to add the bluetak/cotton?
  12. eMpAtHy

    Discman with defeatable anti-shock?

    defeatable meaning that u could break the anti-shock? there should be a lot of them, but drop it and it will probably stop playing.
  13. eMpAtHy

    Pillow Speakers

    what u can do is take some grado's and lay them under ur pillow. you can also put them next to ur pillow since. Turn them up a little bit and u can hear them quite easily. this method works with almost any kind of cans. my a900's leak a lot when they're not on, well, u think this would happen...
  14. eMpAtHy

    Grado Upgrade...A900?

    i am content with my a900's, but i also wanted to try the 225's. i might get the 225's down the road. a900's are sort of a gamble, since there is no return policy for audiocubes, but u can sell ur almost brand new a900's if u dont like them for like 195-200 shipped. i was thinking of that before...
  15. eMpAtHy

    Headphones for computer use, movies, mp3 and gaming

    i say a500/a900 i cant say the differences between the 2, but if you search the forums, there are posts about differences between the 2. i think if u got the a900's you would be happy with them for a long time, run and never come back. i have the "hrmm, i want to buy these headphones to hear...
  16. eMpAtHy

    Help a Head-Fier to decide! Sony V6 or Grado SR80?

    umm, try to bend the headband out a little. the pressure against ur head should be less severe.
  17. eMpAtHy

    Looking for cans that' great for all app w/emphasis on classical

    Wouldnt the cd3k's be good for classical since they're really detailed? a900's seem to have a warm sound. you can even look at the ety's. extremely detailed, too detailed for me.
  18. eMpAtHy

    Question about a900 and computer use...

    i had the audigy 1 and was really muddy. i dont think u should be gaming with a laptop unless you dont have any other computer to use. If you want an external soundcard for both, i dont think the indigo or the audigy 2 would work. indigo seems like its only for music, but it would sound a lot...
  19. eMpAtHy

    Has headphone sound quality improved much in the last ten to fifteen years?

    Quote: If you could get Grado SR-80's, for example, into a Walmart or Target for the average joe to audition, sales would go thru the roof. i dont think people would like the retro look or maybe its just me, but i think it is quite ugly. Lots of people just buy the sony dj series...
  20. eMpAtHy

    Pillow Speakers

    lol that is hilarious. people invent some wierd stuff
  21. eMpAtHy

    Sony Qualia 010 on EIFL

    yeah, they're quite ugly.
  22. eMpAtHy

    best upgrade option?

    blessingx, ety's imo are only good for portable use, well for me. The cord is really really short. cant do much else with it. I have heard the er6's and i didn't like them much. Too analytical. No low end. I like the boom, but im not a total bass head. you can always buy them from a place that...
  23. eMpAtHy

    Why do you hate them so?

    Quote: onboard nVIDIA nForce2 Soundstorm soundstorm is on any motherboard with nforce2
  24. eMpAtHy

    Name your HD-650 cable upgrade

    not trying to thread hijack, but are there cable upgrades for the a900's?
  25. eMpAtHy

    newbie. what to do?

    im not a super genius in the amps section, but for 25 dollars u can get a nice soundcard from newegg. its the chaintech av710. They have a small bug with balance in each side at certain volumes tho, but there are ways around it, and hopefully new drivers will fix this issue. It...