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    LISA III Available for Order

    No the new Batt will not fit LISA III
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    Happy birthday, Apheared!

    Hello, I thought this would be a great time to reflect back into our past and look at one of My First and favorite Headwize, Head-fi Contributor. I for one will surly miss him.
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    Triad Audio L3 VS. Triad Audio LISA III XP; a Brief Comparison

    Quote: I have had great luck with both LISA III and L3 with THIS low cost charger, yes the Defects on the Wood case that are causing Plug to not fully seat is being looked into at this moment. Note Due to the Close spacing of the jacks large Dia. Audiophile Plugs will not fit so the High...
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    Triad Audio L3 VS. Triad Audio LISA III XP; a Brief Comparison

    no the bass knob at full CCW is Flat not reduced, the bass knob only boosts not cut as conventionial bass controls. the boost turnover is at about 100 Hz. the max boost is about 7 to 10 dB depending upon the gain switch setting
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    Triad Audio L3 power supply

    Both of these will work yes, However I have been using this low cost AC Adaptor on Both LISA III as well as the L3 Quote:  
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    Lisa III standard vs. Xp vs. LLP vs. no LLP

    Quote: Originally Posted by RockinCannoisseur sweet thanks ill be needing to pick one up No, A DC Power cable is Included with the LLP, however the AC IEC mains Cord set is not included with the LLP because this is Area dependent and can be obtained Locally.
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    Lisa III standard vs. Xp vs. LLP vs. no LLP

    Quote: Originally Posted by RockinCannoisseur "so you use the LLP? do u know what type of output connector it takes and the type on input connector that the standard takes from a power supply." thanks the LISA III std,LISA XP,LISA RS all are connected with a 2.1 MM Coax power...
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    software to test audio headphone amplifiers

    This is free is intended to test sound cards however can be used to test amp by Juggling the levels so the output of the amp is the required output voltage IIRC is about 1 volt RMS
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    Review: Triad Audio Valvecode Prototype

    Thank you Eric for your thoughtfully honest review of my latest Design. I can completely relate to your fear of Tubes. I like yourself come from a Solid state background and also was completely put-off by high voltages and the horror stories I hear often about this or that Tube Amp blowing up...
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    3 favorite Amplifier Voltage gain settings

    What would your (3) Three ideal gain settings in a Portable Amp that would accommodate all your sources and Headphones you planned to use the Amplifier with?
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    Recommand me a "good deal" brand on 12AX7, please

    It would appear from the Impressions in this and other tube related threads the New production Tubes are at best a mixed bag! is there any tube types usable for Audio that are new production.
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    Official: NY Metro Area Meet, December 13

    Quote: Originally Posted by erikzen I contacted Triad Audio and they are going to send a Lisa III setup for our listening pleasure. They may also have a prototype tube amp ready but it is making the rounds at other meets right now. Yes it gives me great pleasure to be able to...
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    Sound Around The Sound-NEW DATE!!!!!!! BACK ON!!!

    The VALVECODE will be at this new meet. Futher info on the technology involved in this splendid amplifier is see VALVECODE FOLDER this Amp has been in the Seattle area since the last meet date that was postponed. If you are at all curious about the sound of this amplifier make this meet...
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    Help with LLP (Lisa III Power Supply)

    Remove the 4 screws securing the Rear panel then pull the Panel with the PC Board attached and locate the white rectangular connector between the transformer and the rear. note that two plugs are attached with one plugged in and the other just tethered so as to not get lost. simply pull straight...
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    Impressions: Prototype Triad Audio HeadCode

    TRIAD is working hard to produce the New Home Heacode That will be in the Same Chassis as the Amp shown hear. LeChuck's Headcode Case was sent to the Machine shop for upgrades and to allow the machinist to duplicate the case since that really is Beautiful casework why not simply reuse the same...
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    describe "jitter"?

    Everything you wanted to Know about Jitter but were afraid to ask AOS Electronics Co. Home Page
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    Letting me LD MKII run indefinitely--Stock tube lifespan

    the Filament inside both Vacuum Tubes and Light Bulbs have a Finite life span due to the fact that there are only so many Electrons to Boil off the cathode Filament. in the case of the Vacuum tube when this starts to happen the performance of the Unit will suffer such as maximum Loudness will...
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    News :: Luxman SQ-N100 Integrated Tube Amplifier

    Yes there are hear is additional links On a Higher Note :: SQ-100 NeoClassico, Integrated Amp, Tube.
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    News :: Luxman SQ-N100 Integrated Tube Amplifier

    Quote: Originally Posted by tfarney Not to threadcrap, as beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder, but visually it looks like about as plain a rectangle with a couple of other rectangles sticking up out of it as one could imagine. I'm not looking for geegaws, mind you, but...
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    News :: Luxman SQ-N100 Integrated Tube Amplifier

    This is a Stunning looking amp. More information and views are shown hearƒ‰ƒbƒNƒXƒ}ƒ“Š”Ž®‰ïŽÐb^‹óŠÇƒI[ƒfƒBƒIƒVƒXƒeƒ€EƒlƒIƒNƒ‰ƒVƒRbNeoClassico Series SQ-N100/D-N100/S-N100 - LUXMAN
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    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by JimP what does black walnut look like? Like THISLISA III Wood Option 007 - eSnips, share anything
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    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by dgm Thanks a lot for your reassurance Phil. It sounds fine, so I'm assuming that no damage has been done... I'm really happy with the amp so far. This amp is very musical. It has a lovely full midrange, a powerful and rich bass (which can be tweaked with...
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    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by dgm Just a quick question - would it damage the amplifier to plug it in while the volume knob is up and while music is playing? I was trying to test the difference between wallwart power and battery power, and when I plugged it in while it was playing some...
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    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 I still don't understand why a simple regulated supply isn't included that is world voltage capable. How hard is that? Maybe someone doesn't want to buy a 350 dollar (or whatever is costs) external power supply. The Lisa III has interested me but I...