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  1. thesurvivor90

    Is there a difference between cx275s vs cx175 in terms of sound?

    Is there a sound quality difference between these two iems? They look same. cx175 don't come with pouch and doesn't have mic. the cx275s have mic and comes with pouch and an extension cable. But is there a difference in sound? cx175:   cx275s:  
  2. thesurvivor90

    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Have a look at ebay. Xb90ex is probably made in japan only.
  3. thesurvivor90

    android phone as source

    Try neutron. Trial is available. Also try the walkman port from Xperia z. Walkman player's clearaudio+ gives big sound.
  4. thesurvivor90

    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Not neutral like se215. It's mainly for bass lovers, the bass reaches to sub level, not much mid bass hump. Se215 miss out very low tones, xb90ex play them with eaae. The soundstage is pretty big. It has 16 mm drivers. The bass is big but doesn't muddle other frequencies much, and clarity is...
  5. thesurvivor90

    wich in-ear should i buy?

    You could have a look at the xb90ex. It has huge bass which suits ur genres.
  6. thesurvivor90

    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Hip-hop, rap means you need something with big bass and vocal clarity. Have a look at Shure se215 and Sony xb90ex.
  7. thesurvivor90

    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    Sennheiser tips aren't narrow. But Sony ones holes are certainly narrow. Probably this causes lack of air. I don't know whether using Sennheiser tips on ex300 will make any improvement, but i certainly had improvement on xb30ex.
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    Good headphones for about 100$

    fidelio m1 are very good and sold around £100. These have really nice soundstage, sweet sound. The sound has no sibilance which i like. the build quality is also good.  you could also try sony xb600, which has big bass and recessed mids, yet very enjoyable sound. sound bassy and crisp. these...
  9. thesurvivor90

    Soundmagic E10 worth buying? (Read post)

    How does e10 compare to the cx175? I already have the cx175, sounds nice. I see a lot of positive reviews in head-fi about the e10s. But are they better sounding than cx175?  Also how about mh1 and mh1c? how do they compare to cx175 and e10?
  10. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)'

    Build quality and looks: These cans look very stylish. I like the silver disk-like design on the top of the earcups, similar to xb90ex. These headphones are quite sturdy, I expect them to be durable.    Comfort: These are among the most comfortable headphones I ever worn. However, the...
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    Reply to review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    i only listened to it once.
  12. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    these deliver a warm sound, which i prefer. still, sound is quite balanced. clear sound, open soundstage, crisp mids, looks nice, !comfortabe! sounds like what i like. didn't use these outside, so can't comment on isolation. as for the midbass hump, that just makes it sound warmer, which i love...
  13. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDRZX300'

    for price, these could be ok. but i think there are more enjoyable ones in this price. why buy cans in low price? good cans would be £35 at least. get iems and enjoy.   had them for 2 days, returned them.  the sound is balanced, except the bass, they're lacking. the sound isn't warm, it's...
  14. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony mdr ex 85sl'

    first of all, i believe, sony wanted to make hybrid earbuds for a better sound my expanding the soundstage, however the strategy failed. the soundstage has improved (the large size helps a lot too), but the isolation lacks and the sounds are distant (they seem tiny as if they're far away). the...
  15. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sennheiser CX 300 II-Black'

    firstly, i think, these earbuds have 9mm driver instead of a 13.5 mm one, which may be a reason for smaller soundstage. for the price, i expected a better soundstage, ex300s cost less, yet have better soundstage. The bass is good, goes low. highs and mids sound good too. SOME PEOPLE SAY THESE...
  16. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDR-EX300/BLK Vertical In-the-Ear Style EX Style Headphones (Black)'

    Not an audiophile. These are probably the best earbuds i owned (i dont have experience with hq headphones). For price, I think these are one of the best buds available (for sound) (i never listened to soundmagic e10).  Sound: Sound is warm, full, loud enough, bass has great depth and clarity...
  17. thesurvivor90

    Review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'SONY MDR-XB30EX-B Black | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)'

    here's a weird thing about them: these sounds punchy and more enjoyable if worn around the ear (worn somehow like se215), if worn normally, these sound little bit muddy and mainstream, unrefined and lacks punch. i don't know why, but it's true (might not work for you, don't blame me). wearing...