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    Pimeta - Open
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    Pimeta - front
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    Pimeta - top
  5. fewtch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    ATM, Amr Diab (just general faves I've put together).
  6. fewtch

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance hate to be a killjoy, but am i the only one that thinks new years is an overrated hyped up waste of time? i mean money is wasted on fireworks, people just get drunk. for me the only good thing is its a public holiday, which means i get extra...
  7. fewtch

    The RIAA has officially crossed the line.

    ^^ Good catch... From demonbaby: When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide. Quote: Trying to innovate with a major label is like trying to teach your Grandmother how to play Halo 3: frustrating and ultimately futile.
  8. fewtch

    Ultrasone Edition 9's - really that good?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Because there is fact that nobody can deny, mother nature, or life, or time, or God willingness, the fact is that mainly all of them, are older than me, by at least 10 years, and as a result, chances are that their hearing is a little worst than...
  9. fewtch

    First time "entry/mainstream" can user, "Senn hd 280 pro or hd 555, or other suggestions"

    IMO the HD280 sounds very harsh... I'd go for almost anything else (but that's just me). P.S. I'm a fan of the older DT880 too, which some ppl think are bright... so it's not like I dislike brighter phones.
  10. fewtch

    New pet

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana Yesterday at work, this little guy showed up and followed me around (I work at a nine-building residential complex) for much of a 16-hr shift. He's really filthy and has tar on his belly and tail, is skinny and has signs of dehydration, but has no...
  11. fewtch

    Is anyone here into amateur radio?

    Quote: Originally posted by fractus2 Thanks fewtch. I was reading about the refurbished models. This is going to be a touch decision. I like the FRG-100 but it does not have a keypad. The 800 sound good but it's huge, and plastic. I'm leaning toward the ICOM IC-R75 now. IMHO...
  12. fewtch

    Seattle minimeet #3 impressons

    Quote: Originally posted by ppl I do not miss tweeking turntables and tonearms. Quote: i do like the imaging of Vinyl and with a good Amp and can's this soundscape can indeed be a motivation to spend half of your listening time cleening and adjusting. For me it's...
  13. fewtch

    Seattle minimeet #3 impressons

    Quote: Originally posted by zzz yes, I do that a lot. you could still end up liking that amp if you haven't heard anything better though. heh, that was a pretty stupid thing for me to say. xo-xo. Huh... are you talking about the HR-2 or the PPA?
  14. fewtch

    Is anyone here into amateur radio?

    I had an early production model of the Satellit 800 (I returned it due to QC defects which they've probably ironed out by now - although they're still made in China). The radio is HUGE, more like a large boombox than a shortwave receiver (portable only in that it has a handle and can be...
  15. fewtch

    Is anyone here into amateur radio?

    Quote: Originally posted by fractus2 Huh? First you say that nothings on, then you might check to see if somethings on. Just reminiscing about shortwave today vs. shortwave around 1980, when I got my first radio. There's stuff on, but there's nothing ON... Just mho...
  16. fewtch

    Looking for a few alpha testers...

    Hi all, long time no see! I'm looking for a few (<7 or 8) testers for a very, very simple Visual Basic program that does nothing useful ATM, but I need to determine a few things about MSIE 7. Requirements: MSIE 7 installed, on any version of Windows. Program: All it does (or SHOULD do)...
  17. fewtch

    oh my god whats wrong with me?!

    Why not get a mini to RCA and use a 1/4" plug adapter? Should have about zero effect on the sound.
  18. fewtch

    American Films To Get Better Soon

    Quote: "We don't want to make movies. We're about to get into television. As far as Lucasfilm is concerned, we've moved away from the feature film thing because it's too expensive and it's too risky. "I think the secret to the future is quantity," Lucas said. Good riddance to bad...
  19. fewtch

    Yet another "help me choose the right amp" thread

    I'm using a Gilmore Lite (v1) with a Denon DCM-370, and the combo is fine IMO... the Lite isn't too revealing or anything, although it's not exactly a warm sounding amp. It would probably be a good choice for HD580/HF1's, particularly if you're looking for transparency and detail. Depends on...
  20. fewtch

    Good Headphones for rock.. EXCEPT Grado :D

    I'm not impressed with the DT880 for (guitar) rock, specifically the older '03 version. Not weighty enough on the bottom end, although it's plenty for most other types of music. Maybe the '06 version fixes that, but I doubt it's that huge a difference.
  21. fewtch

    Cool looking HK CD Changer... the Aftermath

    Quote: Originally Posted by ilovesocks All in all, not a bad deal! Unfortunately, I won't be taking this player with me to college when I leave in a few days due to its massive (IMO) footprint and the inability to put anything on top of it due to the top-loading door. But it'll be...
  22. fewtch

    Gilmore Lite (v1) First Impressions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy Maybe you're hearing your source, which isn't appealing to you? You're using the DT880's too? Those aren't what I'd considered "romantic" headphones either... I know it's not the source, because I've used multiple sources with my Pimeta and this...
  23. fewtch

    Gilmore Lite (v1) First Impressions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrea Are you really really certain that the "romanticized interpretation" isn't the pure factual truth, while your "as it really is" isn't just the music voided of its inherent romantic component? Yes, because my Pimeta adds that "romantic" component...
  24. fewtch

    The OLD SKOOL RAP thread...

    So UTFO -- huhh -- bust disssss! Loved that album back in the 80s. Roxanne, Roxanne... I wanna be your man! Picked it up on vinyl a year or two ago. From the days when rap used to be just slightly raunchy but mostly fun and tasteful.
  25. fewtch

    Do you play Chess?

    I never learned to play Chess, but always wanted to. However, there are plenty of things I've wanted to do a lot more, but have never done either (learn to play piano, sing in a band, etc).