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  1. meithkiller

    Poll: Is gaming a waste of time?

    Yes, IMO gaming is a waste of time, but I don't think there is anything wrong with wasting a couple of hours a day on something you enjoy. OTOH if someone is spending 8-12 hours a day or more gaming on a regular basis, they aren't just wasting time, they are wasting their life.
  2. meithkiller

    Sony MDR-V6 Opinions

    I got my 10 year old V6's out of storage a few weeks ago where they had been sitting unused for 4-5 years, and the stock ear cushions on one side were pulling apart pretty badly, the other side was in better shape, but had still seen better days. I ended up buying the Pearstone velour pads from...
  3. meithkiller

    Koss Portapro Durability?

    I pulled my 10 year old PortaPros out of drawer a few weeks ago where they had been sitting for close to five years without being used. They were folded up and stored in their storage sack. Not surprisingly the earpiece foam covers were mostly disintegrated, I have some extras on hand, so I was...
  4. meithkiller


    My current fleet consists of:   1990 Mazda Miata 2005 Mini Cooper 2007 Subaru Forester XT 2008 Mustang GT   All have manual transmissions. I also had a 2001 Bullitt Mustang until a few months ago, sold it to a friend. All of the cars still look stock on the outside, most of the...
  5. meithkiller

    What book are you reading right now?

    I'm reading two books at the moment, one on the light side, "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks, and one that is a bit heavier and slower going, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig. Depends what mood I'm in at the time as to which one I pick up. 
  6. meithkiller

    Is this a real Grado SR325is?

    Quote: That would be basically my opinion as well. If the build quality is the same and sound is the same, what's the big deal? Is appearance that much of a factor in some people's headphone purchases? I guess for some people it is. If appearances are the only consideration, then yes, I...
  7. meithkiller

    HD555 Now $75 Free Shipping

    Quote: The $117 HD595 isn't $117 at Amazon anymore. That was the price this morning when I checked at 5am after work, went to bed intending to order them when I woke up, at 2pm the price had gone up to $150. I ordered the 555's from Amazon instead for $93.
  8. meithkiller

    2011 New Year resolutions (headphone wise)

    In 2011 I hope to buy another pair of Sennheiser HD600's to replace the ones I sold 5-6 years ago when I got rid of much of my headphone equipment. I'd also like to pick up a modest amp to power them, but nothing over the $200-300 price point, as I'm trying to keep things simple and relatively...
  9. meithkiller

    Rush - Time Machine Tour 2011

    I've been a casual fan since the late 70's/early 80's, but became good friends with a huge Rush fan 6-8 years ago, he has seen them more than 50 times in the last 20 years. I've gone with my friend to see Rush in concert three times in the last three years, twice at outdoor venues, and most...
  10. meithkiller

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Well, I'm an old fart (turned the big four-oh earlier this year) and I guess I'm something of an old-timer around here as well, having registered back in late 2001 and lurking a bit before that. I never posted a lot, but for a few years was on the forums quite a bit. It has been 5+ years since...
  11. meithkiller

    Overcoming relatively poor hearing in one ear

    Is your hearing loss linear throughout the whole frequency range or is your hearing loss more pronounced in some frequencies than others? If the former, a simple balance control might work, if the latter, it may not be the best solution. I have similar issues, the hearing in my left ear isn't as...
  12. meithkiller

    Is the KSC35 still available on Koss website?

    Good to know they are still available. I haven't been around for awhile, but still enjoy the two pair of KSC35's I have. I seem to remember mine being alot cheaper ($20-25) but that was years ago, and I'm guessing that stock is running low and I know they are scarce.
  13. meithkiller

    New iPod Shuffle

    I think this will be another winner for Apple. I'd consider buying one, but I just bought a tiny little Samsung yepp YP-T5 last year and it does exactly what I need, and don't see the need to replace it. My yepp has an LCD display, but I seldom use it. I usually just hit play and let it go. For...
  14. meithkiller

    Is Ety's ER-4 comfortable to wear?

    Buy a set of the Ety earplugs for $5-10 and wear them for a few days. They are virtually identical to the tri-flange tips on the ER-4 canalphones, and will give you a good idea of what the comfort level is like. -Keith
  15. meithkiller

    Bose Triport Torture and 24

    Yeah, I caught that. I'm a big "24" fan, I've seen every episode of all four seasons (so far), and have the first three seasons on DVD. The point of the torture using the Bose headphones was sensory deprivation. It is supposed to disorient the person being tortured and make them lose track of...
  16. meithkiller

    Cheap Amp that doesn't use batteries

    Quote: Originally Posted by kin0kin wow, there is such connector? gosh i guess i lived in a cave....mind posting a link? that pretty much means that the sr-71 can run off a wall-wart too Here are two possibilities, both available for cheap at Radio Shack...
  17. meithkiller

    I heard the sonic t amp and I am back ordered at ecost.

    Quote: Originally Posted by ooheadsoo Yeah, but thinkgeek charges $8.01 on UPS? They're making about $5 off of that. LMAO. How do you figure? $3.01 to ship a package, any package potentially across the country with UPS? What have you been smoking? In addition to working for UPS...
  18. meithkiller

    DISASTER!!! TSA took my amps!!!

    One thing that has been recommended in another forum I'm a member of is carrying a padded pre-paid shipping envelope with you whenever you fly. If you happen to have forgotten an item in your pockets that's on the prohibited list or get p!ssy TSA agents who don't like your DIY amps or whatever...
  19. meithkiller

    Headphones with short cord

    Quote: Originally Posted by Silent117 mx400RC (rc= remote control) special mx400 with a short cable and a asymmetric design (so left cable to earbud is shorter then the right one...) This is the first time I've heard of a short cable version of any of the Sennheiser MX earbuds...
  20. meithkiller

    ETY custom earpieces

    I thought the going rate for custom Ety molds was around $100? If they want $270 for the ER-4P's and then $30 for the custom molds, you'd pay what I did for mine when I paid $200 for my ER-4P's and if I get custom molds for $100, it'd work out the same. They're overcharging you for the ER-4P's...
  21. meithkiller

    What power supply for Porta Corda MkII?

    Quote: Originally Posted by StevieDvd The case is already drilled, the connector is very small (1.3mm I think) but as it's a tight fit due to the angles involved a small tip is included which is the correct size tip and fairly easy to solder. I think people are expecting to have...
  22. meithkiller

    Who owns more than one headphone amp and why?

    Nothing too fancy on my collection. I currently own three headphone amps, an old Airhead which used to be my portable amp, a Gilmore Lite, and my recently acquired Porta Corda. I may sell my Airhead since I'm not sure I need two portable amps. -Keith
  23. meithkiller

    Left/Right ear, different sound.

    I'd advise a visit to an ENT doctor or audiologist and getting an audiogram done, just to find out what the problem is. I've never heard before that all people have noticeably different hearing in their left ear before. I do, but according to my audiograms I've had done, I've got mild to severe...
  24. meithkiller

    portable open headphones -- are they not useless?

    I find my small portable Koss headphones quite useful for portable use. I tend not to be in a lot of noisy environments, and I often find it useful to hear what is going on around me and hold a conversation if need be with my portable headphones on, neither of which I can do with closed...
  25. meithkiller

    Headphone Playoffs!

    Bad idea. What sounds best to one person won't sound the best to everyone, no one has heard every available headphone, and the cost of various headphones will influence things too. It will never work. -Keith