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  1. Benaiir

    Recommend me a car

    Si doesn't sound like the best idea in snowy weather ;)     Quote:   My friend's got an 03 WRX STi that he built from the ground up, ran him alot more than 7K, but he loves it. He races, kills everyone at the track.   Newer Hyundai Sonatas might be a good option. Their resale...
  2. Benaiir

    The crappiest song you've caught yourself enjoying

    The whole Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 soundtrack is extremely catchy. Not sure if I should be embarrassed, ska's pretty good.
  3. Benaiir


    I just got a SR-Lambda's in the mail and noticed that there's some green stuff on the grill, it doesn't look too good. I think want to clean the stuff off of the grill. How would you go about it? I tried opening it and found that it's gonna be pretty tough so I immediately put everything back...
  4. Benaiir

    Who is the most talented musician alive?

    Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
  5. Benaiir

    New T-Mobile Smartphone Recommendation needed

    Windows Mobile is a very bad OS. It's always been sluggish on the HTC's I've tried.. But why are you letting go of the HD2? That's pretty much T-Mobile's flagship phone. Look at the Samsung Vibrant. If you don't like it, get rid of it and try an unlocked iPhone 3GS (Craigslist).    Keep in...
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  7. Benaiir

    Headphones for a Mac

    Your taste in music is similar to mine. Here are my picks, from high to low.:   1. Denon D5000  2. Shure SRH840 3. Beyerdynamics DT770 4. Beyerdynamics DT880   Not so much an M50.    Btw, I've tried all of these   Just some samples of what I listen to: Eminem, Nine Inch...
  8. Benaiir

    Help Fixing Headphone Grados

    HD414 pads are $5+shipping @ BH photo. Cut a hole in the center, then dye them to a normal color (Yellow pads look like a highlighter)
  9. Benaiir

    Headphone Sightings 2

    It's Gray-doh. I called in a couple times :)   I was surprised too lol.   Quote:       Back on topic- I've seen at school:   PX200's Skullcandy G.I. Bose Triport over ears Skullcandy FMJ   I've brought ATH-PRO5ms's, PX100's, TF10's and more to school.
  10. Benaiir

    My friend is selling akg 272 for £70 is it worth it? I already own HD650

    It's a good deal. Try them. If you like them, buy them.
  11. Benaiir

    Looking for great headphones for less than 50 dollars.

    Quote: They sure do leak and any open set will, although I feel like the SR60's aren't as bad as others.   I would suggest looking around ebay for a used Creative Aurvana Live! or a Denon D1001. Another idea would be to wait for a refurbished ES7's for ~55 on sites like JR and BuyDig.
  12. Benaiir

    Bass IMPACT!!!!!! Thats all I ever asked for in life :(

    Any headphone with an EQ curve. Foobar is great with this. I like these with my Z700's.     10db-    -                -                   -                       -                               - 0db-                                -       -      -      -       -         -      ...
  13. Benaiir

    Cheap headphones

    Oh an SR325 with flats is the charm. It is one of the bassiest Grados, FWIR, and I believe it. The SR60's sounded very dry compared to these, and they're a small stretch above your budget. I love mine.    Oh by the way, Grado's are great unamped in general :)
  14. Benaiir

    Annual New Jersey Meet -- Saturday July 24th

    Ordered an AD700! Maybe I can get an XBOX 360 hookup running for everyone? Anyone willing to bring a ~30" screen with a component plugin?  
  15. Benaiir

    Annual New Jersey Meet -- Saturday July 24th

    Oh, and I'll be bringing some of my gear including my Motorola Droid, if anyone's into that.    Denon DRA-835 Reciever Yamaha DV-C6760 DVD/CD/SACD Player Home Headroom Amplifier   Grado SR60 w. SR325 drivers. Triple Fi 10 Super Fi 5 AKG K301 HD580 HD490 Sony MDR Z700...
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  19. Benaiir

    Post your favorite drinks

    Raspberry Arizona Ice Tea :)
  20. Benaiir

    What do SR325 Drivers look like?

    Oh well. I'm gonna take it that these are 325's and the sound seems like what they should be (Close up, smooth, a bit bassy), but will still keep this thread up for my own curiosity.
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