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  1. Jeff E

    Best Western Movies

    I agree with aforementioned High Noon and The Treasure of Sierra Madre. In addition, how about Little Big Man and The Magnificent Seven? In case I might be accused of only picking classics, how about 3:10 to Yuma for my fifth?
  2. Jeff E

    NAD C542 Drawer Issue

    According to the NAD web site Papua New Guinea: BRIAN BELL & COMPANY LTD. P.O. Box 1228, Boroko Papua, New Guinea Graham Wheatley (675)3255411 (675)3250167 (fax)
  3. Jeff E

    good headphones for running/jogging below $50?

    Koss KSC35 available from Koss here for $45. I prefer them to the newer and derivative KSC75 in sound, although I do like the 75's ear clips better. If you want you can swap the clips between the two models. The original PX100 did not sound as good to me. Plus, my pair was not sturdy...
  4. Jeff E

    the album that's always there for you

    After some thought, I chose a single album as a response to the OP. It wasn't easy. And the winner is ... It's as though this album is tuned to my resonance frequency.
  5. Jeff E

    Squeezebox Duet Deal

    Killer Deal. AlexinExile, thank you for the heads up. I just ordered one. I've already got two "classic" squeezeboxes but I just could not pass up the chance to have the display in my hand instead of across the room. The other big advantage of upgrading is the ability to control all the...
  6. Jeff E

    Citing articles found on online websites in APA format?

    This ought to be helpful. Scroll down to References.
  7. Jeff E

    Favorite Soundtracks

    Not exactly a soundtrack since a number of the pieces were not used in the movie but all were composed at the invitation of the director, Tim Robbins. Absolutely stunning CD that I still enjoy after more than ten years.
  8. Jeff E

    How can I bypass the ipod DAC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nc8000 I think Alpine (and possibly others) also has a soloution for some of their high end car audio systems that bypass the iPod dac. FWIW, Kenwood's excelon line of auto head units (X993, X693, X393) uses USB for iPod input. So I suppose that means...
  9. Jeff E

    D7000 instead of D5000 - Worth the cost?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo I have owned two Denons modded by Mark, the D2000 and the D5000. Plus I was loaned a pair of modded and re-cabled D5000 as part of Mark's loaner program back in 2008. The mods do no change the can as you state in your first paragraph above, at least...
  10. Jeff E

    What DAP for JH-13 Pro/Pico Slim?

    Has it occurred to the participants in the preceding lossless/256 difference war that both sides are correct? Some may hear differences due to compression that others do not due to hearing, equipment and perceptual learning. Folks who do hear these differences may differ in how significant...
  11. Jeff E

    Are there any portable amps with 1/4" headphone output?

    Perhaps the Core Sound Headline Portable? I have no first hand knowledge of this amp or the company. For more information search for the terms headline DAC portable in the amp, source and portable forums
  12. Jeff E

    Cambridge Audio 840C as DAC…

    FWIW, I use the 840C's DAC in oversampling mode (test 4 in the OP) to listen to streaming radio. It seems particularly effective in making lower bit rate streams tolerable.
  13. Jeff E

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Julia and Julie - 9.0 In addition to featuring the actress of our time, this movie is portrays a subject dear to my heart, the transformative power of food. I loved it, but then again, I am a foodie.
  14. Jeff E

    Charlotte, NC mini-meet - PHOTOS ADDED

    More pics of the meet below. Alwayswantmore checking out K701 Our gracious host, Fatcat, caught in midadjustment DannyB brought his Beta 22 and Gilmore electrostatic amps, not to mention some ICs the diameter of a garden hose Woo2 avec Cambridge DAC et Marantz 5001...
  15. Jeff E

    I just got bribed

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbriant This is true and I agree with you up to a point. The problem with Consumer Reports however is that they test everything from tooth brushes to fishing tackle ... and aren't necessarily overly knowledgeable about any of them. They'll often weigh their...
  16. Jeff E

    Charlotte, NC mini-meet - PHOTOS ADDED

    Quote: So, what are attendees planning to bring to the meet? K701, K1000, SR200(hp1000), Denon D5000 (markl modded), Portal Panache, 840C. I see if I can dig up some heavy duty extension/power strips per Fatcat's request.
  17. Jeff E

    Charlotte, NC mini-meet - PHOTOS ADDED

    Quote: Originally Posted by Alwayswantmore Hi all, top cans on my wish list to hear are hd 800s, which is see tosehee has if he makes it from GA I also want to spend more time with AKG 701 or 2s, because I'm thinking of purchasing a pair. Vinnie is willing to send me his personal...
  18. Jeff E

    Charlotte, NC mini-meet - PHOTOS ADDED

    As of now I am planning to attend. AlwaysWantMore: I can bring my K1000s. In addition to hauling our head-fi gear for others to audition, should we bring basic stuff such as folding tables and chairs as well as extension cords? Also, should we pack our own lunch or are there group...
  19. Jeff E

    Water water water....ugh

    Quote: Originally Posted by KONAKONA Right, thought the best place to ask this is my favorite headphone forum, naturally. Basically, I hate water. I hate the way it tastes and if I try to drink more than a gulp or so it starts to make me gag. It's been like this for as long as I can...
  20. Jeff E

    iMod Playback Format Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by entropydave Hello All I have a recently gotten an iMod based on an iPod photo (Red Wine Audio iMod). ... So I am now faced with the task of re-sampling my CDs to make the best of this new source. My question is what format to do the re-sampling in? My...
  21. Jeff E

    List your Grado order of preference

    Quote: Originally Posted by astroid Only list those you have heard please. 1 = best I don't trust my audio memory well enough to include those I've only heard at meets. Furthermore, the conditions at meets are not ideal for comparisons. So here is a ranking of those I have...
  22. Jeff E

    white noise music/sound?

    I use a noise machine in my bedroom to aid sleep. Obvious criteria for evaluating these machines are:sound quality (digitized resolution, speaker quality or external speaker jack, length of "loop") reliability portabilty (some travel with it) Unlike a couple of previous models that broke down...
  23. Jeff E

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    6/10 - Gorgeous photography, sense of being in another place at an earlier time, simple plot, overly romanticized romance
  24. Jeff E

    What woud be your top 5 movies of all time?....Why?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Redcarmoose Just a simple list of the top 5 movies you have seen. I will assume that by this you mean our favorites, a combination of our enjoyment and of their quality. This would exclude "guilty pleasures" that we enjoy. For example, I really love...