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  1. Mightygrey

    Focal Bathys Hi-Fi Bluetooth & ANC Headphones: Early Impressions

    Probably no difference. The Bathys' DSP will be processing the analogue signal fed into it from the DAC/amp, which would probably be inferior to the Bathys' internal DAC in all likelihood.
  2. Mightygrey

    Focal Bathys Hi-Fi Bluetooth & ANC Headphones: Early Impressions

    I plugged the Bathys straight into my Xbox controller - it worked great playing PUBG.
  3. Mightygrey

    Astell&Kern A&futura SE200: First DAP With Multiple DACs - Head-Fi TV

    Double-tap to wake would be amazing 🙏
  4. Mightygrey

    Burson Audio FUNK, 3Wpc Headphone Amp and 45Wpc Class-AB Speaker Amp

    Very curious to know what the output power is for the LE version - no mention of it on the page?
  5. Mightygrey

    Low cost Streamer

    Of course it's an audiophile solution - it's something that helps someone who loves sound stream music. I have a HiFi ROSE RS150 which is a very, very expensive streaming capable DAC. When I play a 24/48 stream via Roon into both the RS150 and the CCA, which feeds the RS150 via Toslink there is...
  6. Mightygrey

    Entry Level CIEMs recommendations

    Craft Ears Craft Two/Craft Four.
  7. Mightygrey

    Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000 Carriable Headphone Amp

    Gotcha - thanks for clarifying.
  8. Mightygrey

    Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000 Carriable Headphone Amp

    Is there supposed to be a link on the download page for the CA1000 Mac Driver?
  9. Mightygrey

    DROP + THX Panda Announcement

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck resurrecting a 'bricked' pair of Pandas? Mine worked fine up until the firmware update, then worked 'occasionally' afterwards. Mostly I just get a pulsing white light when trying to charge them/connect them to my Mac, no hint of startup noise...
  10. Mightygrey

    DROP + THX Panda Announcement

    Have you tried wearing them back-to-front? Does it sound the same to your other ear (probably good to rule that out...).
  11. Mightygrey

    Khadas Tea - World's First MagSafe Headphone Amplifier for Smartphones

    I've been looking for a DAC that I can slip inside the chassis of my Bottlehead Crack, this looks thin enough to potentially pop inside the chassis!
  12. Mightygrey

    Burson Playmate 2 (3W, ESS9038 DAC, Pre amp, DSD512, USB-C, toslink)

    The Playmate 2 is simply too loud in low gain. '01' is too much volume for reasonably low sensitivity cans like Grados.
  13. Mightygrey

    Chord Mojo 2 Thread ___ [product released January 31, 2022 -- starting on page 95 of thread]

    A Shanling M0 Bluetack-ed to the top of the Mojo and connected by USB is an infinitely better choice for music playback than a Mojo/Poly.
  14. Mightygrey

    Grado Fan Club!

    Use a hairdryer.
  15. Mightygrey

    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    Before you go spending money on another box, what are you using as a source? A Mac/PC, or a phone? Try using a simple software-based EQ adjustment which will be far more accurate (and affordable) than having to buy an analogue device.
  16. Mightygrey

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    After five or so years of listening to my Crack but having to put up with the limited range of the stock volume pot, I finally got around to installing a new one. Following the advice of many people both here and on the Bottlehead forums, I opted for an Alps Blue Velvet. After a bit of...
  17. Mightygrey

    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    I would have kept the ADX5000 as my end-game open-back headphones, but the creaking head-band was simply a deal-breaker for me. Every time I moved my head, it took me out of the music and reminded me that I was wearing headphones. It's a shame, as they're terrifically comfortable and they sound...
  18. Mightygrey

    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    The stock tubes + EQ. If you're trying to change the sound of your headphones by buying and swapping out tubes you're in for a frustrating and futile journey.
  19. Mightygrey

    Recommendations for first DAP - nieces (ages 6 & 8)...

    Honestly, an iPod is probably a good choice.
  20. Mightygrey

    Chord Anni

    Their specs should be easily found on their product pages.
  21. Mightygrey

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon RT Closed thread

    The Bottlehead Crack is an extremely poor pairing with the Aeon, I can confirm.
  22. Mightygrey

    Grado Fan Club!

    Hi mate, I use a Shure M91ED cartridge, and use either the phono stage in my NAD 3020e or Jotunheim 2.
  23. Mightygrey

    Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    The Mobius creates the 3D effect itself - it doesn't require a '3D compatible' source.