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  1. ticobill

    Imod/DIYmod lineout question

    Quote: Originally Posted by insyte Just a follow-up.... Since the DIYmod for the 4th gen ipod has the caps inside, then normal LODs would be safe to use? Not sure what you are trying to do here. It's my impression that the dock connector has been disabled on the imod and the...
  2. ticobill

    Post your portable player journey!

    Don't remember the dates, but the journey is fresh: Sony CD player iRiver IHP 120 -got stolen and replaced with- iRiver IHP 140 (since Rockboxed) then iMod 4G 60GB Color Photo (also Rockboxed) then iPod 2G 8GB Nano (for Skiing, beach, etc.) then iPod 5.5G 80GB Video (when I found out...
  3. ticobill

    New Ipods on September the 5th!!

    iTouch ships in a few weeks (this month).
  4. ticobill

    New Ipods on September the 5th!!

    iPod touch battery life 22 hours music, 5 hours video.
  5. ticobill

    Apple teams with six major airlines for iPod integration

    Another newsflash:
  6. ticobill

    Rechargeable batteries.

    I used the MAHA MH-C1090f Charger (it had a light that came on for each individual battery that told me when it was charged) it worked great, all I had to do was walk by every hour or so and take out the batteries that were charged (I had 4 plainviews). It also has a neat feature that...
  7. ticobill

    Rechargeable batteries.

    Ack, Plainviews are oversized? Has anyone here ever used one in a JMT portable PIMETA? I was thinking about buying one for use in that, but I'm not sure it'll fit in the Elpac enclosure now... I used them in my JMT META 42, I think the enclosure was the same (I hope so, since I need to...
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