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  1. emak212

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    When you received the following items for Christmas:   Yuin PK2s 6x DMD acoustic panels & bass traps Western Electric speaker wire (The wire you received has asbestos in it but it's worth it for the SQ.) And nothing else.   Happy Holidays!
  2. emak212

    Amp + DAC for less than ~$300USD - help brainstorm based on my requirements :D

    Hello, I'm not sure about the amps you mentioned, but I can vouch for my LD MK III.  It's a superb value and would leave you with over $100 left to budget on a DAC.  Mine is currently for sale if you are interested.  Feel free to send me a PM :)
  3. emak212

    Teralink-X usb/spdif adapter cannot work on Win 7

    I got the Teralink-X1 to work.  I installed the ASIO driver.  Here is the link for a download if there are any other Windows 7 users having the same problem:   This driver is a trial and it will beep every 30 seconds.  Kinda annoying, but hey...
  4. emak212

    A K702 impressions thread

    I received a pair of AKG 702's two days ago I bought from ebay for $250.  Even after listening for only 10 hours, I am extremely satisfied.  The first thing I noticed was an incredible attention to detail.  I was hearing things that I have never heard in songs, even through my $3k stereo setup. ...
  5. emak212

    Your 'perfect' mobile rig ?

    I would have to go with a laptop (FLAC) -> Headroom Total Bithead -> AKG K 701s.  Not too costly considering you can grab a HR for $150 and pair of 701s on ebay for $250 now :D
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