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    Is Koss really going down?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kabeer They still make the ESP-950 which is one of the best current production headphones. And they have EXCELLENT customer service. I hope they dont go down, as it would be a shame to lose such a nice company I think they should pull through though and...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by bloodydoorknob Here's my modest stash. The new glock looks cool. Pretty bold with the new texture.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by leftnose Nope. All steel. NICE !!!!
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    Law of Diminishing Returns

    Quote: Originally Posted by lucky Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but in my experience, detail and enjoyment aren't necessarily related to each other (or to price). Other folks may disagree, which is okay. Detail is just one of the good attributes, but detail alone might not...
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    Law of Diminishing Returns

    Quote: Originally Posted by rhythmdevils The only way to answer this, imo, is to think of it as a graph, with dolllars on the bottom, and improvement on the side, and try to think about where the graph would curve the most. I honestly think it would curve the sharpest at 15 dollars...
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    Sextett appreciation thread..

    One time, I had all three production versions, which can be easily identified by the color of the radiators. By now, I still have a pair of the oldest version, along with all of my other favorite cans. That'd sums it up for my love with these vintages.
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    What headphone will you buy with your tax refund?

    PS1000 if they're really better than the PS1 or GS1000.
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    Law of Diminishing Returns

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nosoupforyou Joe loves shopping for deals! Who doesn't? Wow. I expected the poll to lean towards the expensive end, but never by this much. I really regret not expanding the poll all the way to the thousands. I do hope, however, that these results...
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    Law of Diminishing Returns

    I think of headphones as pieces of art. It's up to your ears and your budget. After all, it's the art of listening. You have to hear them for yourself. I don't think I can find a diminishing point for art works.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by appophylite I was thinking a 9mm semi-auto was probably going to be the easier pistol but looks like both recommendations are for a S&W .38 special. You might also want to check out the Glock 17/19/26 or Springfield XD-9 models. Also, the Ruger...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by leftnose I'm not sure that those are tracers. They look like poly-tip expanding bullets to me. Somthing like Nosler Ballistic tips. You're probably right. The picture color gamut makes me think of the M196 rounds.
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    Best way to stop the Grado twist?

    Quote: Originally Posted by troymadison I remember that was annoying me quite a bit when I owned the SR225. I fixed this problem by laying it on my desk the same way every single time. It only twists if you rotate the cups.
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    How many here equate price with performance?

    Price/Performance is not realistic in audio, 'cause its an art, not science. You can't put a piece of art on a scale and tell how much it's worth.
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    Predator vs. Pico?

    Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion Here's a picture of my new toy NICE !!! It reminds me of my long gone red porsche...
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    Grado: Which one?

    Quote: Originally Posted by revolink24 ... (As a musician, I can certainly tell the difference ... Alessandro MS1, and up the line to MS2i or RS2. Let your wallet do the talking...
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    Which company produces the best, most accurate headphone drivers?

    Most of them can make accurate drivers, but many chose to color their products to the demands.
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    Newbie here, please help me choose a good closed can!!!

    I haven't heard the Ultrasones. However, I would choose a "Recabled" D2000. Otherwise, I put another vote for the ESW9.
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    How much are the Singlepower ES-1 and HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda a stock woo ges is $1450. to me that seems like the best stat amp for the money. It's a challenge for other amp builders to beat the GES benchmark. The next tube amp that might beat the GES is at 3x its price.
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    The Ultrasone million dollar question

    Quote: Originally Posted by brospin the E9 really worth its high price? Ask your own ears and your own wallet. It's all about personal preferences. No doubt that the E9 is a set of high-end headphones. It's the price that most have to justify.
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    Audio-Technica and Sony Off-spring??? Victor-JVC HP-RX900

    It looks like these phones are targeting home theater users.
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    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Comparing the GS1000 with RS2 and recabled D2000.
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    Solid State Gear - Leave On?

    I'm frugal when it comes down to electrical costs. Everything is down if I don't use it for a while.
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    Burning in, anyone here still believe it's not real?

    There's a thin line between science and art. The line draws when electro-mechanical burn-in stops and psychological burn-in continues. Sometimes, I had my gear unused for a while, and when I listen to them again, I thought that they were better than before. How to explained that ? My...
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    OMG! I need a pair of these.

    If I can get my hands on one of those pairs, I'm going to do the markl mod. I'll have the best dynamic CANS in the world.
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    Bose much are they really worth?

    Quote: Originally Posted by KUNFUCHOPSTICKS They cost about $10 to make in China. $90 for the "BOSE" badge. Quote: Originally Posted by afternoon025 well,how much costs it if grado ra1 is made in china? Well.... Does Bose phones sound better than Grado phones ?