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  1. RedLeader

    How much is too many headphones in a collection?

    'Use' them all?  I have headphones everywhere and don't use 90% of them. Yes I'm sure I have too many, and too many speakers, amps, etc. It's an illness. 
  2. RedLeader

    ATTN: Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph Head-fiers (and any other nearby locations) - meet in Fergus

    Man, I haven't seen you in awhile canuck57. Been to busy off headfi getting married and moving. I'm actually pretty close to fergus now though, believe it or not. Might be able to pop by for a little while, though I do admit my gear is not exactly to the extent it once was. 
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    Anomaly Coffee, up here in Hanover.  I'm very excited about it, and I've got some test ordering up on the website as I ramp up and buy equiptment, etc. 
  4. RedLeader

    Toronto meet, Sunday August 7th

    I'll show up if I'm back from England in time, it's up in the air if I'll be flying back on the 22nd, or up to the 28th.
  5. RedLeader

    The SkeletonDAC

    I don't need the SPDIF out (I've got a udac2 kicking around) so I'll be doing a more barebones build.
  6. RedLeader

    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    As would I, but I have a one-bedroom apt.  At least then maybe I'd be able to make it...  
  7. RedLeader

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Yea, I realized I'd have to bust out the meter, I just wasn't sure what the values I should be looking for.  I checked the sources first, got 12.62 on the good channel, 13.37 on the bad.  Both drains held at 47.9, and the good channel gate was 17.2.  However, the voltage on the bad channel gate...
  8. RedLeader

    QQ/Complain thread. Complain about anything!!!

    I couldn't make the Toronto headfi meet, my wife decided to have a birthday and fly back from Ottawa.  So inconsiderate....
  9. RedLeader

    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    Yea, I'll have my laptop with me, as I'll be looking at a headroom microdac to possibly purchase, and hope theres a udac2 there to listen to.  I just mean that I cant really hook up an emu0404pci to a laptop, so I'm looking for a usb source
  10. RedLeader

    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    Quote: That's actually one of the only sets of headphones that I want to hear, that I haven't ever been able to.  That and an he90 combo, I think.  
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  15. RedLeader

    QQ/Complain thread. Complain about anything!!!

    Hmm, not sure if this mobile version can multiquote... anyways, I'm not a college student, I've hit that weird stage between college and kids where I get to sleep. And if you want to discuss music... hang out in the music forum!
  16. RedLeader

    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    Sounds like I will be able to come by for a bit.  My high-end stuff was all sold awhile ago, but I can bring the stuff in my sig, as well as a starving student millet hybrid, VModa Vibes and some Tritton AX Pros, if anyone is interested.
  17. RedLeader

    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    Quote:   Ha, at the last meet I happened to have my soldering iron in my gear bag, and fixed an amp for someone on the floor of the Toronto reference library.  Can't remember who that was, he still owes me a beer....  
  18. RedLeader

    QQ/Complain thread. Complain about anything!!!

    Quote:   Hell, that's a huge complaint of mine.  Don't get me wrong, I fix stuff that isn't meant to be repaired all the time (Just for curiosity I added it up, and for me and my immediate family I've saved us around $800 in the last month repairing computers, headphones, small...
  19. RedLeader

    Ebay Help - Does this look fishy to you?

    I've sold hundreds of things on eBay, and as a rule I disallow bids from 0-feedback members.  I know everybody has to start somewhere, but I'd rather they don't start by ripping me off.  I may be paranoid, but I've been burned and think a little paranoia for online transactions is a good idea. 
  20. RedLeader

    The Incoherent Rambling Room

    I came from the 80's.                   Which proves your point.
  21. RedLeader

    Alternatives for a CIAudio VDA1?

    Hey guys, I'm back!   Anyways, I've been gone and busy being married and poor for awhile, and I'm back and would like to upgrade my source.  I'm currently using an 0404PCI, problem is the damned PC is too loud (its a gaming PC) and I would like to upgrade my source.  I remember absolutely...
  22. RedLeader

    Cheaper variant to Sennheiser HD 25-1 II ?

    If you want that sound, the SP is the way to go.  They are just as sturdy as the -1 (probably more so, no headband padding to break down) and have very, very similar drivers (if not the same, but others would likely argue with me on that)   Could also look at the K81DJ from AKG....
  23. RedLeader

    Nice game, US clips Canada 5-3.

    Quote: Originally Posted by d3adeyes Canada has no reason to feel down about the game they played great Aside from our goalie, who I would argue was at least indirectly responsible for 3 of the 4 goals scored on him. What in the hell was that?
  24. RedLeader

    2010 Vancouver Olympics: Controversy Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ Do those two countries have a different set of scoring parameters? The scores just didn't make any logical sense. They're judging completely different things. There are 5 "turn" judges and 2 "air" judges, to which the time score is also added...