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  1. Jonnip

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    TRASER watches. I have an Omega and a Traser. Has the always glowing vials inside as well, sapphire (sp) glass.    very very good watches, very well made very strong will take any amount of abuse.   Quote:  
  2. Jonnip

    iQube V1 + Westone UM3x

    Its ok I wanted the SOLO actually because it will work with ipod as well :) Now to find some decent headphones. Happy with the IEMs but think headphones may be more comfortable. Thinking MS-1 or SR60/80 but I need to research it somemore. One important thing fir me is that they don't disturb...
  3. Jonnip

    iQube V1 + Westone UM3x

    Doh. Wish I knew that before. I would have gotten the V2 :( Dammit
  4. Jonnip

    iQube V1 + Westone UM3x

    Well, Order placed! I just spoke to (henk i think is his name) on the phone and what a nice guy!   purchased: iQube V1 with rechargable batteries SilverCab LOD USB Charger cable   I know expensive LOD's are deemed a bit extravagant but I thought why not! Ill see how i get on with...
  5. Jonnip

    iQube V1 + Westone UM3x

    hey you are from eindhoven?? You know i think that is where they are based. GUTTED i was there for a whole month last month for work!   I was staying at the Crown Eden, do you know it? I'm back there next month too!   Just about to place the order - i think i will be getting a s:flo2...
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