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  1. salannelson

    Explorations in Space and Time

    Quote: Psh, I somehow missed this on the front page.
  2. salannelson

    What do you do about a bad pressing?

    Quote:   I know Radiohead does. They mention it in the liner notes. Also, "Stadium Arcadium" sounds a lot better on vinyl than it does on CD. I don't know if this means it was recorded on tape, but it sounds better and that's all I really care about.   I do listen to some older stuff...
  3. salannelson

    What do you do about a bad pressing?

    Quote: I didn't say that.   Bands still do record on tape, you know. Not every modern release is recorded digitally.   Are you trying to convince me to stop listening to vinyl or something?
  4. salannelson

    What do you do about a bad pressing?

      Quote:   Everybody has different reasons.   Vinyl only releases (such as MFSL) Sometimes when the CD sounds like crap the vinyl version is an improvement Artists like to release cool collectible vinyl versions of albums. Those are fun to own Also I just enjoy the format itself
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    What do you do about a bad pressing?

    I for one am going to be exchanging it at least. I would really like to complain to Capitol.   Also, yes I have a number of thinner records that sound miles better than these.
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    What do you do about a bad pressing?

    If they were standard 1xLPs, not heavyweight, and not advertised as "Audiophile Quality!1!!!!11", I wouldn't be as upset.   It probably has something to do with their "audiophile" manufacturing process.
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    What do you do about a bad pressing?

    I have always had bad luck with the Radiohead re-issues . They're crap.
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    Boston/Massachusetts Area Meet: May 28th

    Thanks Emooze!   I'll definitely be there. I could bring donuts and coffee I suppose.
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    Uneditiorized News...Where Can I Get it?

    Quote: NPR is great. I love the local station (WGBH). They always give straight news, and then throw in some interesting stories that aren't really news, but still educational/informative.   And yes, the number stations. UVB 76 is still pretty active. That's the only one I know...
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    The Most Annoying Catch Phrases Of All Time

    Quote: Just read that to myself in a thick Canadian "Dan Aykroyd" accent. Gotta love those press interactions.
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    Whole-album tracks

    The only two that come to mind for me are   The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute Porcupine Tree - The Incident
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    What's the first CD…

    I believe my first CD was Radiohead's Kid A
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    Radiohead is releasing....a newspaper!?

    Quote: Well I just got mine in Boston today and I can tell you that is not the case.    
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    How NOT to get robbed

    Quote:   Cash works for me, cards work for you. Everyone's different.   And I don't think it's a cultural thing. Most people in the states prefer cards as well.
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    Radiohead is releasing....a newspaper!?

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth taking the trip to Boston to get this.   WHY does it have to be Tuesday at 1pm?
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    Steven Wilson - the hypocrite....

    Quote: Truer words have never been spoken.
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    How NOT to get robbed

    Quote: Same here. "Plastic" makes it nearly impossible to pay a friend, lend money, etc. If you ever get into a jam, cash is always more flexible. The only time I use my credit card is for online purchases.   Just my opinion. YMMV
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    [No title]

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    How NOT to get robbed

    Quote: ...until you de-escalate it
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    Electric bass

    That subwoofer thing... that might work temporarily. I tried something like that on my crappy "surround sound" one time and it actually did work. I was using a cable like the one you're describing.
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    How NOT to get robbed

    That's easy for me. I don't live in NYC.   I can also run pretty fast. I carry a 4D Mag Lite in my car, although that wouldn't help me if I were on foot.
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    Any quality loss in converting FLAC to WAV?

    Quote: ALAC is Apple Lossless Audio Codec. You can convert the WAV files to ALAC if you'd like. Just use the built in encoder.   In iTunes... Edit > Preferences > Import Settings > Apple Lossless Encoder   Then just right click any file and select "Create Apple Lossless...
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    How'd you save money for headphone?

    Every week I put away some extra cash in an envelope.   Being thrifty (cheap) helps too. I don't spend a lot of money on other things.
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    I hear a serious audio defect with music downloaded from iTunes and Appassionato

    Quote: Is it just these 4 files?   Try a different media player and if it continues, a different computer. Also, try contacting iTunes and Appassionato for help.