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  1. JamesL

    Oil shielded cables - what's the benefit?

    10 years ago, I asked my dad why the cables behind the audio equipment were all oily and greasy.  He said it was normal.   Now I know he had a set of oil-infused (I think audioquest) interconnects back there.     Yes they leak over time...
  2. JamesL

    Cheaper IEMs with good fit, comfort, and isolation?

    When SQ is somewhat of a lower priority, is there anything under $50 that excel in these areas?   I have smaller ear canals so I have a hard time finding iem's that I can get a decent fit and seal on.  
  3. JamesL

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Why do a lot of you have your monitors up so high?  As far as comfort/ergonomics goes, the ideal position should be with the top of the monitor @ around eye-level.  Having a monitor up that high imho quite literally seems like a pain in the neck.
  4. JamesL

    AMB Gamma2 DAC sound impressions?

    Quote: The impedance of your hd650/hd800 has a nominal impedance of ~300ohms whereas sillyhoney's dynamic headphones(listed in sig) are about ~10-20x lower (meaning the rolloff frequency is about 4 octaves higher).   I think the bass rolloff sillyhoney is experiencing is a lot...
  5. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Quote:   Before I say anything else, I completely agree with you, though I'd prefer the term 'heavily influence' rather than 'leads to'.     Its not entirely a "IF".  There have been DBT tests that suggested no audible difference in the 'sonic signature' of different power amps.  ...
  6. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Quote: I can consistently hear a difference between 2 of my diy amps for example, but if I still consistently heard that difference after it was revealed to me that someone switched out the internals from the enclosure, I would be willing to admit that the difference I heard could have...
  7. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Some of what he has to say holds a lot of truth, but I'm still trying to figure out if he misunderstood uncle erick's post, or if he's just posting a random rant.       I think he was directing the post at uncle erick, but in my eyes, the same things he said holds even more true for most...
  8. JamesL

    Looking for a replacement soundcard for onboard audio?

    Thanks.  I've tried the one on the realtek site before with no success, but it seems there is a new version out. I'm on summer break right now without my desktop, but I'll try it when I get back home.  
  9. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    ^   I don't understand your post, or how it relates to what you quoted.   edit correction - I do understand the words you are saying, but not in the context of what you replied to.
  10. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

        Quote:   Sometimes, the results come out to 60/40.. sometimes 40/60.  All in all, it averages out to 50%   Also, phrases like "what a day and night difference!!!", doesn't really lend itself to your 10% theory.
  11. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

      Quote:   You absolutely gotta be kidding me... this is elementary-school logic..   You're chance from randomly guessing STARTS at 50%, whereas in your example, the rate starts at 0%.   A better analogy would be such -  "in your situation, the chances of your kid being born...
  12. JamesL

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: dude, you gotta chill
  13. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Quote:   How am I controlling you(or trying to)? You criticized us and said that cable believers try to control everybody and won't let people enjoy cables. I said that was wrong.   What if I said cable believers are delusional and try to spread their cable-fanaticism at each...
  14. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Quote: Yes, I did read your post, and I did respond to what you said, in the context of what you responded to.   The "need by the anti-cable guys to control others" is what you're dellusioned into thinking after having read so many cable-arguments, when in fact there is no converting...
  15. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

      Quote:   Beeman.. take a closer look.
  16. JamesL

    Power Cables... Really?

    Quote: Absolutely.  No problem at all.   I confess, I've even spent money before making the insides of my PC look nice.     The debate only begins when the "sound of the power cord" gets involved.  
  17. JamesL

    What kind of connector / cable would I need?

    zoom in. it's on the rear, under the aux input.
  18. JamesL

    What kind of connector / cable would I need?

    That is a cd player/amp/speaker combo.  The main box has a 2x5w speaker level output which connect to passive speaker via speaker wire.   The best way to hook up your speakers to the cd player without modifications, is to use a 3.5mm cable to the cd-player's headphone output.   The only...
  19. JamesL

    Any tiny and cheap speaker amp recomendations?

    Quote: Oh alright.  Since those car amps were designed to be powered off the existing 12v line in your car, I wasn't sure if you had an ac adapter for use in your bedroom.  Theres no reason I picked that one in particular.  It was one of the cheaper offerings on ebay uk that specified...
  20. JamesL

    iPhone 4

    Quote: yeah.  it was a pretty terrible keynote.  He kept making excuses when the video calling was stuttering.  Pretty much, I got the message that "your iphone 4 will work awesome just as long as everybody else has their wifi off".   Also, jobs kept insisting how much more amazing...
  21. JamesL

    Extruded Aluminum Low-Profile Portable Enclosures

    I think lansing enclosures offers something that's marginally thinner.
  22. JamesL

    Paired with a Beta 22 - do I NEED a Buffalo 32?

    Quote: and the best source in the world won't make the sound better if you're just gonna stick a crappy amp in front of it. imo, sources have a steeper price/performance slope than a amplifier, so the moneys better spent on an amp first.   If it were me, the only reason I would...
  23. JamesL

    Bose products

    Two main problems with bose speakers..   1.  Everything is TINY.  Cheap, tiny, full-range drivers, in tiny enclosures. It is not possible to have a flat, extended frequency response from that kind of speaker...  Bose compensates for it partly through innovative technology, but the SQ...
  24. JamesL

    Amp vs Dac vs Cables

    Quote: Agreed.. The 7.1 channel DAC's on even high-end desktop motherboards probably cost no more than few dollars to implement.  If those motherboard manufacturers allocated even $20 on a quality stereo DAC, they'd have a very competent solution sitting at the base of a very steep...
  25. JamesL

    Powering multipul headphones on am M^3

    Bump, I'm also very interested in a good, practical method for implementing multiple-outputs on a headphone amp.   If me and a buddy wants to hit up the xbox360 in the middle of the night, I really don't need perfect sound quality, as long as I can achieve decent spl-matching between...