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    New headphone amplifier from Bryston

    WOW, I love Naim's and Bryston's products. Wish I was young again.

    aune X7S Class-A balance output headphone amplifier (New product )

    Food for thought.

    aune X7S Class-A balance output headphone amplifier (New product )

    Reliable AC power adaptor for Burson Audio Play and Burson Audio Fun

    Due to the recent moving, I have misplaced the AC adaptors for my Audio Burson Fun and Play. Would some one please tell me what is the reliable AC power bricks for my Fun and Play ? Preferably on Amazon since I have Prime account with 2 days free shipping. I am about to order from Alex @ Burson...

    JDS Labs ATOM Amp

    S/E input but four pin balanced headphone output ! The foxtex is not a fully balanced headphone amp, period.

    New, Burson Swing dual mono 9038 DAC, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

    I have the Fun and I have been very pleased with the SQ, power reserved ( headroom). I have been waiting for a DAC with optical and coaxial to complete my Fun/ Swing Stack. Yeah, I do listen to my old CDs collection as well as a few SACD. Computer audio is done with another application from...

    Burson Soloist SL MK2 Appreciation/Impressions Thread

    I am late to the game but I ordered the MK Soloist MKII and I cannot be any happier. Clean, clear, punchy and a lot of power reserved ( headroom) and my headphones sound soo wide ( soundstage). I am so impressed with the folks of the land of the down and under who can make the crocodile sings in...

    Wanting a DAC/AMP.... no idea where to start

    Never try the Fulla 2 but rather the mid tier amps from Schiit Audio, I am very pleased with the build quality, the customer support ( top notch) and the sound quality of their products. Some call it "veil" but that can be intergrated with a DAC that fits your taste. No, they don't sound the...

    Schiit Jotunheim vs Aune S6 for Monolith M1060

    The Jot with balanced DAC ( $100.00 extra ) is the way to go. Buy product(s )made in USA so should the product(s) arrives defective, you do not have to go thru the run around from the Chinese seller(s). Plus, you don't have to wait 8 weeks up to 2 months to receive the product(s). With five...
  10. ACDOAN

    Balance: Benefit or Bluff?

    "Most "balanced" products are, in fact, single-ended inside with messy, potentially sound-corrupting conversion buffer/amplifiers at the inputs and outputs. Some components even have more amplification stages in the cold line than in the hot. Only a few products are truly balanced from input to...
  11. ACDOAN

    Balance: Benefit or Bluff?
  12. ACDOAN

    Comment by 'ACDOAN' in item 'Aune S7'

    Does it Aune S7 have a fatal flaw of humming as the X7s. I run across several complaining from difference sites about this fatal flaw of the Aune X7s. I just received the X7s from Penon audio. That's not an upgrade from my Aune X1s. The Aune X1s amp is much more powerful than the X7s at 0 db...
  13. ACDOAN

    Burson Soloist SL MK2 Appreciation/Impressions Thread

    Does anyone know how the CSR from Burson Audio rating ? I ordered the Soloist MkII several days ago but I have not heard any information about my order ? Thank you.
  14. ACDOAN

    Comment by 'ACDOAN' in item 'JDS Labs EL Amp'

    Bought the El Amp and the EL Dac but something strikes me that for the amount JDS Labs charges for both the EL Amp and El Dac, JDS Labs cuts corner by putting the plastic plate at the bottom of the El Amp which I've never seen a headphone amp with a plastic plate at the bottom of the casing. I...
  15. ACDOAN

    Aune X1S DAC Drivers - How to get without packaged files??

    Please, please help. I received my Aune X1s along with the USB cable and a " Stick " in a little bag as the " manual" . Please walk me thru as a little 15 years old boy for the following : 1. What am i going to do with the " stick" ? There is no slot to insert the " stick" on the unit. 2...
  16. ACDOAN

    Little Dot MK III slight channel imbalance

    My Little Dog MK II has the same problem with the channel inbalance. Not until around 8 o'clock then the vocals shifts to the center. The Mk I does not have that issue, I could have bought a returned one from the previous buyers. Many, many moons of buying audio gear, I know the seller(s) sent...
  17. ACDOAN

    Fostex HP-A4BL (the A4 with balanced output)

    I did the driver download yesterday it showed up on my playback/sound but there was no hand shake between the two, no output. I used the optical connetion for now.
  18. ACDOAN

    Magni 2/ Modi2/Sys stack

    A Magni 2, a Modi2 and a SYS stack for $140.00. Price is firm.
  19. ACDOAN

    Audio-gd R2R 11

    Thank you. That's all I want to know. Damn good Headphone DAC/ Amp for the money. Cannot install the USB driver but it's not an issue since I use optical input and that is my intention when purchase the R2R 11.
  20. ACDOAN

    Audio-gd R2R 11

    I have a question for the Audio GD fans, please. I ordered the R2R 11 from Mr. KingWa. The R2R 11 that I received has the facial of the NFB11.28. See picture below of my R2R 11. To my understand, the R2R 11 facial should look like this one on Audio GD web site. I have several conversation...
  21. ACDOAN

    aune X7S Class-A balance output headphone amplifier (New product )

    Is it a true balance ouput or just the XLR connection that converts to internally SE ?
  22. ACDOAN

    Why are there many Schiit Magni 3 for sale ?

    I've a Magni 2 and it's SQ is okay for the price so I keep it as a spare head amp. I try to order the Magni 3 just to have a better looking top and facial cover to match with my Vali 2 and my Modi2. I have been waiting and waiting past the 2-5 days shipping window so I cancel my orders twice...
  23. ACDOAN

    Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

    Pop and microphonic, meh. Going to get this one instead of the Jut . Made in Jap. Quality vs Quantity, it's just me. I am too old to mess around with tube rolling . I had my share of tube rolling many, many moons ago.