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  1. insphere

    How Do You Discover Music?

    Quote:   Strange? Not at all. I use Reddit immensely for pretty much all my interests. Even /r/headphones because sometimes I'm too lazy to jump on another website and post :P This is one of those odd days when I do. Anyway, I too am on /r/listentothis, /r/music and...
  2. insphere

    What age did you grow out of metal?

    I'm nearly 22. I started listening to metal around 15, but I'm slowly drifting further away.I think I'll always like it - I definitely appreciate and respect the genre. I just prefer electronic music lately, but every now and again I don't mind a bit of metal.
  3. insphere

    Best Free Music Streaming

    Not really what you're looking for but I thought I'd mention it anyway - there is a sight called Digitally Imported ( and it's absolutely brilliant for streaming pretty much all the electronic music major genres and they have excellent playlists. I'd recommend you checking it out if...
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    My setup.
  5. insphere

    SWIM installed a 6SN7 and a 6AS7 in the opposite way on a 336SE. Then turned the amp on and listened to music. Could this cause any damage?

    Quote: Good tips. Yeah I've been listening for a while now. Everything seems fine.    SWIM is "Somebody who isn't me", it's used commonly for people who don't want to let the internet know who they are referring to. (To save embarrassment or to avoid blame & stay anon.)    In my...
  6. insphere

    SWIM installed a 6SN7 and a 6AS7 in the opposite way on a 336SE. Then turned the amp on and listened to music. Could this cause any damage?

    Well can I be sure the amplifier isn't damaged in anyway if it sounds fine?    Thanks
  7. insphere

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    Whilst we are on the topic of DT880's. I would like to know your personal opinion on whether it is actually worth spending the extra money for the 600Ohm version as compared to the 250Ohm. Pro DT880's can be purchased quite cheaply compared to the 600Ohm premium version. Do you believe the...
  8. insphere

    Anyone out there using studio monitors as desktop speakers?

    I have a pair of shiny KRK Rokit 8's sitting on my desk. I use them for both music production & listening to music too! (More the latter) Apart from a good pair of headphones, I think the next best thing is monitors, so crisp. ..Speaking of which.. My 'studio' is my room. And my friend came...
  9. insphere

    Let's make an electronic Head-Fi Spotify playlist!

    This would make it easier to share tracks instead of constantly linking to YouTube, or copy+pasting into Google to manage to find a stream.  So, let's keep it to around 100 tracks I think.    At the end, I'll create a playlist that we can all click on and enjoy streaming!    If you...
  10. insphere

    I need a pair of portable, comfortable and light headphones for the gym.. any ideas?

    Maybe less than $80? Cool I'll check out the flats. Maybe something neutral, there is no boundaries on what I listen to.  
  11. insphere

    I know it's specific, but can someone recommend me good 'progresive psytrance'?

    Ever since I attended Rainbow Serpent in Melbourne this year I have started to get into psychedelic trance. I just love the atmospheric soundscapes and the layered beats etc. It's such great chill/homework/background music. Also good for driving.   Although I'm more into the progressive...
  12. insphere

    Name an arist you enjoy and then three songs at most that best represents their music.

    I saw this thread work really well in Reddit. Thought trying it here would be interesting too. Doesn't matter the genre, a mix is good! Template like this; Artist Song #1 Song #2 Song #3 Wish you good luck on your future music discovering endeavors!
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