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  1. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid CTH'

    Ismael was great to work with, very kind and patient and reasonable, great HeadFi'er, highly recommended!
  2. Audiophile Ninja XLR Balanced cable

    5ft. Dual 3.5 connectors for use with Focal, hifiman, ETA. In excellent condition, works and sounds great, no longer have a balanced amp to use it with
  3. HD650

    This is an ireland model, older silver screen, in great condition. This is a great sounding silver screen pair, the best SS pair I've heard. Only selling because of my preference for hd800. Pads and headband are in excellent condition. Comes with 1/4inch stock hd650 cable.
  4. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Early ''paper'' Sennheiser HD650'

    Moriez was awesome, very patient, kind, and reasonable. Would happily deal again, highly recommended!
  5. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'LSN HD800'

    Nice guy, fast shipping, came as described, highly recommended seller!
  6. LSN HD800

    Let me know what you have, thanks
  7. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Stock HD600 cables'

    Joe was excellent, helpful and friendly, item came packaged nicely and as described, highly recommended seller!
  8. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Sennheiser HD580 Black Paper w/ Cardas 1/8" Cable'

    Great communication, shipped quickly, great seller!
  9. Schiit Loki

    Schiit Loki. Works great and is in great cosmetic condition.
  10. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'HD6xx'

    Penguin had great communication, was nice to talk to, paid promptly, and had good info to share. Highly recommended!
  11. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Sennheiser HD 580 Precision'

    Hewlett shipped very quickly and accommodated overseas shipping, had great communication, and was great to work with. Highly recommended seller!
  12. Cardas Grey SE cable for HD6X0

    Cardas Grey SE cable in good condition for Sennheiser HD6X0 models, 10ft length with 1/4 termination. Cardas emblem on rubber connector has worn off slightly with age as pictured, still works great.
  13. HD650 SS 121K

    This is an early silver screen HD650 in excellent cosmetic condition. S/N is 121XXX. Headband foam is original and worn in from typical use, newer pads are moderately worn in but still in good condition. Early Ireland model estimated from somewhere between 2008-2010. Comes with a KK 5 foot...
  14. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'WTB: Sennheiser HD800(s)'

    Denver was a pleasure to deal with, great communication, fast payment, friendly and knowledgeable, highly recommended!
  15. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'ifi iDSD Black Label'

    Pandemonium was a great buyer, paid promptly, great communication, highly recommended!
  16. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'WTS: Rare Sennheiser HD580 FlatPlate w/ upgraded cable.'

    Elquixote had great communication, kind and quick, very happy with the purchase, highly recommended
  17. ifi iDSD Black Label

    Ifi iDSD Black Label in excellent condition. Ships to CONUS.
  18. Vonx

    Quicksilver Audio Headphone Amplifier any opinions?

    My god, sounds great. If you find some extra special tube synergy with the QS in the future, would love to hear about it!
  19. Vonx

    Quicksilver Audio Headphone Amplifier any opinions?

    No problem - it's a very versatile amp, and I think the OI at 2 ohm is right in the sweet spot for a ton of headphones. Low enough for efficient dynamics, high enough for high impedance Senns to sound good. I do wonder what the design goal was with the amount of gain that it has.. high impedance...
  20. Vonx

    Comment by 'Vonx' on listing 'Sold: Sennheiser HD800 Mature'

    Selling for half of the going used market rate is a bit odd though.. no box and scuffed regardless I've never seen one go for less than 600 in virtually any condition. It's a great act of kindness though! GLWS
  21. Vonx

    Quicksilver Audio Headphone Amplifier any opinions?

    I've spent a few months with the QS HPA now and would like to leave a review. Test chain and favorite current configuration: Pi2AES via bnc> Bifrost 2 > QS HPA (baldwin/matsushita 12au7, 60's hammond amperex el84) > HD6XX / HD800SDR In short, the QS HPA is an very well made, point-to-point...
  22. Vonx

    Comment by 'Vonx' on listing 'Audio Technica AD2000X'

    Price dropped to $350
  23. Vonx

    Feedback by 'Vonx' on listing 'Mullard 12AU7 Tubes - Matched Pairs'

    SoundApprentice shipped very quickly, had great communication, and provided excellent packaging, what a great way to ship tubes! Thanks for the good experience
  24. Vonx

    Comment by 'Vonx' on listing 'HD800 SDR Mod'

    Sorrodje still sells them, there is a thread on the "other" forum with the email he currently uses for contact, if you need more details let me know in a PM. He does a bundle deal if you buy 3 sets at a time. Edit: He also has an account here on HF with the same name Sorrodje, you may be able...