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  1. Softears RSV like new

    Great shape. Comes with all accessories. Free shipping with contus. Buyer pays outside contus. Rated highly. Good timbre, but I need that bass. This is more neutral tuning..
  2. Campfire Audio Andromeda classic 2019

    This is 2019 v 3. Great condition, but some minor metal showing at corners. You can barely tell. They've been well taken care of. No sound issues. 100% functional. Comes with original packaging and accessories, as well as ifi iem match (have not needed it. No hiss through smsl or hiby r6 2020)...
  3. Letshuoer EJ07 - less than 1 week old

    These are less than 1 week old. They are everything they are supposed to be; however, they are decently wide bore, and I have trouble with fitment. I had the same issue with UM Mest MKii. Not everyone does. Overall, they are very holographic with their stage, have superb resolution, and are...
  4. JoshG1217


    If anyone is interested in trading or selling their z1r, let me know.
  5. Xenns Up for sale

    Like new/excellent condition Xenns Up with original 4.4 cable, case, and box. I do not have original tips, but can include some extras as the stock tips were not good anyway. These are super good, but with the arrival of my EJ07, feel redundant. These are very similar to the EJ07 in my opinion...
  6. JoshG1217

    Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

    I like them a lot. Fit is my only issue. I'm looking into a reseller option for a more traditional iem fit.
  7. JoshG1217

    SMSL DO200

    Hit the knobs on the unit, and go to output using the knob by turning it once in the menu. Press it to select xlr or rca or both
  8. JoshG1217

    Comment by 'JoshG1217' on listing 'LetShuoer EJ07M Kinda Lava HBB'

    Price reduced again I guess? $400 for a $700 iem.
  9. JoshG1217

    Devialet IEM - will they sound good and be reliable?

    Same. I also found sq to be pretty comparable wirh Sony having the better all around package
  10. JoshG1217

    Shuoer impressions thread

    Yeah, its a little silly. Blon03 is like that too. A lot of TWS's are as well. I don't get it.
  11. JoshG1217

    The Campfire Audio Orbit Is Available Now At Audio46

    Fw5 are trash. Look great. Terrible shape, much like the beyerdynamic tws. Neither made for human ears. Orbits are charging as I could not connect them out of the box.
  12. JoshG1217

    [FiiO FW5]HiFi True Wireless Armature Balanced Earbuds,96kHz/24bit Snapdragon Sound, LHDC support, Flagship TWS chip Qualcomm QCC5141 + independent AKM DAC/Amp AK4332(Story updates to chapter5)

    Man, I really wanted to like these. I don't. It should be required that only people with human ears can design iems. They don't fit and so can't get a decent seal and so sound like dog poop. Save yourself the trouble and get the Sony XM4. The end.
  13. JoshG1217

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    Yeah LCD2 and he6 are pretty different imo. LCD2 has great vocals and more bass, but less resolution overall, and a much more intimate stage. Still a great HP though. The best bass I have heard on a HP has come from the Dekoni Blue. I recognize that that is an odd rec (a bit out of the blue if...
  14. JoshG1217

    XENNS (previously known as Mangird) Impressions Thread

    Tried it. Good vang dor the buck, but not quite what I'm looking for.
  15. JoshG1217

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    I've yet to try the ether angled pads, but do have dekoni velour for now. Too stiff imo. The audeze pads seemed very big and the dt pads (all dekoni) didn't have the right tone, at least in hybrid version. I do a bass shelf from 20hz up to 80hz, and a bump at 2hz and 8hz using a 31 band eq. I...
  16. JoshG1217

    XENNS (previously known as Mangird) Impressions Thread

    Anyone have thoughts on EJ07? I am thinking about something complimentary to the Xenns Up, which I do not consider a basshead IEM, despite the hype train. Bravado mkii certainly is, though less resolving, which is okay. They are still good and a lot of fun for heavier music. But saw a ****...
  17. JoshG1217

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    I would say vocals don't sound super full, bass could use more slam and treble can sometimes get hot. Doesn't mean they aren't great. BetTer than XS, Ananda, and LCD2.
  18. JoshG1217

    Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

    At the risk of offending everyone, I just don't think I'm an Empire Ears guy. I have my new (to me) legend x up for sale for $1k, including the Ares cable. Mint condition.
  19. JoshG1217


    What dac and amp chip. $350 is a lot for a tws adapter. At that cost, I expect a nice chip
  20. JoshG1217

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    Interesting. I ha ent heard much about the sonorous. Is it easily driven?
  21. JoshG1217

    The Campfire Audio Orbit Is Available Now At Audio46

    AZLA SednaEarfit 2 Pairs (Size L) These ones. I use these and the lights, which are the semi clear version of these and a little softer. I don't care for the crystal version, but some people love them.
  22. JoshG1217

    The Campfire Audio Orbit Is Available Now At Audio46

    I just use the regular ones for my xm4s, not specific to tws
  23. JoshG1217

    The Campfire Audio Orbit Is Available Now At Audio46

    Azla sedna tips? That's my go to. Enhances sounds on nearly everything