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  1. appar111

    Comment by 'appar111' on listing 'Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm Black Edition'

    These are sold already— they were marked as sold (I know I miss that when I’m looking at items on here sometimes). Thanks Josh
  2. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Black Edition 250 Ohm

    In excellent condition in original box. This is the limited black edition with the black velour pads. 250 ohm, straight cable. Comes with 1/4 adaptor. Asking $120 shipped in the continental US/lower 48. PM if interested— thanks! J.
  3. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm version

    Opened long enough to check them out, otherwise these have had no use. Just been sitting in their box waiting to get some good used by somebody. 250 ohm version, silver velour pads, coiled cable. Comes with all the paperwork and the 1/4” adaptor. asking $125 shipped in the continental US/lower...
  4. appar111

    Just scored some Grado SR325’s with no pads… need recommendations

    Ok, but the one in the link technically has three different pictures and they all look drastically different. Darned Amazon and the way they display the products! is it the ones listed as S-Small? Or the ones listed as L-Large? The ones just listed as Small (not the ones listed as “S-Small”)...
  5. appar111

    Just scored some Grado SR325’s with no pads… need recommendations

    Just scored a pair of Grado SR 325s, older versions, the gold ones. Unfortunately, they don’t have any air pads with them, so I’ll have to pick up a pair. I know there are some less expensive versions of the G pads, S pads and L pads on Amazon for not too much coin. Should I spend 40 bucks and...
  6. appar111

    Grado SR325x or RS-2?

    I hadn’t considered the Hifiman stuff, but the price on the HE400i is nice— A couple places online selling them for $190.
  7. appar111

    Grado SR325x or RS-2?

    I was wondering where the law of diminishing returns kicks in with the grade of stuff. I know that the metal and wood cup versions look fantastic. I think I’ve ruled out the RS-2 or RS-1… still debating the SR325x though. I need to check Grado’s website to see if they are offering an SR80x...
  8. appar111

    Grado SR325x or RS-2?

    Debating picking up a pair of Grados as I’ve been getting back into headphones this last year (current collection is Beyerdynamic DT770, 880 and 990’s, some Sennheiser HD25-1’s and some brand spanking new Sennheiser HD600’s. Right now I’m looking at either the new SR325x or possibly the RS-2...
  9. appar111

    Beyerdynamic black velour pads sound different from their classic silver velour pads?

    I may take the black velour pads and wash them a couple times, see if that loosens up and changes how the fabric feels. Not sure if that will make a difference in the sound, as it won’t change the density of the foam, but I’ll give it a shot!
  10. appar111

    Portable amp recommendation for use with Beyer DT880's

    Hey guys! Looking to get back into headphones and amps after about 10 years off-- planning on picking up some Beyerdynamic DT880's (250 ohm) and needed recommendations for a decent portable amp to power them. Doesn't need to be super tiny, this would just be for moving from living room to...
  11. appar111

    Earbud recommendation for use with RSA SR-71A?

    I should probably specify that I'm not looking for in ear monitors, as I need to hear my surroundings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. appar111

    Earbud recommendation for use with RSA SR-71A?

    I'm hoping to get some recommendations for earbuds that I can use with a Ray Samuels Audio SR-71A portable amp. Are there any really good options out there? Or should I just be looking for a smaller set of full-size headphones, like some sort of on ear headphones? They need to be good for...
  13. appar111

    iPod Touch 6th Generation - line out options?

    I was wondering, since I haven't purchased an amp yet.  Haven't amped anything for a long time and am just getting back into portable hifi audio after quite a few years off.   I'll most likely start with a Stevovee CMoy amp.    It looks like I can get a lightning to 30-pin adaptor cable...
  14. appar111

    iPod Touch 6th Generation - line out options?

    Just picked up a 128GB iPod Touch 6th Generation and wondered what my options for line out are?    With my old Classic, I was using a Sendstation Pocketdock which had a 3.5mm line out option on it.  I can't use that on this new iPod Touch since the Touch now uses the Lightning plug.  ...
  15. appar111

    excellent portable amp recommendation needed (~$350 budget)

    Been out of the head-fi game for quite a while, but sold a guitar of mine and have enough funds to afford a high quality portable amp for use w/ a pcdp and ipod for desktop and home use.   Looking at the Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang or Hornet as my lead options.  Both are a little above my...
  16. appar111

    Will Beyer DT770 pads fit on a pair of DBI Pro 700 headphones?

    I have a pair of DBI Pro 700 headphones and I'm looking for some replacement earpads for them.   They tend to warm up and get too hot/sticky.  I'd like to get some velour pads for them.   Does anyone know for sure if Beyerdynamic DT770 velour pads (the silver ones) will fit on the DBI's?  If...
  17. appar111

    how easy is it to rockbox a Sansa Clip+ ?

    I might just see if I can be happy with a stock one until they work the kinks out. Can the Sansa Clip+ play AAC files in its stock form?
  18. appar111

    how easy is it to rockbox a Sansa Clip+ ?

    I'm thinking of picking up a Sansa Clip+ (8GB model most likely) and wanted to make the most of it, so I was thinking of rockboxing it. How difficult is the process? Is it just a matter of downloading the right file to the player and rebooting it? I have a spare 8GB micro SD card, so it’s...
  19. appar111

    Sansa Clip+ a good choice for inexpensive mp3 player?

    Looking to pick up a small DAP that's a little more pocketable and durable, and I'm looking at the 4GB Sansa Clip+ for $49. I had a couple questions on it: Can I use this with a Mac, or is it Windows only? How is the EQ? Is it 3-band, 5-band? On the expandable memory slot, can I use any micro...
  20. appar111

    great portable amp, under $200 AND immediately available?

    I'm looking for a portable or at least transportable amp to use bedside and around the house for use with an iPod, portable cd player, etc. I know there are great amps out there like the mini3, Pimeta, PPA and Meta42 that can be had if I watch the "amps for sale" emporium, but I'd like to...
  21. appar111

    AKG K450 price?

    Man, that sure seems a great deal! I'm looking for something for unamped, closed use that can be sort of bang-around and these look pretty nice. thanks for the info! J.
  22. appar111

    closed supra-aural cans for listening while laying down?

    Can someone provide me some options for a closed set of cans that I can listen to while laying down? I want something clean yet full sounding that can work with a variety of musical styles. And fairly durable since they may get tossed off my head in the middle of the night if I fall asleep...
  23. appar111

    HD 25-1 or AH-D1001?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl Well... I was thinking along the lines of a mini3. It has quite a bit more muscle (at least compared to the T4). If you've got a bit of DIY know-how (or patience and some time), you can build one for ~$70. Alternatively, a brand new one can be had for...
  24. appar111

    Go-Vibe amps (martini, etc.) same as Norm's Go-Vibes?

    I've been away from the headphone and amp world for a while and noticed that Go-Vibe amps are still being made and I wondered if these are the same as the ones made by Norm from a few years back? they look similar, but seem to only be available from Hong Kong (I think?) which leads me to...
  25. appar111

    DBI Pro 700 - ohm rating?

    I wonder where the 300 ohm rating came from? Could've sworn a couple head-fiers said they were 300 ohms. At 40 ohms, I'll be very happy with not having to use an amp to get them to sound good.