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  1. solvexyz

    Grado 325is and PS500

    First 5 hours with the PS500.  Extremely happy with it already.  Will share more thoughts after more time.  
  2. solvexyz

    Grado Reference Headphones RS1i Unboxing Video

    Thanks for sharing.  
  3. solvexyz

    SE530s or do I go all the way for custom fits?

    Well, for me, after I owned the UE10 Pro, I would say if you go for the custom, the experience of owning one definitely worth the extra $$. But for me, even though I go all the way for the customs, I still can not resist the attempt to get Shure e530. However, if you ask me if UE10 Pro...
  4. solvexyz

    2G touch skips with lossless - bug has been fixed with firmware 2.2.1

    Quote: Originally Posted by wsilvio Alright, so I just installed the 2.2 software update. Still skips playing lossless with the screen off! What!!! I just installed 2.2 software. Upon carefully going over my apple lossless songs with screen off. Even though it still skips, but I...
  5. solvexyz

    Yuin OK2, some questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by arteom anyone know if head-direct allows returns if someone is dissatisfied with a product? Yah they do.
  6. solvexyz

    Yuin OK2, some questions

    Mine should be coming sometime next week. I will compare it to Shure e500 and UE10 Pro. Actually, I can not wait to compare Yuin to my modded Sony MDR-e888lp.
  7. solvexyz

    Q: Headphone amp as preamp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens I usually find that I tilt the speakers so that the tweeter is slightly farther away than the woofer, and usually point the speakers inward but not so far that they are pointing directly to my ears. Being slightly off axis like that seems to...
  8. solvexyz

    Q: Headphone amp as preamp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by warpdriver Good to hear. I am really diggin' them. How do you have your EQ switches set? I actually tried raising my speakers a bit higher (6 inches) on a stack of books and they do seem to sound better. The mids sound a bit more even, and I think the...
  9. solvexyz

    Q: Headphone amp as preamp?

    Wow, you got the same setup as me. Below is a picture of my similar setup I am using a 2006 Micro DAC and a Hornet as a preamp.
  10. solvexyz

    DAC - Mid Level

    I am curious if Headroom Ultra Micro DAC can fit here? And how it compared to the other candidates?
  11. solvexyz

    Should I "Downgrade"?

    If you use the headphone out to listen to music, I find the 60GB iPod Photo the 4th Gen IPod to be a lot worse than the 5th Gen. However, the lineout, I find is about the same. If I am in your situation, I would rather sell the current 30G video ipod and upgrade to an 80G iPod Classic.
  12. solvexyz

    Anybody else using studio monitors?

    I was using logitech z5300, and recently upgraded to a Dynaudio MC15, and it was a night and day difference.
  13. solvexyz

    [B]Shure SE530's + iPod Touch[/B]

    Yah the Shure is delivers very good bass. You should be happy with its bass.
  14. solvexyz

    Where can I purchase Klipsch IFI?

    I know Apple store used to carry it, but now is gone. And Amazon is out of stock now. May directly order from Klipsch?
  15. solvexyz

    Canal Phones - Most Comfortable

    I have not personally tried UM1, but I have owned UM2 and think it the fit is very similar to UM1, and to me, it is extremely comfortable.
  16. solvexyz

    Dynaudio Dealers in Canada

    Quote: Originally Posted by JonathanHF I'm also looking for these pair of speakers. And they are highly rated so far. I'm in US now, I hope they are available here. I just received the Dynaudio MC15 few days ago. I ordered from an authorized dealer in Canada. I pretty sure...
  17. solvexyz

    Question for the UE10 owners...

    I am almost on my third year of UE10 pro, and the housing is still strong. As for the yellow stain, you can wipe it off very easily after each use, so that won't be a problem. I think you will be very happy with UE10 pro.
  18. solvexyz

    Our new car has finally arrived! Lots of Volvo C-30 pics inside. (56k probably not)

    wow. How can I miss this thread? I got the Volvo c30 exactly one month after you. I am in love with mine as well. So any other Volvo c30 owners on head-fi?
  19. solvexyz

    UE10 and UE11...which would you choose?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DavidMahler i guess thats what makes a horse race. I personally can't imagine prefer the Shure E500s to the UE10s for any style of music. The day I received my UE10s, I gave my 2 month old Shure E500s to my best friend for 20 dollars, it made me sad just to...
  20. solvexyz

    new SE530 sound review

    Quote: Originally Posted by mow_the_hawk And to solve XYZ I meant music that has a lot of noise from things going on in the music. Oh I see. by the way, what tips do you like the most? When I bought the shure, there are no black olive sleeve included as an option, so I am...
  21. solvexyz

    UE10 and UE11...which would you choose?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bigburger UE11 becasue it the new "in" thing and you if you get the UE10, you will constantly be wondering what the UE11 sounds like. Plus if you got UE10, it is very likely you do not need to redo your ear impression, and therefore, you can simply...
  22. solvexyz

    new SE530 sound review

    Hi, what do you mean by dense music? I also has this IEM, and I love it very much as well.
  23. solvexyz

    Headroom Micro DAC and problem with USB input.

    Hi, thanks for the reply on the duty, and I just placed my order. by the way, you sound like you are using Windows XP. I already moved to the Vista, and I hope this DAC will work fine with Vista. I will let you know once I got it.
  24. solvexyz

    Headroom Micro DAC and problem with USB input.

    You problem is very similiar to what I experienced few years ago with my Creative NX, and after I reinstalled my windows this problem just went away. Very very weird I know. I think this might have to do with Windows. and another question. I am from Canada as well, and I want this baby...
  25. solvexyz

    E500 Fit & Sound

    an imbalance in the way music is presented is most likely due to imbalanced seals. When I first got my IEM, which is a Shure E4c, and this is very obvious in the first couple of months because I do not know how to wear it, so that I can create equal fits on both ears. However, I guess...