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  1. BigD

    Olympic Games 2008 thread - Sports only!

    Quote: Originally Posted by soundboy Regarding the alleged underage Chinese gymnasts, check out this article about those who are making the charges. What a bunch of hypocrites! Karolyis need to really keep their mouth shut...Not guilty until proven guilty. Very much sore losers...
  2. BigD

    Olympic Games 2008 thread - Sports only!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FalconP I'm extremely intrigued by the Water Cube: its walls are made up of thousands of bubble-like, translucent, polymer cushions mounted on steel frames. A marvel in modern architecture. Just saw a documentary about that Olympic Aquarium on...
  3. BigD

    Budget AV Receiver under $200???

    Quote: Originally Posted by lini BigD: Will you use your surround system primarily for music or for movie purposes - i.e. does it foremost have to sound good for stereo, or are surround sound and options more important for you? Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini Most...
  4. BigD

    Budget AV Receiver under $200???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thelonious Monk onkyo. 5.1, 24bit dac; my personal fav. budget receiver. Thelonious Monk, I don't see subwoofer out in the back...There's only pre-out for subwoofer. Is that mean only powered subwoofer can be used??? Mine is clearly not active and...
  5. BigD

    Budget AV Receiver under $200???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Raphael I just received the Panny SA-XR55. And I'm waiting to set it up. I will try and give you impressions on it soon, but it may be a while. From all the reviews I have read, it definitely is worth it's price. I would highly consider it. Even the...
  6. BigD

    SL550 or Jaguar XKR?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sleestack AMV8 isn't available in a slushbox yet and the DB9 is more than I want to spend on his car. In that case, if you spend little more there's a Bentley Continental GT. I do like the Maserati GT alot, but no avail at the moment.
  7. BigD

    SL550 or Jaguar XKR?

    It's really tough choices, but why limit yourself to those two cars??? -MBenz SL550 -BMW M6 -Audi R8 -Caddy XLR-V -Aston Martin V8 Vantage -Porsche 911 S4 -Jaguar XKR I think all are super nice in its own way. But personally I'd go with AMV8. Why? Because you'd be James Bond, not German.
  8. BigD

    Panasonic htx7?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jim McC How's the ear room in that baby? How deep are the cups? Comfort? Very compact. I would say the size of the donut and cup are very similar to Sony Eggos. It's definately circumaural. Not so bad in isolation as well. Really excellent fit and...
  9. BigD

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Wooowwww 2000+ threads, 160000+ views... Anyway, I just pulled a trigger on the Panasonic RP-HTX7. Some mentioned that HTX7 are K81 killer. I had to see this one myself. Related thread found:
  10. BigD

    HEADPHONES>>>best bang for the buck

    Easily Grado SR60 and AKG K81DJ... Try to count threads and reviews on these two products...countless around the world.
  11. BigD

    Panasonic RP-HTX7.... I am totally amazed.

    Quote: Originally Posted by incognitoedleon I hope you like them BigD. I guess my pair has racked on around 100 hours of burn in and my impressions are about the same. I don't think sibilance is as noticable as before. The highs are still a bit bright, but anybody who owns bright cans...
  12. BigD

    Panasonic RP-HTX7.... I am totally amazed.

    Quote: Originally Posted by cmirza I don't find most Grados bright, particularly not the MS1s. But I did find the RP-HTX7 harsh in the highs. It's freq response seemed very 'V' shaped, flabby bass, harsh highs and lacking in the mids. Stock K81DJs seemed a little too bassy for me...
  13. BigD

    no one into pda-phones ?

    I know many people who use Blackberry and happy with it. Also while commuting, the Blackberry 8700 series seems to be the most popular choice. Also my company uses pretty much Blackberry officially. Not much audio and camera capabilities.
  14. BigD

    2006 MLB Playoffs Thread

    George Steinbrenner will stir few things up at the Yanks. Who will GO? Who will STAY?
  15. BigD

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by VR6ofpain Did you ever think this thread would still be going strong? Nooooooo, I myself am very very shocked by this super marathonic thread. I certainly didn't anticipate this at all. Quote: Amazing! Back on February 20th, 2006, BigD...
  16. BigD

    E2C or 3?

    I had an older version and still much better than E2 for sure. If the newer version improved with tighter bass, it should be even bettern than Ety ER6i.
  17. BigD

    Need a new car... recommendations?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jbucla2005 I'm looking for a car that's maybe a year or two old, something with a warranty, what do you guys recommend? Personally I mainly care about reliability & gas mileage. Something smaller and more economy minded like a toyota, honda, volkswagon, maybe...
  18. BigD

    Wife is Pregnant... Name for a daughter POLL

    Recently had a baby girl myself. A week ago. Torned between names and names. It's really important to know what the flow of your last name. Believe me you should think about the full name as well. Anyway, I liked your choices from Katherine (contemp), Isababella (classic), Sophia (french...
  19. BigD

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Sennheiser HD25 velour pads are a perfect fit. You get more ambient noise and a little less bass - both due to having less seal (fuzz doesn't press as flush to your skin as sweaty pleather will) but it only took a listen or two to get used to it. The...
  20. BigD

    How's your MLB team doing?

    Wow, totally suprising to see so many METS fans... It's about time they pull together. I'm more Mets than Yanks. I really think Randolph did a great job putting the chemistry together with this young talents and expensive veterans. Can they win this year? Perhaps not. But I hope so...
  21. BigD

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Which Velour fits K81??? I'm NOT a fan of pleather...Looks cheap and feels cheap.
  22. BigD

    HDCD/SACD/CD Player recommandation?

    I have been following this Samsung HD-DVD960/1080 for sometime. It's really interesting to upconvert to 1080p via HDMI...I don't know if there's really picture and image improvement though. Only the 1080 model carries SACD/DVD-A capability, but the 960 seems to be the economical choice around...
  23. BigD

    Who Will Win The Soccer World Cup in Germany, June 9 -July 9, 2006?

    Talent wise, England has the best chance since their only cup in the 60's. But they don't have the heads to win it. Experience wise, Brazil should win the cup with all the players in top leagues around the world. But they're proving to be not so hungry of a team. Team manager wise...
  24. BigD

    World Cup Soccer 2006

    Quote: Originally Posted by apnk Ok we are naming the favorites, now who's going to be the darkhorse this year? I say Mexico. Nay, Mexico is bit over-rated imo. It's USA which is making improvement leaps in past 20 years. For me, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Korea are going to be...
  25. BigD

    World Cup Soccer 2006

    Army of Orange deserves the Cup. Winning is another story. My top 4 pix are Brazil, Netherlands, England, Argentina.