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  1. Tuberoller

    Military Roll Call.

    I can admit that MARINES rarely use proper nomenclature (we call Humvees "Jeeps") but the Army issues pre-loaded magazines. Do they really think these guys can't load a mag? How about the color-coded safeties. ARMY-inventors of the 3-shot burst and pre-paid calling cards. All the NAVY...
  2. Tuberoller

    Military Roll Call.

    Quote: Originally Posted by ecclesand There were two soldiers in the Army and one Marine. When the Marine was done he went to the sink and began washing his hands. The Army guy, when finished, headed toward the door. Annoyed, the Marine says..."In the Marine Corp, they...
  3. Tuberoller

    Military Roll Call.

    I was in Subic right when the party ended and they unbolted the place. Fond, fond memories. They seemed like they really, really hated to see us go . I guess they really expected us to guard and secure all the stuff left behind. I watched literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of...
  4. Tuberoller

    *Look-Out* eBay warning HP-1,HP-2,HF-1

    Quote: Originally Posted by bhd812 yelp... i am always sad when i see the hf-1 on ebay but i dont think tuberoller cares.. so i just jacked up the hp2 auction for everyone in this thread bitchin.. Billy, will you please not bid on the headphones if you don't intend to...
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    Military Roll Call.

    USMC....1984-1992. My primary MOS was Infantry Assualt (I forgot the old code) with secondary as Weapons Specialist( no longer exists as a secondary). Camp Hansen on Okinawa was awful. Back then they only had three TV stations and the PX and OFC were restricted, for three years. MFE was almost...
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    3 to 5 years then well goodbye

    Lou, hang in there buddy. I believe in prayer and I'll certainly be praying for you. As you'll likely remember, I am also a CHF patient and this illness forced my early retirement recently. I just had my second ICD(the first one failed) implanted and I'm recovering now. I know how you...
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    Hmmmm! Steak is lovely. I cook my own steaks and I buy most of my steaks from a butcher shop. I have also found the steaks at Costco to be very good. I was told that Costco employs real butchers and has a meat buyer. That makes sense. I always buy my steaks early in the day as the pro...
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    NASCAR fans!

    I'm sorry about the whole flag thing. I hope we can return this thread to it's original intent. I do enjoy watching F1 and the politics of F1 racing and team politics in the Mac camp. Alonso has never seemed too comfortable having Hamilton around and even casual observers pick up on the...
  9. Tuberoller

    Kudos to the designers at Toyota

    I'm REALLY glad I didn't go with the Tundra after reading and hearing about some very serious QC issues and recalls for at least two of those issues. The most serious is a catastophic camshaft failure where the cams have been reported to snap in half causing complete engine failure. A quick...
  10. Tuberoller

    Evidence beginning to mount against Mike Vick..

    I don't know if this thread has already crossed the line into political discussion but I'll add my two cents. I'll first say that I do not condone dog fighting and think it is absolutely wrong. I'm thinking, after speaking with some of my southern relatives and visiting Mississippi and...
  11. Tuberoller

    Costco Wholesale's New Electronics Return Policy

    I love Costco and every purchase has been far beyond satisfactory. I'm sure they absolutely had to implement some policy changes but I'm just as sure they will still stand by purchases. The only thing I don't care for are the seafood specials.
  12. Tuberoller

    Kudos to the designers at Toyota

    The Toyota dealer has been fairly agressive in his ttempts to sell me the Tundra and offered to allow me to drive it again tonight. I tried to test drive GMC Sierra Denali but the one they had was already spoken for. That is a truly nice looking truck. While I was there I drove a new Yukon...
  13. Tuberoller

    Favorite fight/action scenes in a movie:

    I'm gonna go waaay back and pick the school fight scene from Bruce Lee's " Chinese Connection". I'll second that with the first ice factory fight in "Fists of Fury". How about Adam Sandler and Bob Barker on the golf course in "Happy Gilmore"? I laugh my ass off every time I see that. A...
  14. Tuberoller

    Internet Dating?

    I tried online dating after getting a freebie trial from my dinner club. I took the time to write up a really clever but accurate profile and met some really interesting women. Some were, in fact, very nice and most were at least as good looking as the posted photos. I really wasn't having...
  15. Tuberoller

    Kudos to the designers at Toyota

    I'm still thinking at least some of the huge losses coming from Ford are by design. I bet Ford undertakes a major stock buy-back in the near future. I think Ford and perhaps GM understand that the Japanese carmakers build good stuff(partly) because they don't have to keep stockholders happy...
  16. Tuberoller

    Topgear back!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dimitris I think that everyone who is a bit reasonable would agree that European cars are better than American ones. I mean if someone was giving you a car as a gift and you had the option of it being European or American who would pick an American one...
  17. Tuberoller

    Topgear back!

    Clarkson failed to mention that his alarm was an aftermarket item and was never meant to be installed on his car. It did not work well with the factory Ford anti-theft system and the starter-interrupt circuit but I guess it was just easier for him to rag on Ford. You know, it makes his points...
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    Kudos to the designers at Toyota

    Quote: Originally Posted by wakeride74 I know Toyota has always been a reliable name but I have never cared for any of the trucks or cars they make. Not that they were bad or anything just that they never caught my eye. I have always been a Ford & Chevy truck guy but the new Tundra due...
  19. Tuberoller

    Topgear back!

    I happen to like the show but I seriously hate Clarkson. I know most of what he says is in humor but he gets away with some really terrible stuff. The "Why Ameicans make bad Cars" segment was particularly insulting...... but really funny. I can't wait to watch either.
  20. Tuberoller

    What are the Divorce Laws in your state/country?

    I'm not going to continue on the women bashing path but I do have to say that the entire institution of marriage is suited most to women. What guy have any of us ever known whom actually cared anything about a wedding cerimony? Have you ever known a guy who had any part in planning his own...
  21. Tuberoller

    What are the Divorce Laws in your state/country?

    Euclid, As unfair as this has all been to your family, especially your Dad, I hate to see you take sides. My oldest daughter got caught up in the taking sides thing and it has hurt us all. At first she took her mom's side mainly because I refused to bad-mouth her mom in front of her and her...
  22. Tuberoller

    What are the Divorce Laws in your state/country?

    This a really sore subject for me. My divorce was emotionally and financially draining. 50/50 laws are generally biased towards women. As are custody laws and general rulings and attitudes of judges and law makers. There was nothing like infidelity in my marriage but I was forced to pay a large...
  23. Tuberoller

    Head-Fiers at CES?

    leaving in about 3 hrs.
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    The A-Team

    I always seem to respond to threads about Mr.T He is just one of the very nicest people I've ever met. I mean the guy just seems like he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He and his brothers had a Gym down the street from the high school I attended and when he was there he just always hung...