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  1. nullstring

    VE Monks are too big for my ears. What can I get that is similar that might fit my ears better?

    I just got my order of VE Monks in. I am downright impressed with how good they sound.   There are some obvious flaws but they are incredibly engaging for $5.    Is there anything that is as good or better than the VE Monks that might fit my ears better? Hopefully something in the under $40...
  2. nullstring

    2016 Southeastern Michigan Spring Meet March 26, 2016 - Hosted by Overture Audio - Ann Arbor, MI

    Too bad. I've love to come but i'm scheduled to be in NYC over easter weekend. :(
  3. nullstring

    ☯️ Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon... a $599 Cavalli amp???

    I've put in my order. Anyone have an updated time for delivery? Are we still expecting next month?
  4. nullstring

    The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

    Quote:     That's what I meant. (It's annoying to write "perfect to a level below what humans can perceive" in every time I write "perfect").   I don't know if I'll agree "such a thing exists". But I will say that if two devices sound that same within human tolerances, then they...
  5. nullstring

    The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

    Quote:   I would agree. If they're both perfect. What I am saying is that is a very bold statement... that both the benchmark DAC1 and his DAC are perfect...
  6. nullstring

    The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

    Quote:   Sometimes your posts are sort of cryptic, but I think we're in agreement here. All you prove here is that the DAC/ADC chain is more transparent than that specific setup can detect. IE: nothing.     The thing that bothers me is that he compares his amp and DAC to the...
  7. nullstring

    150mW vs 200mW - will I notice much difference?

    What is your budget?   Trying to make these decisions based on stats is a lost cause. There are so many different things that effect audio quality that you're probably best off completely ignoring the specs.
  8. nullstring

    iBasso D7 DAC sampling rates

    You should contact the manufacture and ask them.   However, my opinion is that this question is slightly irrelevant. iBasso D7 isn't a reference DAC. You're not likely to hear any difference between native 24/176 and that which is up-sampled to 24/192 by software.
  9. nullstring

    how much does USB limit DAC performance?

    Quote:   No, this is completely wrong. It's quite possible that a 16bit DAC will sound better than a 32bit DAC. There are a very large number of factors that play into this.   Consider a $4000 DAC from back in the day compared to a $200 DAC 32bit DAC created recently In all...
  10. nullstring

    Need help finding a good DAC for my computer. 150$ budget, may go higher if there is a reason for it(drool factor :-D)

      Just to give a push in the right direction, here are the DAC/amps I am considering:   All of these should be an improvement over the Fiio E10. My budget is $200, so a few of these might be out of your reach, but still worth looking at.     Fiio E17 Audioengine D1 Calyx Coffee...
  11. nullstring

    Which DAC for a set of powered monitors?

    For what it's worth, for any 24bit DAC in this range, it really doesn't matter if you use digital volume attenuation.   It'll take a much more expensive setup before digital attenuation will be a weak link. This was a much bigger concern back when most DACs were 16bit.   Keep in mind...
  12. nullstring

    Sub $200 USB DAC for the office

    Somehow I missed it before, but this page has some impressions D7 vs headstreamer.   Still not sure what I am getting though.
  13. nullstring

    D7 Sidewinder....Initial impressions

    Quote: Can you compare it to anything else? (The D7 that is)  
  14. nullstring

    Sub $200 USB DAC for the office

    I've been trying to figure this out for the best few days and I've come to the following conclusions:   I've decided against getting a larger, "fixed" unit. While the office environment would allow it.. I've realized that I can't possibly be completely satisfied by most of the DACs in this...
  15. nullstring

    Sub $200 USB DAC for the office

    I am looking to get back into this hobby with some D2000's (Or maybe SRH940's) for the office.     I'll need a DAC to pair with it and there seems to be a large influx of cheaper DACs into the community. I was originally just going to buy a FIIO E10, but it looks like there might be some...
  16. nullstring

    Detroit - Ann Arbor meet. Let's make it happen... Again!

    So, wait, did kibble fat PM me without any confirmation about whether anyone actually wanted to host it?   >_<....   Have Walter and/or Jude even seen this thread?   Does anyone else wish to host it?
  17. nullstring

    Cheapest DAC board with I2S input?

    I did think about that.. but it sounds annoying at best.. hrmm
  18. nullstring

    Cheapest DAC board with I2S input?

    I am looking for a cheaper DAC that will do I2S input. Sound quality isn't necessarily a factor if the device is cheap enough, it's more for a proof of concept project.   These are what I know of Partially populated gamma1 gamma2 OPUS COD   Is there anything else that might be...
  19. nullstring

    Has anyone done any real reviews of beats sudio?

    I am looking to pursued a friend from buying these.   Are there any real reviews of these headphones? Ones that compare in detail to those we do about most headphones?   Thanks.
  20. nullstring

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    I got a pair of each. (TF10, and X10).   I figure I'll audition them, write up a comparison review and sell either one I find less useful.
  21. nullstring

    ATH-A700 broken driver or just wires?

    Not sure how you could manage to break the wires off of the driver so easily.. but resoldering them will probably make them good as new
  22. nullstring

    The $20 Passive iPod Preamplifier

    Quote:   A transformer doesn't amplify sound. While it's certainly possible that the decrease in bass is caused by the transformers, it's also equally likely that the CD player in your car simply sounds different than your walkman.