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  1. Cambridge Audio azur 650 BD

    Cambridge Audio azur 650 BD

    Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD Cambridge Audio is thrilled to unveil the all-new 650BD. With support for all the latest surround sound formats and audiophile grade sonic performance, this lightning-fast, easy to use player will reproduce movies and music with all the passion their creators intended...
  2. Yamaha YP-D8

    Yamaha YP-D8

    Turntable Hi-End 1977-78. Direct Drive Servo-controlled 12-poles/24-Slots DC motor Photo-electric end arm-lifting Opto-electronic end stop ± 3% pitch change with built-in stroboscope Diecast aluminium platter Low-friction tonearm Diecast Zinc armbase Chrom-Molybdenum bearings ± 3mm adjustable...
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