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  1. robert1325

    Nobsound NS-08E also know as Nobsound 6J9 hybrid tube amp

    Good find. Have you tried it with an efficient portable such as the px100-ii? Would the gain be too much?
  2. robert1325

    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ludoo Probably, yes. I love the Grado sound, even though I would not want them as my only phones. 20. Thanks for the responses, I am actually quite satisfied with how they sound and am afraid to throw away money on something I may not use . I will one...
  3. robert1325

    Headphone Recommendation - Very Frustrated

    While I haven't heard them , I'm considering some Goldring dr150s myself. They're said to be AD700 level of SQ with more bass and a fairly decent soundstage ( Not as much as Ad700 but more than Grado) .. Take my suggestion with a grain of salt ! They're inexpensive in the UK , not sure if...
  4. robert1325

    Sansa Fuze and Podcasts

    I have been using my Fuze for a couple of months now and am overall quite pleased with it. My only problem with it is that my podcast ID tags are a mess. Half of them end up under the 'unknown' tag. Is this something I can change easily or is this the fault of the podcaster not tagging them...
  5. robert1325

    Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped

    Mine were delivered in 8 days from focal-price. First impressions were a little underwhelming . After a week of listening they've smoothened out a little and I can full enjoy them for what they are : AMAZING for what I paid. IN my opinion they are slightly better than ksc75 or px100...
  6. robert1325

    Did I Get Fake PL-30s?

    I too find it hard to discern between normal and bass-settings, They're quite neutral .. this is coming from a pair of ksc75s . They do sound good for 20 dollars, better than those horrible JVC fx66s, but they still have a little of that signature IEM harshness in the highs , not bad by all...
  7. robert1325

    Looking for some new headphones, but need help

    forget the px200s universally regarded as a terrible choice..
  8. robert1325

    SoundMAGIC PL30 impressions

    Right , thanks man .. Consider them ordered
  9. robert1325

    Choice: Recable AKG K501 or buy Stock K340

    yes k340 is a much better headphone in general...
  10. robert1325

    UK members : Logik HD-080

    Can be purchased at curry's for 15 pounds Looks: Nothing special here, normal looking dj-type with a low-profile dark-gray colour . When worn they look quite good, no things sticking out etc. Comfort and Isolation: Your ears get a little hot but all in all the logik hd-080 are...
  11. robert1325

    K340 KT88 mod guide :)

    Hi, my apologies for ressurecting this old thread, My dad and I are recabling the AKG k340 and do not completely understand how to route the cables (connect them) . We got some cardas 4x24 cable (bulk) . If you look at the pic. underneath (stolen from KT88) . This is the way we...
  12. robert1325

    best DAP for audio?

    My best sounding player to date is the cowon CW-300... an oldie ( 2003) but still good 512mb space + AA 30hours battery. Got it for 10 dollars. Its soundstage is huge, and the bass is amazing. It sounds great with big cans too, akg k501 and MBquart qp55x ... It's better than- Rio carbon...
  13. robert1325

    cheap headphone for ipod shuffle?

    vote for sennheiser px100... comfy and nice sound
  14. robert1325

    And We're Back!

    YESSSSS, my carbon died last week... must have been the negative mindforce of a head-filess idiot.
  15. robert1325

    Well That Sucked!

    Can't believe it, just when I finished my detox!
  16. robert1325

    Toshiba T400?

    anything but ipod rates the t400 SQ very highly ( as good as Iaudio 7) .... should also compete with JVC alneo.
  17. robert1325

    E-ink ebook readers? anyone tried one?

    My Cybook arrives tomorrow Curious about SQ of mp3's out of this thing , not really something I bought it for but still.... Who knows
  18. robert1325

    Cheap IEM's for the gym...

    the tc20's are similar to the mylarones.... From what I've been reading, they need an amp to sound good.... While the jvc air cushions don't offer top SQ, they are very comfortable and stay put. I think you;ll like em for using in the gym.
  19. robert1325


    Not sure what they are exactly...not a voice coil for sure. they need some space to sound their best , when looking closely I only see a thin type of foam sheet , at the back and the front as well. Also, they are sensitive to positioning, directional. They sound different from more...
  20. robert1325

    Which Earbud?

    I don't think their cord is too long, it's shorter than my px100 cord and that one is just right....
  21. robert1325

    Looking for some good quality earphones - nothing too fancy

    IEM's or canalphones are not really comfortable ... for comfort the sennheiser px100's or yuins are a good choice.
  22. robert1325

    What was your second mp3 player

    Rio carbon , And it's still working , but I must admit I did replace the HD with CF and now a creative micro HD ( more capacity) . And the battery is a Ipod 4G one ( 850 MAH) wich lasts forever . Did not fit in the case so I got rid of the back cover and used a piece of plastic from my...
  23. robert1325

    I need a bike. Any bicyclists?

    I live in The Netherlands. Really great if you like cycling . I've got a normal city type bike ( gazelle is the make) and a "giant"mountain bike wich I use when I go for leasure biking.
  24. robert1325

    MP3 Player with Replaceable Battery??

    x2- nw-hd5, excellent sound also ( very smooth)
  25. robert1325

    A MP3 player for running ?

    yeah the clip got a very good review on abi... SQ on near Iaudio 7 level. If any of my DAp's break that one is on top of my list. MSC_ drag n drop Buttons, no touch interface Excellent SQ Cheap, Flash , small What more do you want!