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  1. westinlennox

    Grado 325is All Plastic Housing?

    Hi all, I ran into these on my local Craigslist today.  Did Grado ever make an all-plastic version of the SR325is headphones? I was weirded out by the photo.  Thanks for the help!  
  2. westinlennox

    iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is...

    I like iFi nano iWAVE or iFi nano iWHISPER as both of these names fit into your current product lineup and direct the mind to an image of a small item - in addition to being catchy!  Hope this helps, even if I don't win.
  3. westinlennox

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Hey all, I have been searching the web (and Head-Fi) for days, and cannot seem to find an answer to my question.  I was hoping someone here may be able to help.  I am no basshead, but I am looking into getting a pair of Etymotic HF-5s, and wanted to know how their bass response compared to that...
  4. westinlennox

    Grado Bushmills X - Grado's first closed-back headphone?

    If anyone finds out what drivers they used in these headphones, please enlighten us!  I am very interested to know which current Grados I should be comparing these to!
  5. westinlennox

    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

      What's up!? Always good to meet a local! Ha that sounds awesome!  I am going to try to make it to the next meet if possible; if I ever get a chance to head North before that I will definitely be in touch.  You like the Alphas?
  6. westinlennox

    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Having owned these for a day now, I can honestly say that they are my favorite headphones to date.  They are magical, in that they just sort of disappear and take second stage to the music.  These are awesome.
  7. westinlennox

    Grado SR225 Thread

    I was able to find a used set of SR225s today for 85 bucks!  Let me just say, this is the best purchase I have made in my entire life (so far at least  ).  Unfortunately, they came with some pretty crappy old flat pads, so I am now in the market for a set of the L-Cush pads they ship with.  Even...
  8. westinlennox

    ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod

      I used the Calrad locking connectors and they worked out very well, if you decide against the gaming mic (which I want now, by the way!).
  9. westinlennox

    post your grado mods....

    Quote: Ha! Should I not have been directly inhaling the glue? I missed that memo  I am in my twenties, so I hope I will make it through this one 
  10. westinlennox

    post your grado mods....

    Quick question for you guys, if anyone has the time!  I am looking into doing a single-side detachable cable mod on a pair of SR-80i that I am messing with, and was wondering if mounting the female 3.5mm adapter assembly inside the cup will cause any problems with the sound or balance at all?  I...
  11. westinlennox

    DIY Woody Grado/Symphones Magnums - A build diary

    The fact that this thread went unupdated for almost 9 months has convinced me that my own mod projects can be finished as well :) Your woodies look phenomenal man!
  12. westinlennox

    Looking for a DAC under ~200$ for my hd650's and bottlehead crack...

    Great decision, you won't be disappointed.  You really do have to reach a lot higher in cost to beat it.
  13. westinlennox

    ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod

    Quote:   I do too, and if I ever sell them I will redo it that way! This was unfortunately one of the all-too-common situations where you remember the heatshrink after the soldering is complete. I'm just an idiot! :)
  14. westinlennox

    Frequency Response Question

    This article ( was very helpful when I first had this question.
  15. westinlennox

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Semester ended today, but the only headphones I saw were black V-Moda M80s! Not a terrible way to end the year.
  16. westinlennox

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote: Phenomenal advice! Just because someone posts 10+ times a day doesn't make them an expert!
  17. westinlennox

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I saw a Koss Portapro on campus, but it was red! Actually looked pretty sweet.
  18. westinlennox

    Quattro De Mayo Seattle meet. 5/04/13 West Seattle Library

    I will have to attend a close friend's funeral that day, so I will have to take a raincheck until the next meet.  I hope everyone has a good time!
  19. westinlennox

    HiFi in Seattle Area

    Definitive Audio has a branch in Tacoma known as Advanced Audio, I stopped by there today, and they rock!  Tons of great HiFi stuff (and a small selection of headphones), but the staff are phenomenal, and very helpful.
  20. westinlennox

    HiFi in Seattle Area

    Ha that is definitely good to hear.  That is the problem I have run into with old posts, the bad economy has driven a lot out of business!
  21. westinlennox

    What kind of Audiophile are you?

    Quote: Agreed with Kramer!
  22. westinlennox

    Help grado ms1-i

    I have heard of people using Dynamat to cover the holes.
  23. westinlennox

    Is there any reason to upgrade amplifiers if I have a Fiio E6?

    Quote: This was very helpful.  Oftentimes the idea of more money makes stuff "sound better".  I have found the E6 to do a pretty good job.
  24. westinlennox

    HiFi in Seattle Area

    Magnolia HiFi and Speakerlab come highly recommended.  I will definitely be checking those out.