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  1. mcconnel

    Sony WH1000XM3 and Fiio Q5
  2. mcconnel

    Portable Amp/DAC < $400 for Campfire Audio Cascade

    No need for wireless. Portable is a must have. Source is iPhone X. Thanks! :-)
  3. mcconnel

    Reply to review by 'mcconnel' on item 'Campfire Audio CASCADE'

    Phenomenal review - you best be getting paid for this.
  4. mcconnel

    Buying Advice - Warmer than the PM-3 and HA-2 Combo

    On the PM3 - cold I can agree with for sure, that is my primary gripe. I would be blown away to hear something that is more detailed. Not sure what “dark” means? I should have mentioned all my collection is gone - had to sell everything so this is my first kit in a long time - the madness...
  5. mcconnel

    Audeze SINE Series

    Cheers Shane. I have been around and about this for years. It's a sadistic kind of hobby. If you like rock, get the Oppo PM-3 and their matching HA-2se Amp. Look no further. I have already done all the research and pain and buying and returning for you. If you like, say, Supertramp... you will...
  6. mcconnel

    Moving on from Oppo PM-3 and Oppo HA-2

    Sure, of course I loved the duo. Who wouldn't? It's sounds amazing. So perfectly detailed. So tight. Can't miss even the slightest thing in any recording. So... well, after a year or so just way too accurate. Zeppelin sounds like crap with this set because their older recordings just weren't...
  7. mcconnel

    Blue "ELLA" Planar Mags

    Very interested in these. I owned a pair of Blue's first cans and loved them - happy to see they have come so far.   Opted for a pair of Oppo PM-3 and the HA-2 instead. Just sold them to move on to the next, um, obsession.   One major thing... WHERE is the LIGHTNING CABLE!?   That's almost...
  8. mcconnel

    Audeze SINE Series

    Heads up!   :-)
  9. mcconnel

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

      Hunh that cable seems very cool. Will have to hear them sometime... :-)  
  10. mcconnel

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    Oppo PM-3 and HA-2 combo for $700 tops.   I cannot see how that can be beaten in terms of portability, sound quality. Just can't.   :-)
  11. mcconnel

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around   That guy?   Source is iPhone w Lightning connector, don't think that would work.   How would you characterize the sound difference between that and the HA-2?
  12. mcconnel

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

        I am running the PM-3 through the HA-2 now. It's stunning to say the least... before I get beyond the point of no returns (heh) I am wondering what the Lola would sound like with the HA-2.
  13. mcconnel

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    I would definitely like to see where you stack the MO-FI in your OP. I LOVED them and considered them totally portable, even weighing 400 pounds and being as comfortable as a medieval torture device for the cranium. Plug in to phone, no amp, short cable, huge incredible smooth LOUD sound across...
  14. mcconnel

    Awesome or Gimmick ? Sonys MDR-1ADAC

        I bought both from Amazon at the same time. The Fidelio went back the next day. No amp. Not comparable cans.     I tried the ADAC out of the box. They had SOME power. I was underwhelmed and concerned about their performance... and yes, the volume was crazy low. Ugh.     So I...
  15. mcconnel

    Stacking/Piggybacking Opamps and DACs in parallel

    What about when the DAC stack is the DAC in an iPhone whose output goes in to a FIIO 17 which has its own (superior) DAC? What does this do to the signal quality?
  16. mcconnel

    Advice - Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 ohm - Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 - Apple Music - Iphone 6

    Cheers all. First post to the forum.   I'd like your advice and comments on the setup I am considering and have a question.   Cans, AMP/DAC, source and player are:   Heaphones: Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 ohm DAC/AMP: Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 Music Source: Apple Music (streaming via cellular) Music...
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