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  1. hollabackitsobi

    Quick Question Regarding Necessary Components in a Record Player Chain

    OK, so I've decided to buy my first vinyl record player set-up. I'm going with a Rega RP1 as the turntable, Rega Fono Mini as the phono preamp, and Mackie MR5 MK2s as the speakers of choice. So, from research I've done on all of these components, it seems that there's no way to easily control...
  2. hollabackitsobi

    Germany. What do you associate with Germany?

    Hitler, krautrock, Nazis, and Sennheiser.   The good with the bad.
  3. hollabackitsobi

    Sigh.....You can only show a horse where the water is.....

    Why so much condemnation of the customers by people in this thread? If it were you spending your money, would you take the advice of a random stranger over the experience of family and close friends, or a store employee? Furthermore, it isn't as if LFF demonstrated any type of advanced...
  4. hollabackitsobi

    Little Dot MKIII Tube Rolling

    Is there anywhere you can buy more of the stock tubes? I'm perfectly fine with their sound and would just like a pair of backups for the power/driver tubes in case anything should happen.
  5. hollabackitsobi

    post your HD650 setup

    Setup is in my signature. I feel like I'm one of the only people with a Little Dot DAC_1 on these forums. It pairs well and looks great with the MK III. The brushed aluminum finishes are great, and the DAC_1 has balanced outputs to boot in case I ever go that route (probably not).
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  7. hollabackitsobi

    Starting Up With a Record Player

    Thanks a bunch. I'd like to know the exact amount of components I need and in what path they process the music. As far as I know, it goes: LP --> turntable --> phono preamp --> receiver/amplifier --> speakers. Can headphones be swapped out for the speakers? I have some HD600s that I figured...
  8. hollabackitsobi

    Starting Up With a Record Player

    Alright, so after much contemplation, I stormed into the amazing record store here in Gainesville (Sharpe's Music) and picked up 15 assorted classical LPs for only $50 (they're all quality, too). I figured that with this go-ahead purchase, I'd force myself to buy a record player lest my money go...
  9. hollabackitsobi

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    16 GB D2 + 32 GB SDHC card --> APureSound 75 ohm impedance adapter --> Ultimate Ears Super fi. 5 pro IEMs. Sounds nice, reasonable storage capacity (wish that there were media managers around that had better support for more players and random album syncing capabilities, so that not being able...
  10. hollabackitsobi

    Best portable mp3/video player?

    Perhaps a Cowon A3 or O2 would be something for you to look into. They have great video codec support, but they have some interface issues that you might want to look into. I know that the O2 has a pretty buggy firmware and that you can't access the internal and external (SD) memories at the...
  11. hollabackitsobi

    Best SQ 16GB DAP for under $200

    Cowon D2, bar none. I love mine.
  12. hollabackitsobi

    Impedance Adapter

    Thanks mate, the ones that I saw on their page looked great. One last question, though: what impedance rating, 75 ohm or 120 ohm, would you recommend for my setup? Thanks in advance.
  13. hollabackitsobi

    Your Fantasy Portable Player: Describe It!

    >32 GB flash memory SDHC expansion Support for FLAC Gapless playback >50 hours battery life Excellent sound quality, of course. It is entirely in COWON's ability to make a player like this, as well. Such a shame companies don't seem to give a damn.
  14. hollabackitsobi

    Just ordered my D2

    So wait...where's the best place to get these cables? I'd rather not use eBay at the moment.
  15. hollabackitsobi

    Just ordered my D2

    I ordered a 16GB D2 and a 32GB SDHC card last night as well (along with an awesome Noreve leather case). I won't amp it, because I'm sure it will be able to drive my UE Super Fi. 5s, which I hope to upgrade to Shure SE530s in the near future. Filling it with FLAC files of course; I'll probably...
  16. hollabackitsobi

    Music with stomping/militaristic beat?

    Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Blues March
  17. hollabackitsobi

    Do You Like Or Dislike COLDPLAY And Why?

    Coldplay earn a resounding "meh" from me. They make the type of bland music that I can't bring myself to ever listen to purposefully.
  18. hollabackitsobi

    Why Do So Many Recordings Sound Like Crap And What Can Be Done About It?

    There's not much that can be done about it, to be honest.
  19. hollabackitsobi

    how do you find new music?

    CDBaby Pandora Radio UGHH My favorite site would have to be CDBaby. I just loved browsing it for new music.
  20. hollabackitsobi

    Best live recordings

    Monk & Coltrane - At Carnegie Hall Monk - Live at the 'It' Club
  21. hollabackitsobi

    VOTE: Cream or Led Zeppelin?

    Led Zeppelin. They had quite a bit more diversity, as well as more albums and material to listen to. Houses of the Holy is a gem.
  22. hollabackitsobi

    D2 - super/

    Hmm, I'm interested in this question as well. I've been contemplating one of those Pico amps, and I have the UE Super Fi. 5s and UE Triple Fi. 10s as well as a Cowon D2. Also, what would be some nice connectors for this setup?
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