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  1. kelim

    Hifiman EF2C

    If you're looking for a bright/treble heavy sound, solid state is the way to go. That said, not all solid states are bright, and not all tubes are warm. Research reviews for sound signatures of the amps you're looking at, or better yet audition the gear first if you can. Make your decision based...
  2. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Just threw in a pair of NOS Anod Factory 6N1P-EV. I'm not well versed in describing what I hear, but they are warmer than the stock GE 6BZ7, have tighter bass, and seem to hit the highs higher. They also don't glow as bright as the 6BZ7. I wonder if this is because they require quite a bit more...
  3. kelim

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    I have been using my HD600 for a few months out of a Lyr with stock tubes and all I can say is absolutely love it. They are laid back in tonality, yet their detail is astonishing. It's literally euphoric to listen to them. I'm addicted :)
  4. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Anyone know if I got a good deal on these? Seems like there are a few different types of 6DJ8 Bugle Boys out there... I'm a bit of a noob and this was an impulse buy, lol.
  5. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers Just bought these. Did I do good?
  6. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Um, it looks like a bunch of posts were just deleted from this thread. What?
  7. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Does anyone know if this guy is a reputable seller? These are some possibly really good deals. Also, how do I tell if tubes are fake before buying, if at all possible?
  8. kelim

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    I've been here since 2006... does that count? I hardly have posted. I must be the ultimate lurker.
  9. kelim

    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Getting a 1st gen Schiity Lyr in the mail today. Stock tubers. Pysched as a mofo! Can't wait to nerd out on them with my HD600. Dac is Micca Origen+, hope it doesn't bottleneck it.
  10. kelim

    Reply to review by 'kelim' on item 'WooAudio WA7 Fireflies'

    Can you arrange me some brand new identical headphones -- for free? Lmao great review and great read.
  11. kelim

    Mar. 10 - Message from Rick's family re: Best Wishes And Prayers For A Friend In A Fight: rickcr42

    My grandfather was just diagnosed with lung cancer as well. I know it's unrelated, but I know what Rick and his family are going through. I haven't visited these forums in a long time, but I always think about you guys when I put on my Denons. Now I will think and pray solely for Rick when I'm...
  12. kelim

    Got a laptop, looking for audio solution.

    my budget is about 100 bucks
  13. kelim

    Got a laptop, looking for audio solution.

    IBM thinkpad T42 Need cheap DAC/AMP to drive Denon D1001K
  14. kelim

    3G iPhone confirmed for June 9th

    I just got the Samsung BlackJack II, and I'm loving playing SNES and chatting on IRC at school.
  15. kelim

    Only me that finds the grado's extremely comfy ?

    I've got an SR 80 that came with the original leather headband. They're the only Grados I've ever tried, so I can't compare between leather and vinyl but I can imagine these are better.
  16. kelim

    Post your quality phone related wallpapers!!

    It'd be cool to have some sick animu ones
  17. kelim

    Sub $200 Tube Amp

    And what with the splitter cable?
  18. kelim

    Sub $200 Tube Amp

    Hey guys, I recently came into some money and also an SR 80. I have about 300 bux, but I'm saving about $100 dollars for interconnects and bowl pads. I'm looking for an entry level tube amp. My ears listen to artists such as the Shins, Our Lady Peace, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, assorted classical...
  19. kelim

    first amp with $1000 budget for it

    I agree with zipdisk. I've been holding out on buying an amp for over a year now, because I've nowhere to listen to any. I wanna go to a meet sooo bad. ...Connecticut meet, anyone?
  20. kelim

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by grawk Wow, those are some kinda ugly. I don't think they're ugly. They look to me about as minimal as an IEM could get.