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  1. bundee1

    Can anyone help me rebuild a crossover? Mystery parts and some unknown variables.

    I got a couple of pairs of Yamaha outdoor speakers. They sound blown. I think they let the bare speaker wire touch each other and now I just get distorted sound from the tweeter. I opened them up and found a capacitor (2.2uf 100v) and an unlabeled inductor. I think I can rebuild this crossover...
  2. bundee1

    Android phones and USB DACs

    Thanks for all the hard work. Any progress on outputting to another music player?
  3. bundee1

    Android phones and USB DACs

    The note 2 does pass 24/96 with usb recorder pro and the hifimediy dac. I tested it with George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass".
  4. bundee1

    Android phones and USB DACs

    Quote: Wow really helpful post from the jackass who just joined.
  5. bundee1

    Android phones and USB DACs

    Quote: Im guessing that was true for maybe stock ICS 4.04 I never tried it with 4.04 as I automatically updated it to 4.1 as soon as I got it. I traded it in today for the GNOTE 2 for Verizon and it does the same thing. Neutron wont work and it only outputs sound through USB Audio Recorder pro.
  6. bundee1

    Android phones and USB DACs I know this isnt exactly on topic but i managed to get lossless digital output throught the hdmi port pf my Droid X. I dont have a receiver or dac but im using squeezeplayer, logitech media server, and a gtab 2 to control it and...
  7. bundee1

    Has anyone modded a Teac A L700P?

    Here's the schematic and I know enough to see the pertinent info is on page 2 but I dont know how to connect the parts and if they are all necessary if Im going straight from the RCA inputs to the amp board. A-L700P_SCHEMATIC[1].pdf I already have the 2.2 caps replaced on the board now...
  8. bundee1

    Has anyone modded a Teac A L700P?

    I'm halfway done with my mods. I've replaced all the amp board caps and I'm waiting on massive 63v 15000uf BHC power supply caps. I want to remove the stock RCA inputs and bypass the lousy volume pots. I know I can yank out the volume pot board but then I get lost after replacing the RCA inputs...
  9. bundee1

    Please help with a possible Trojan on my PC

    Do any of these files look suspicious? I keep getting a scanner.exe error and I think it has something to do with Squeezecenter. Scanner.sysScanner in C:/Windows/Downloaded Program Files Scanner.sysScanner in C:/Windows/occache in C:/Windows/Prefetch scanner in...
  10. bundee1

    So I bought a bag of Funyons

    Funnyuns and Puffed Cheez Doodles are for retards. In case you havent mastered the art of eating and you accidentally inhale one or they end up caught in your throat, they melt in your mouth. Theyre incredibly soft so they dissolve, then slide down your throat. No effort involved, no palate...
  11. bundee1

    Mar. 10 - Message from Rick's family re: Best Wishes And Prayers For A Friend In A Fight: rickcr42

    Stay positive, lean on your friends and family, and try to eat as well as possible. Its going to be a bitch of a fight, but never give up and I have a feeling you'll beat it.
  12. bundee1

    Help to identity CHIP on IPOD photo

    Shots in the dark. The WM chip is a Wolfson Dac I think. The other two chips could be stereo chips of some kind or dual mono opamps?
  13. bundee1

    Maverick Audio DAC/Amp

    Is it possible to use HDAMs in the maverick?
  14. bundee1

    Phillies vs Yankees

    Hate both teams because Im a Mets fan, but Im rooting for the Yanks because Philly fans are slightly more obnoxious than Yankee fans.
  15. bundee1

    Introduction to the Compass DAC and Headphone amplifier

    Anyone have dimensions for the unit?
  16. bundee1

    anyone else got love for Patrick Chewing?

    YouTube - Get Dunked on by Patrick Chewing Snickers Ad favorite funny ad of the moment (last was nanerpuss)
  17. bundee1

    How Good Are NINJAS? (Ninja-Fi Here)

    I think ex government agents will smoke all of their a$$es. Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, Liam Neeson in Taken.
  18. bundee1

    Soda or Pop?

    If you dont call it soda you may as well call it "carbonated beverage" (with the airquotes). Now go jerk me some soda!
  19. bundee1

    advice on iTouch out of the box w/o iTunes

    If you manually manage your music, then connecting your Ipod to a different computer shouldnt change a thing. Before you give her the ipod, make sure to download the new firmware which gets rid of skips on lossless files.
  20. bundee1

    Ok... Which one of you is this? ;)

    The way those old birds were cackling I bet they were all baked.
  21. bundee1

    Black Ray Samuels Tomahawk giveaway

    posted and rated under bundee1. Why doesnt she try out for idol, like others have suggested?
  22. bundee1

    What ever happened to Real TEA???

    Im no tea expert but there is a place in Manhattan called Alice's Tea House on 72nd and Columbus I think. It has, IMO, really good tea and a huge selection. Maybe you can spend an afternoon there, sampling tea. They have the best scones and I think you can buy tea to go as well.
  23. bundee1

    Any settings I can change on my new DVD-RW drive to speed up ripping?

    turning off the error correction in Itunes did it. The new cd ripped at 24x.
  24. bundee1

    Dumb A@s Mistake Could Cost Me $800

    I didnt mean that I wanted the cashier or anyone else to get in trouble, I just meant that that kind of mistake would have 2 levels of management as fail safes. The cashier gets counted out by a supervisor and that supervisor has her paperwork checked out by someone else, hence the mistake being...