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  1. D555

    D-EJ2000 "Tourist" model RightMark report

    Hello Duncan and all, I've never, knowingly, listened to any modern audio device that has .5mW output so I can't comment on .5mW. To me, the "Tourist" D-EJ2000 has *plenty* of volume when played through the MDR-EX71. Since the unit is not exported to other countries, I'm assuming (careful!)...
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    D-T450 RightMark test report

    Hello David, Of course not. These are simple, crude, objective tests. My computer is not a multi-thousand dollar calibrated audio instrument. In absoluete terms these tests may not even be that accurate. They may only be accurate in relation to each other. These tests are being run for...
  3. D555

    MZ-N10 RightMark report

    Hello, Sony MZ-N10, USA model. Using Sony optical cable between D-EJ2000 and MZ-N10 a digital copy of the RightMark CD of test signals was made. Seemed to record OK. Not sure how accurate these results will be as a result of this "second generation" copy to MD but I thought it might be fun to...
  4. D555

    D-T450 RightMark test report

    Hello Peter, Probably an impedance mismatch no other loading is present. Paul
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    Toshiba SD-P1000 Portable DVD/LCD RightMark report

    Hello, Just for fun and comparison, a Toshiba SD-P1000 portable DVD/LCD player is added into the tests. Toshiba SD-P1000 DVD/LCD Headphone out, no EQ: Frequency response, dB: +0.26, -2.67 Noise level, dBA: -78.3 Dynamic range, dBA: 77.3 THD, %: 0.046 Intermodulation, %: 0.141...
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    D-T450 RightMark test report

    Hello, The Sony D-T405 is a AM/FM tuner equipped PCDP from 1997. It has 10 second ESP. Tests were run with NO ESP and ESP. These tests are an eye-opener! RightMark Report for T-405, Heaphone out, no EQ, no ESP: Frequency Response, dB: +0.19, -0.32 Noise level, dbA: -89.1 Dynamic...
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    i-river IMP-350 RightMark results

    Hello, We're having fun now! RightMark results for headphone out from i-river IMP-350 (no EQ): Frequency Response, db: +0.20, -1.15 Noise Level, dbA: -76.6 Dynamic Range, dbA: 70.4 THD, %: 0.062 Intermodulation, %: 0.087 Stereo Crosstalk, db: -66.3 Frequency Response...
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    D-EJ2000 "Tourist" model RightMark report

    Hello Duncan, I've done some comparison with the D-555 -- definitely not finished yet. I would give the D-555 the edge in upper frequency detail and bass that seems to reach deeper (no EQ). I would say with this initial comparison the D-555 is the winner but the D-EJ2000 isn't such a disgrace...
  9. D555

    D-EJ2000 "Tourist" model RightMark report

    Hello, What a surpise! The RightMark report is for an unmodified, exported, silver, Japan "Tourist"-model D-EJ2000 using the headphone out. I was plesantly surpised when I heard it and the measured results seem match my impressions. Unmodified Japan "Tourist" D-EJ2000, headphone out, no...
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    RIO KARMA screws?

    If they're real small screws find/check a hobby shop that sells parts for building model airplanes -- like Hobbytown USA (if you're in the USA). The hobbyists typically use very small screws, hinges, washers, etc.
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    BOSE IEM!!!!

    The Sony MDR-EX90LP are an "open" earbud/IEM design and I think are the best of the Sony IEM series and are pretty good.
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    CX300, 3, EP-630, or MDR-EX90LP

    Because of the hybrid earbud/IEM design of the EX90 there isn't much isolation (but I think that they sound the best of the Sony IEMs). A traditional IEM with a good fit would provide a better seal. Sennheiser CX-300 may be worth a look.
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    Does a 100GIG+ Ogg Vorbis portable HDD Music/PMP player exist?

    Thanks! There is Rockbox for certain Archos but not the AV500 I'm afraid.
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    Does a 100GIG+ Ogg Vorbis portable HDD Music/PMP player exist?

    I do have the iRiver U10 (1GB) for truly portable: FM, movie (4:3, 15fps), and a couple of hundred ogg Vorbis files.
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    Does a 100GIG+ Ogg Vorbis portable HDD Music/PMP player exist?

    Indeed, I'm looking for the best of both worlds (music/movie), with large capacity if I can get it. Nothing's perfect of course. For my needs, an Archos AV500 (or 504: 160GB!) with Vorbis would fit the bill if Archos would only add support (I have the AV500 already!) Or if Cowon would...
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    Does a 100GIG+ Ogg Vorbis portable HDD Music/PMP player exist?

    I've done searching as well, and the 60GB iAudio X5 seems to be one of the largest ogg Vorbis players though the video capabilities are somewhat limited (no 16:9 screen, limited LCD resolution, 15fps).
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    Sangean DT-180V reviews / opinions requested

    The recent pocket Sony radios may *sound* good with ideal signals but in urban/suburban areas there can be problems with so many images of strong stations that the strong stations become interefered with. Generally, the FM RF quality of recent Sony pocket radios (including the M35) is fair/poor...
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    Is OGG VORBIS better?

    I think volumes have been written on the subject. I'm certainly impressed with Ogg Vorbis (aoTuv r1) and am amazed at the sound that comes from the lower bit rates: -q4, -q5, -q6 I like LAME as well (trying 3.97b3) but I think I hear a few more artifacts for a given bit rate as compared to...
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    What's the best Video DAP

    iRiver Clix is a nice 2GB flash unit: plays video, mp3, ogg, and has a nice FM radio section. Sound is strong for such a little device. Otherwise, I use an Archos AV500 (a small brick!).
  20. D555

    Portable FM Radio that actually works?

    Although the audio output is a bit hissy one of the better portable radios I've used is the Sony FD-30A with a 2" B&W TV and AM/FM stereo. It's analog tuned and appears to use some sort of AFC but reception is nice and the sound is strong on headphones. Not a bad radio at all, in my view.
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    What do you hope for in the new, mini CC radio?

    I saw that. A real shame. My *GUESS* is that with all of the fancy digital processing and the LCD screen there was probably too much noise and birdies generated that compromised AM reception. With synthesized radios noise and birdies are a fact of life -- careful design, filtering, and shielding...
  22. D555

    Whatever happened with HD players?

    I'd like to see more HD capacity -- especially with the portable video/music players. I understand that Archos will be releasing a 160GB version called the AV504 but unfortunately, in my view, the screen is 4:3 rather than 16:9. Ogg support would be nice also.
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    What method gets a better radio reception?

    Most pocket radios and radios built into flash, HDD players use the headphone cables as the antenna for reception. In my experience the reception performance of the built-in FM tuners exceed that of the ultra-small pocket radios. Are you close or far away from FM broadcasters? If close, it...
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    Portable FM Radio that actually works?

    For portable FM reception, regardless of size, the Grundig Satellit 700 could very well be the best ever. It is not inexpensive
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    Closeout on iRiver PCDPs

    Received mine in perfect, scratch-free, condition. It has original firmware 1.05 (can be updated to 1.81 from I'm using two Sony "gumstick" batteries and a Sony 4.5v 1000mah regulated power supply. Be aware that the the headphone opening on the remote is recessed, so a bit unusual...