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  1. gamefreak

    $180-240 Range

    As far as gaming-wise will open headphones make a big difference in terms of directional sound and so forth?
  2. gamefreak

    $180-240 Range

    I've got a trusty pair of HD280s but I'm starting to crave more. Just curious what you all would recommend in the $180-240 price range. A pair of Grados? Some Beyerdynamics? More Senns? Don't really know the popular models now a days Anywho, thanks for the suggestions! Edit: Suppose I...
  3. gamefreak

    Looking for a sub $100 closed headphone

    I have a pair of 280s that I use for listening to music as well as gaming. My musical tastes are all over the spectrum and the 280s sound vibrant and full in everything I listen to. These are my first "real" pair of headphones but I'm not disapointed in the least. As the others have said, yes...
  4. gamefreak

    What is the Saddest song ever written?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rempert Off the top of my head, I'd go with "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables. That or "Bring Him Home". Both are great -- my spine tingles everytime I listen to them!
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    Modern rock so bad, kids turning to "classic rock"...

    I'm 17 at the moment and I'm a straight up Music-holic. The way I see, there can be beauty in any genre, any artist, any style of music. At the end of the day, there's just something "true" about music and restricting yourself to one genre or segregating based on age is silly and trivial...
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    What artist(s) do you have all their albums?

    The White Stripes Radio Head Johnny Cash Bob Dylan 80%+ of Pink Floyd Apocalyptica Rammstein Barenaked Laides Tool
  7. gamefreak

    Favorite Live Album....

    Clapton Unplugged Under Blackpool Lights - White Stripes (a movie but still some amazing stuff)
  8. gamefreak

    High quality Trance albums - Mini reviews

    Sweet! Thanks!
  9. gamefreak

    Is there anything out there with a sane interface?

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx sanity = properly tagged files. I'm sure there is software out there that would rewrite tags if you already have them organized in the way you describe. I can't offer a name as I'm not on Windows, but it shouldn't take much time at all (certainly...
  10. gamefreak

    How do you organise digital music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Potatoe1313 There is a program called "The GodFather" that will do renaming for you, I have had to use it a lot with torrented music and when I just plain screw up on the naming convention when initialy ripping a CD. WOW! Cool find! Just using it now...
  11. gamefreak

    How do you organise digital music?

    I'm not really into iTunes (prefering WinAmp or Foobar)... a bit bulky for me...
  12. gamefreak

    How do you organise digital music?

    Looking for good ways to get all my music in some order so that I can easily get to it. At the moment I'm doing folders by Genre->Artist->Album. I'm finding it takes a lot of "digging" though. Any advice?
  13. gamefreak

    Maybe Need New Player!

    Called them up, they said it was out of warrenty and so I was totally out of luck. I would consider buying an iRiver again as I got a lot of use out of this one and it is very handy. Hmmm... decisions decisions... Edit: And no. I would be willing to use another program just not iTunes
  14. gamefreak

    Maybe Need New Player!

    Hmmmm... so if that's the case a lot has changed since last time I was shopping for a player lol. Whats "good" these days?
  15. gamefreak

    Maybe Need New Player!

    My iHP-120's harddrive decided to go haywire and its over warrenty so I might need to shop for a new player Here is what I want/questions I have: - First: No iPod. No way I'm using iTunes. - Second: What is the main difference between flash and HD based? Does flash load faster/sound...
  16. gamefreak

    HD280s and iRiver iHP-120

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flea Bag I'm sorry. I wish I could answer you but I haven't heard the HD202. I'm just speaking purely from my experience of the HD280. However, I'm beginning to think that the HD280 should never go unamped. I'll have to wait until my HD600 comes before...
  17. gamefreak

    HD280s and iRiver iHP-120

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flea Bag I agree too. My 280 did gain some soundstage/atmosphere with an amp and its made listening more relaxing. I couldn't tell the difference on some tracks though. Without them were they (at least as) as good as a pair of 202's?
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    I'm trying to decide on some phones to get and was just wondering how bad sound leaks out of open phones because I've never really *seen* one. Much thanks.
  19. gamefreak

    Need some 'phones!

    How similar are the 280s to the 202s I have? They look the same except bigger...