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    Noob question about headphone amps with built in dacs.

    Let us say I am happy with my xonar dx dac quality and like dolby headphone, do I buy just a headphone amp ?   How do amps with dacs work can you bypass the amps dac and just use your soundcards dac and just let the amp use the heaphone amp section ? or will it be dac on dac action which is...
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    Why does my music sound amazing on dolby headphone ?

    But utterly lifeless gritty even what I'd call tinny at times under stereo mode ?   doesn't matter what I listen to I prefer dolby headphone 6 or 8 channels livlier room setting and jazz EQ   It's night and day to my ears ? whats going on my sound is rich and warm and smooth with great...
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    BRAINWAVZ HM3 rebadhed fishers ?

      Specifications: Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 38mm Rated Impedance: 32ohms Sensitivity: 95dB at 1mW Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000Hz Rated input power: 1mW Maximum input power: 200mW Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord copper OFC cable 1 year warranty Dimensions...
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    Fiio E5 clip has come off anyone got pics of theirs ?

    The spring and screw came out on mine when i unclipped it anyone got a pic of how the spring goes in ?
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    Topping headphone amps any good ?

    Noticed quite a big range of these full sized headphone amps now on mp4nation any reviews or opinions on them ? heres the specs of the top end one   Topping TP41 Class T Digital Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier   The Topping T41 audio amplifier is based on a Tripath TA2021 circuit...
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    Audio Technica ATH-A900 cable replacement ?

    Have seen a pair of A900 going cheap but they have that old one channel only works unless you wiggle the cable about issue.   My question is how easy is it to replace a cable on these ? is it even possible ?
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    Why does nobody make or sell a headphone band ?

    Cant seem to find anywhere that sells say a full metal designed headphone band with say two prongs that could fit in to almost all the headphones with those dual hole mount designs which is most headphones.   Anyone ever made their own headphone band ? fed up having to buy new headphones...
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    Comply T400 what is similar

    I find these tips almost perfect I need these but slighly more depth, do comply sell any tips that have the same hole mount diameter as the t400 but are longer so they get in the ear more ? I find these a bit too short because my earphones sennheiser ie6 have a lip that hits my ear and prevents...
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    Battery charger recommendations/who uses one ?

    Anyone recommend a small charger to charge or add extra playtime to a sansa clip plus on the go ? been looking at the duracell ones anyone got or had one ?
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    spec me a carry wallet/case please

    Want something as compact as possible that will fit a sansa clip + and an E5 amp Something like this cant seem to find anything suitable what cases do you guys use ?
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    which tips for sennheiser Ie6

    Don't have any tips that can get these deep enough as they aren't a straight in design.I think I can forget foam tips as they wouldn't go deep enough either to get any seal. Anyone any ideas or own these suggest a triple flange that might work well please ?
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    goldring dr150 really as good as senn hd600?

    I can see people claiming these budget goldrings match sennheiser 600's and even sennheiser 650's ! ? Is this true or hype ?
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    Sold my grado sr60 advice needed

    Whilst I liked the sound especially the crystal clearness of the midrange and highs I felt they lacked soundstage and bass. What would be a good upgrade that I can perhaps still get near that midrange and highs but have better bass and soundstage for gaming and films and rock like floyd zepplin...