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  1. george

    Ernest Ranglin - Modern Answers To Old Problems

    Excellent album on Telarc. Wonderful layers of sound that continually interweave. Excellent sonics. The description is from the AMG Music Guide. I am not sure what organic grooving is however. Jamaican ska and jazz guitarist Ernest Ranglin mixes Fela-style African worldbeat and retro R&B on...
  2. george

    HD-600 aftermarket cable question

    This is a solicitation for opinions from this forum and from what I have seen there is no shortage of those! ;-) Having been an audiophile and music lover for years I understand the difference good quality cables can make and for a number of reasons, I am moving into high end headphone use. I...
  3. george

    WTB: HD 600's

    Looking for a nice, gently enjoyed pair of Sennheiser HD 600's to mate with Melos SHA-1 and Cary 306/200's. Will consider pair with original or aftermarket cable. Thanks and enjoy the music.